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     Star Gate Log Book Up Date; Oct. 2, 2010

     Here it is late in the year. As long as I am making forward progress. I haven't been stopped yet. This gives me hope. There is still a chance that I might get this thing up and running yet.

     My hopes are high. I have found out some new stuff. Hear is a link that pulls it all together for me and you.


     What they are talking about is the difference between a hand drawn hologram and some thing they call a Rainbow Hologram.

are made with diffracted grading. They can be made with white light. You don't need a laser. Why you could use sun light. Sun light has UV light in it. Just what we need.

     So. The question then becomes. How did they form a hologram 8,000 years ago?

     Did they have diffracted grading way back then? Sure.

     What is diffracted grading? If you take a first down mirror. Like they had. They where made out of gold. And you take some cores sand. And scratch the hex out of the polished mirror. You would have diffracted grading.

     They used fine wet sand to polish and coarse wet sand to scratch it up with.

     If you are using the concave mirrors found on the bottom of Al. Coke cans. You can polish them up with Al. polish. Then put some scratches in it with sand paper.

     You can make diffracted grading plates out of flat surfaces and curved surfaces. Like concave mirrors or ring shaped mirror.

     Did they scratch the bottom mirror or did they scratch the ring mirror?

     And while we are on the subject of simple and stupid. I would like to add the word cheap.

     I have been running some test on how to keep the cardboard From drying out so that y6u can grow mold on it. And keep out all other germs.

     I tried the two plates of glass and a rubber band thing. It worked but was hard to do because the rubber band kept rolling over on it side, Which caused it to leak air and dry out.

     Then I got to thinking. O-rings are round. It want hart any thing if they roll a little. They are round. Right. I found some big O-ring that they use in fuel filters on trucks. I got some off the old filters out of the trash. Some cars use oil filters that have O-ring on the that can be had for free. And they are wide and flat. Better yet.

     Well they worked OK. The cardboard stayed wet for a week now.

     Then I got to thinking. It's simple and cheap. But it takes a lot of time and trouble to round up the equipment to do it this way.

     Then I asked my self. Why is the cardboard drying out? The moisture is leaving out the sides of the sandwich. True.

     But Why is it doing that? Answer, The moisture content is lower on the out side than on the inside.

     Then I was looking at my water bottle. And I was thinking. Why is it that the water in the bottle is not evaporating a way? Because it is a closed system. There is a cap on the bottle. Not only does the cap keep the water from spilling out. It also keeps the water from evaporating a way. And it also keeps dirt and germs out.

     Say. This water bottle thing is what I need. Where do you get this water bottle stuff at? This is what I need. And it cheap too.

     Well. I had read where they were using zip-lock sandwich bag to grow fungi in. And I had read where they had a way to keep the humidity at 100% to keep things from drying out so fast. Then I read how you can mail fungi mycelia in a corner of a sandwich.

     Sandwich bags are closed containers. Right! So I took a paper towel folded it twice. Soaked it down with water and hydrogen peroxide mix. If you fold the towel before you wet it. Makes thing a lot easer. Wet paper towel don't fold so good. Put on the inside of the sandwich bag. Then put a glass sandwich on the in side. Mashed out most of the air with my hands. And then closed it off.

     It worked. One week passed And the cardboard was still wet. Even though a sharp corner of the glass put a small hole in the bag. Round off all sharp edges and corners.

     Then I got to thinking. You could make a sandwich out of a zip-lock sandwich bag. By cutting off the zip lock. But when you try to put one zip-lock on the inside of another zip-lock of the same size. It's hard to do.

     So I cut off two sides of the zip- lock sandwich bag. Making it smaller than it was. And it made it easier to get it into the zip-lock sandwich bag that we will close.

     Then I got to thinking about some vacuum bagging I had did. A vacuum bag sucks out all of the air out of the bag. Kind of like mashing it flat. And how you can use foam rubber pads to get the same effect.

     So. I put the folded and wet a paper towel with a water and hydrogen peroxide mixture. And put it into the zip-lock.

     Then I made a plastic sandwich by putting a wet disk of card board into a two sided envelop made out of a zip-lock bad with two of the sides cut off.

     I then put the plastic- cardboard sandwich into the closable zip-lock sandwich bag with the soaked paper towel.

     I closed the zip lock all most all the way closed. 1/4 inch left open. Folded my foam pillow in half. Put the zip-lock bag in between the two pillow half's. And sit on it. The foam mashes all the air out of the bag. Then I stuck my fingers in between the pillows half's . And closed off the last 1/4 of the zipper seal.

     And tested it for a week. After a week The cardboard was still wet.

     The winner is "The Zip-Lock Bag Tek".

     It is easier to do. No glass plates to make. No agar. No rubber seals. No rubber bands. It is covered, and sealed from the out side. You get to use cheap cardboard. The cardboard is flat. Can be cut into small round disk. The cardboard also serves as your film. You get to look at what is growing on the inside with out cracking the seal.

     Easier, cleaner, and cheap. Works for me.

     Hear are some pictures to look at.

     In this picture you can see the wet paper towel on the left. And on the right you can see the wet cardboard on the inside of the plastic bag made from a cut off zip-lock plastic bag. Used for the sandwich.

     Just slip it on the inside of the other bag. Get the air out of it with the foam pillows.

     What it looks like all together.

     All you have to do is rap it in Al. foil. Fold nthew ends over. And your good to go. There are a lot of different way to set this up.

     Here is a picture of the closed trash bag glove box. Not much to see. It is very stupid and simple. But works. You could save some money by make one out of a cardboard box. (Dumpster Diving).

     In this picture you are looking at the right side of the glove box. The bad in the center is the one you would put your right arm in. And to the right of it. Is the bag you fill with air.

     If you raised up a little. You can see through the looking glass. You can see the bucket and hole for your left arm.

     But if you were looking through the looking glass From the front end. You can see the blue bucket for the trash bag that has been blown up. I used a hair dryer to put air in the box. By way of one of the arm holes

     And if you turn the box up on it front end. You get a good look at what a trash bag looks like that has air in it. Great stuff hu?

     STAR GATE LOG UP DATE Step. 3, 2010

     I got a big hit today. Good News. Connect the points. Clues. Got a big one.

     Go look at this link.


     Look at the pictures. Bill is using a compass. To make hand-drawn holograms.

     Then go watch the video clip. Near the end of the video clip look at the pattern on the copper plate. The crosshatch pattern. Looks a lot like a fishing net.

     Then underneath the video clip. Read all of the different names for this kind of hologram Tek. The one that is of interest is the "Abrasion Hologram".

     Drop the A and you have "Brasion Hologram" Sounds a lot like "Brazen".

     And diffracted grating. Grating sounds a lot like "grating".

     A compass draws a line that is part of a circle "A ring". Is another word used for a circle.

     It looks like a net. But it is diffracted grating. How do I know. In the bible it said to make the lines "even" The same distance apart. The lines of diffracted grating are places a "even" distance a part.

     Then get your Bible out and read what it tells you in Exodus, 27:4 and Exodus. 27:5

     Here is what it states.

     "4 And thou shalt make for it a grate of net-work of brass: and upon the net shalt thou make four brazen rings in the four corners there of".

     "5 And thou shalt put it under the compass of the altar beneath, that the net may be even to the mist of the altar".

     All of these weird symbols that keep showing up in my study. They don't make any sense at all. Till you know what they are and how to use them.

     We know about the triangle thing now. The two concave mirrors and the ring mirror.

     We know about the compass thing now. And the cross hatched diffracting grating on the bottom concave mirror. The reflected sun light off the bottom mirror with the cross hatch scratch marks. The diffracted grating of the white UV sun light Rainbow Hologram. Is what forms the fringe pattern of the hologram to form. On the top Mirror zone plate. Where the small disk of mold film is at. And this is what allows the light to record the shape of the free space negative lens that is produced by the two concave mirrors. And you also need the ring mirror to get it to work. So on And so on.

     I also now know how to fix my hologram and make it work. Now. At Last. At Long last.

     We know about the mold spore thing now. And I have found out how to fix the grow the mold thing.

     I have no ideal what the eye ball thing is about. I thing it has some thing to do with chicken hawks. Or a round disk. Really bad taste in Tattoos? Who knows.

     OH. By the way I just found out that on the front of a U.S. One Dollar Bill. In the upper right hand corner. Both "A" in the word "AMERICA". Both the "A" have a triangle with an eye ball in the center of them.

     Does the "G" stand for God, geometry, gravity or grating?

     A compass can be used as a scribe to etch cross hatched diffracting grating lines in metal. Like a concave bowl made out of gold. In order to form a Rainbow Hologram out of UV white sun light.

     To be used as a diffraction grating concave mirror. In order to form a white sun light , Rainbow Hologram of a free space negative lens. Formed by two concave mirrors. A worm hole.

     In order to curve space and Manipulate Gravity.

     Is there such a thing. Sure. There all over the net. Store bought.


     Up date Dec 14,2010

     After you find out how they did it. You go looking for the tools they would have to had in order to make such a thing. Like a sun light rain bow hologram.

     For a flat plate diffracted grading hologram they would need a flat plate of a first down reflecting surface. A straight edge a ruler and a scribe. Or scratch all. The lines have to be spaced the same distance apart. That is why you need the ruler for.

     In the case of a round concave mirror used as a diffracted grading. The tools you would need is a round concave first down mirror. Made of gold or lead. A compass that has a sharp point at both ends of the compass and a ruler.

     Just like you see in this picture. Need I say more.

     Can they be made from scratch at home? Sure. That's the way every body else did it.

     Oh My God. Their real. It's all true.

     What I am working on now days is a way to keep a cord board box worm to grow the mold in. I am going to use a light bulb as a heating element.

     The other thing is there might be a way to use the shielding effect of spores to effect the field energy of magnets. There may be several different way to make free energy devices from the use of space shielding spores. Make a stand a lone magnetic motor. Or produce electricity from a generator that does not move.

     If you had solid bans of space shielding spores. The spore have a bid effect on the field lines of magnets. But the field energy of the magnets have no effect on the spores. This means that it would take very little energy to make a disk with bands of solid spores to move. But would produce as much energy as if the generator was moving. It takes a lot of energy to turn a generator over. If you can turn on and off the field lines of a magnet or make the pulse or field lines of the magnet flux back and forth. It would produce electricity.

     All I need to do to try out my ideals is get the mold to grow like no other. I fell the light bulb thing is going to work out all right. I will try to keep you posted on how things are going.

     Larry Dec 14,2010

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