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      Star Gate Log Book April 11, 2010. Part Four

      This brings us to the Zone map. S zone is the place where it safe. Where BC Bangs are for ever forbidden. A few Supper Novas and Gallaxies are OK.

      Zone X Is the place that rest between the Safe Zone and the Hot Zone. This is what keeps the two worlds apart. This is the place where the two worlds cross paths. X stands for crisscross. Well. You get a double cross here. Because when the number of parallel universe with galaxies in them goes down. The number of BC Bangs goes up. .Or you could say as the number of parallel universe with galaxies in them goes up. The number of BC Bangs goes down. The two words cross over each other paths. They over lap each other.The X ZONE is what unites the two leading theories of our universe. The X ZONE is also what keeps them apart. The X Zone Also keeps the H ZONE from growing back into the SS ZONE. This means that it can only grow out wards towards The C ZONE.

      You can't have BC bangs with in a place that has a C.C.

      You can't have Galaxies forming in a place where there are gradational collapses and BC going on


      The X Zone is what keeps the SS Zone. A safe place to live in.

      What's the difference? One world has a C.C. The other does not.

      One can produce the matter to form galaxies the other can not.

      They can't live with out each other.They can't live with out each other.

      The system is two faces. You can't start at one end with nothing. The black Zone. The N Zone. And make a universe. Because nothing + nothing = Nothing. Do the math. The H ZONE. The Hot Zone. This is where every thing gets made. To make every thing else.

      0 + 0 = 0

      You can't start at the other end and form a universe. You have to start in the middle and go out wards at the same time. The H ZONE. The Hot Zone. This is where every thing gets made. To make every thing else.

       Just like an explosion. It sends matter out in two different directions. In every direction all at the same time. It is two faced. So we will start in the H Zone and work our ways out words.

      The matter that goes towards the center. The SS ZONE. The Galaxies are in motions. And given enough time they will come out the other side. The H Zone feeds it's self by way of the SS Zone. A closed loop system. A Below.

      But the matter that goes out wards. Towards the C ZONE. The C Zone doesn't have a C.C. There B.C. Going on In The C Zone. It later turns in to an H ZONE. The matter that goes out wards comes back to the H ZONE. It too is a closed look system.B above.

      The H ZONE is what forms the C ZONE The Cool ZONE. Which is true. It looks like they will die by ice. Not true. The C ZONE is where it all begins. They will not die by ice but by fire. In the end The C ZONE will grow in to a new H ZONE. On one side of the X ZONE. The H ZONE form a cycle. The H ZONE is where the C ZONE gets its birth form. Where does the H ZONE come from? The C ZONE. The C ZONE grows into the H ZONE. A cycle. They feed off each other. Who's on first?

      What is the C ZONE good for? Growth. It's what makes the universe grow. It's what makes room for the space that we live in.

      It's a love triangle. H ZONE forms the C ZONE. And the C ZONE grows. And makes room for the S ZONE. The S ZONE keeps the H ZONE from growing back words. It makes the love triangle in to a one way street. The Universe can only grow out words. Not back wards. So The X ZONE plays a factor in the SS ZONE. And the C Zone.

      Most people thing that where we got our beginning at is at point A. The center of our universe. But where we got our beginning at is a point B. The HOT ZONE. It went to the C ZONE. Then came back to point B. Then move on to point C. How is it that our center of the universe can be moving? May be it never had a center.

      How is it that the universe ever came about? Let's Create a universe and see. At Point A we have our universe as it is to day Very big. It�s so big that the edge of the bubble looks flat like the earth does when you are standing on it. Out where the C ZONE is. Matter Reaches Escape Velocity. Point B. And goes racing out across space. Because all of the atoms are going in the direction and at the same speed. They are at rest in relation ship with other. It's as if they are not moving at all. They all collapse in on each other. And form a B.C. Point C. It keeps having B.C. Before to long. There are Many B.C. Going off. More than one. Many. They form an H ZONE. Point D. And before to long the H ZONE forms a C ZONE. Point E. Because there is a C ZONE. The H ZONE starts to grow larger. Be fore to long. The H ZONE forms an X ZONE in the center. Point F. Because The X ZONE has so many stare and star dust in it. All going faster then the speed of light. And the stars are all going in different directions. It forms a C.C. And the C ZONE grows larger and larger. So does the H ZONE and the X ZONE. Before to lone it forms a SS ZONE in the center of it all. Point G. And It Just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Before to long. We are back to the point that we see our universe to day. Point A The same theory that I am using. To form our universe to day. Is also the same theory that I use to tell how we were formed from the beginning? Same Same. You can't get some thing from nothing. The matter that formed our universe came from some where. There is no beginning. And because there is no end to empty space. There is no end to time. There is no linnet to how fast matter can go. There is no end to how long this can go on. Our universe is a closed loop system. That is with out end. The Amga. The beginning. The end. The every lasting. Now where did I hear that at?

      So much for the every ending cycle of our universe. Which brings us to this other thing.

      The never ending cycle of life

      Did you notice that the universe is round? And that our galaxy is in motion. And that given enough time. We will end back in the place that we were created. The H ZONE. The Hot ZONE. H also stands for Hell. Our universe is going to go through a baptism of fire. Every thing. Including all live life forms are going to be vaporized into light. And when we come back in to the SS ZONE. May be I should change that it to the SoS ZONE. The Save our Soles. The galaxy that our atoms will form. Will be void of life.

      We are living in a bubble of hell fire and brim stone. There is no escape from the center part of our universe. We are doomed.

      Have you ever hear of some one ask the questions.

      What is God?

      What is the meaning of life?

      What is mans purpose here on earth.

      What purpose does man sever?

      How about. We were put here to persevere life it's self. To persevere all of man kind.

       Who did you thing was going to do this. God helps those that help their selves.

      It's not about living beyond the greave. It's not about life after death. It's about the never ending cycle of life. Just like the universe has a never end cycle. Just like the universe has a way if self replicating it's self. Life also has a way to self replicate it's self. This God thing. What is it? Never give up hope. Haven and hell. Eternal life? Sure. Ever body and every thing die. There can't be eternal life. But there could be some thing like an eternal life cycle.

      Well we have found out that there is a hell. So where is haven? We are in haven. How to get to haven is not the problem. The problem is how we keep from ending up in hell.

      Oh there is a way to keep from going to hell. But how would God let this way be known to man?

      There is no way for one genera ration to leave be hind for the next generation to find. In order to find. To give then far warning of things that are about to come.

      The only way that one generation could send a massage to the next generation to find. And tell them how to avoid certain death.

       DNA. The same junk DAN that can be found I man. Is also the DAN that can be found in the DNA of spores. From mildew. The life forms that started life here on earth. If the DNA has a hidden massage in it. It didn't start coming out of our heads till we became modern man. It first started coming out in our religions. They talk about making the journey to the other side. The Star Gates. Being raptured. Just vanishing into thin air. Gone. They just vanish. Just like that. Are can they? And if they vanished or get raptured. Where would they go? To haven. Sure. The way to keep from going to hell. To a place that could keep you from going to hell. The other direction that we are going right now.

      Change your ways. Sure.

       Man has all ways looked up. Into the havens. He has no ideal why he keeps doing this.

      Most people can't see any thing good that could happen from building a craft that would have the ability to go faster than the speed of light. There is nothing out there. There is nothing out there for man.

      How about a galaxy that is on its way back across the universe again. Sure. Our way out. It would be like a fish that can swim up stream. For ever. And never end up in the sea.

      Here is how it's done. When we detect a huge burst of light coming from deep deep space. That is the Hot ZONE. We keep a close watch on deep space in order to find our ring. The ring that forms a right angle to the direction that we are moving. Then we check to find out if we are moving a way from the hot ZONE or moving towards from the hot ZONE. If we are moving a way from the Hot ZONE. We're good to go. For a long time.

      But if we are moving to wards the Hot ZONE. No time to lose. There is no way of telling how fast we are moving. We may be moving a million times faster than light. We may not have much time left. It's going to take a long time to find a Galaxy that is going a way from the Hot ZONE and going back out in to the center of the universe. At Point C. See picture above. Jump Ship And catch the next one going the other direction. Out of town. After we have found the right galaxy. It would take some time to find a planet like ours.

      The things that man has no control over. You don't worry about. The thing that man can do. You can work on it.

      Log up date 4/27/10:

      To solve the problem of these UFO things After I have had some time to think about it a little bit. There are some things that come to light. That ordinary you wouldn't have thought of. Till you see the things that have to happen in order for us to have life in a universe like ours.

      There are certain factors that have to be there in order for it to work. Connect the dots. Things that one would classify as unnatural A cycle of unnatural events.

      What is natural is the universe. The universe can be explained a way by way of the true laws of nature.

      What I mean by unnatural is things like life. Man. Intelligent life forms. Man or beast.


      And UFOs.

       They are all linked together in the metamorphosis life cycle of eternal life.

      Life is very rare. It didn't start on this plaint. This Galaxy. This universe. Life is as old as universes have been around. How many universes are there like ours? Trillions

      You can't get life from nothing. You can only get life from other life forms.

      Life has to be compatible with the way that our universe works. But what's wrong with the way our universe works. Ever thing in our universe ends back at the same place that it was formed at. The HOT ZONE. All life forms that make it back to the HOT ZONE will be heated to the point that it will be vaporized into light. All life forms will be killed. There is no way around this by way of the natural course of events. Not by way of the natural laws of natures.

      But it could happen if there was some thing going on that was unnatural. Not just one thing. But several things.

      I'm going to call these unnatural things. Factors. Events. Or Elements. They all have to be there in order to have life in a universe like ours.

      It's a life cycle. Just like the chicken has a life cycle. In order to solve the life cycle of the chicken. You would have to solve the mystery of which came first. The chicken or the egg? You have to choose a starting place in the cycle.

      The place I'm going to start out at is. How did life get here on this planet? How every It got here is also the same way it got every where else in the universe.

      Some people believe that The Earth was seeded by life carrying comets. That may be true. But what seeded the comets?

      In order to seed all objects in our universe. What ever is doing the seeding has to have the ability to go faster or slower. And change its course. It has to have the ability to go faster than the speed of light. It has to have the ability to think.

      What do UFOs thing. "Seed them all. Let God sort them out." They would not only have to have the ability to go from star to star. But from planet to planet. From galaxy to galaxy. They would have to have the ability to know not to go in to the HOT ZONE. But stay just out side the HOT ZONE in the SAFE ZONE.

      Then there are this other things.

      The earth was seeded about 500 million years ago. The same UFOs we see in our skies to day. Are the same UFOs that seeded the earth 500 million years ago. They are much older than 500 million years. Who knows how old they are.

      No machine can last that long. No machine can fix it's self. Only life forms can fix it's self. UFOs are a live. They are a life form. Intelligent life? No. They are more like a machine.

      They have to have the ability to repair their self's. In order to stay for every young. They grow into what they are. But do not grow old and die.

      In order to keep from over populating the universe. Blacking out the skies. They do not have the ability to self replicate their self's. They don't have babies. There has to be balance. And this is how it's done.

      How do they get formed? That's why you're here for. They are formed in the bottom of a long dark tube. In the lab. Cloned.

      Intelligent life is what clones the UFO things in the lab. And set the free to roam through out the universe. Did man do this? No. Some other feller did it for us. Because they did it for us. In the end we will do it for the ones that come a long after us.

      Because UFOs are a life form. They have to eat. And we all know that what every we eat. Has to come out some time. That's right. They have to go to the bath room. They are like a chicken with out a head. Or any wings. The go every where. At random. Eating and pooping. All over every thing. This is not a bad thing. It's working out so far. The mold spores are in there poop. This how we got here.

      When we start to build space craft that have the ability to go faster than the speed of life. The planets that we will go to will already have life on them. If they did not. Man would die out.

      And when the day comes for man to switch galaxies and go back the way that we came from. This new galaxy will have planets that all ready have life growing on it.

      These UFO get there first and seed the planets. 500 years before we get there.

      How does man find out what the right thing to do is? The God factor. The message is in our DNA. The same junk DNA that man finds in his DNA. Is the same DNA found in spores from mold. Mildew. Shower mole.

      This God factor is in our DNA. What is it telling us? Don't kill our self's off. Be fruitful and multiply. Go to the stars. And do it again.

      There is no message that man can leave behind for others to find in order to for worn them of the events that are to come. The only way to pass the message on from one life form to the other. Is by way of our DNA. The God element. It lives with in us all. This is where we are getting all of these weird ideals from.

      Earth is like a ticking time boom. It is only a matter of time before all is lost. You don't keep all your eggs in the same basket. If we don't go to the stars. Man kind as a whole will end. We would have a much better chance if there were many earths with men living on them. And in the end. If there is to be no end. We will have to move to a new Galaxy that is going the other way.

      The same DNA found in mold. Is the same DNA to start life here on earth. Which is the same mold that Monkey man used to form wormholes out of egg shells that produces the radon partials that caused man to mutate into modern man. Which is the same spores of mold that the Egyptians used to form worm holes and build the pyramids. Which is the same mold that carries the DNA that has the God factor in it. Which will be the same spores of mold that we will use to build space craft that will carry us to the stars. Which is also the same spores of mold that the UFO life forms use to make them go from star to star. Which in turn is also the same mold found in its digestion system. Which it uses to seed the earth like planets of our universe. The life cycle of the never ending universe and the life cycle life of never ending life is a miracle with in its self. Life and the universe is perfect in every way. It has God's finger prints all over it. If miracles are real. And they are. Then surely there is a God.




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