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      Star Gate Log Book Up Date April 11, 2010 Part Three

      First, I want to talk a little bit about what this page is all about. I have been pushing Einstein's Cosmological Constant. Some thing that would keep the universe from collapsing under it own weight. By way of gravity. To have a C. C. You would have to a world that would be like living on the inside of a hollow earth. Where every thing had the ability to fall up. And if you lived in the very center of the world. You would no fall in any direction. All forces of gravity would be equal on all sides and you would not move any where. It would have to have the ability to move when ever you moved. And every other object in the universe would have their own C.C Where every body would be in the center of the universe.

      If the universe has a center. There could be only one center. But if C.C. were real. Then every body could be in the center of there C.C If you had galaxies that were moving at speeds that were FTL. And the only time you could see them is when your point of rest was a right angle to them. Or vies versa. Right angles relation ships is a two way street. They would have the ability to blink in and out.

      There blinking in and out would be relative to your point of rest. There distant from you and the speed they were moving.

       This way. The bubble made of many galaxies would all ways be the same on all sides. It would be like your shadow. When you move. It moves. You can't catch it. You can't out run it. You stop. It stops. No matter how fast or what direction you were moving.

      It would all ways be the same on all sides.

      A universe like this could not have any gravitational collapse. No Big Bangs.

      No Big Bang = No universe. = Big Problem.

      In the universe that we live in. The Big Bang is dead. How can we have Galaxies that live in parallel universe? Going at speeds that are faster than light. In all different directions. All at thee same time.

      The question is not how it is. The question is. How did it ever get to be this way.

      I found a mistake that I had misted. While working on fixing it. I found a few more things that we have missed.

       It's the Goldie Locks Syndrome. One Big Bang could never be big enough, to form the whole universe. And Supper Nova are too small to form the universe.

      That's right. The Big Crunch. B.C. Are just the right sizes to form the universe. Not just one B.C. But many Big Crunches.

      You would have to have many BC. Bangs. In order to get galaxies to go faster than the speed of light. And it would take many more BC. Bangs to get galaxies going faster than light. In all direction. And there are some simple factors. A way to make the C.C. that we have in our part of the universe. Go a way. So there can be BC Band. And form more universe

      And there would have to be a way to turn off the BC Bang. So that life could form.

      I'm going to show you how to unite the best of both models of the universe Einstein's Steady state model of the universe with the Big Band model of the universe. The only difference is. I'm going to us many Big Crunches instead of one Big Band. To do this I'm going to make Zones to break up the different parts of the universe.

      You are going to like this.

      Here we go.

      We all know what a gravitational collapse is.

      And we know what a Big Bangs. That is where mater that has collapsed due to gravity that forms the whole universe. And there are Big Crunches, Matter that collapse due to gravity. There can be many Big Crunches. And there are Supper Nova. Which also has the ability to collapse under it own weight.

      Big Crunches start out kind of small. They have a collapse. When it explodes. It produces more atoms and energy. And speeds. Than was there. To be found in the collapse. Why?

      Do the math. When you add one atom with another atom. You get two. 1+1=2. But when you add two atoms and one gravity you get three atoms coming out of it all. Do the math. Atom + Gravity + Atom = 3 Atoms 1+1+1 = 3 Because of this. Ever time there is a collapse. There are more atoms that are going faster in to outer space. What goes up must come down. The atoms go out. Straight up and when they fall the come straight back down. There is no side ways movement here. Up down. In and out. Just like a ball bouncing on the ground. The only difference. Is that a ball bounces up to a lower height with each bounces. With a gravitational collapse. It bounces higher with each collapse. This keeps going on till at some point. It bounces so high. That it produces Escape Velocity. It just keeps going. Usefully close to the speed of light.

      Each time it collapses. Because some of the atoms reach escape velocity. But most for the atoms don't make it over the hump. And turn in to the next collapse. Then it becomes like a heat and matter pump. A cycle.

      It's not only doing the in one direction. It's doing it in every direction.

      But if you go back to thinking about it all as a straight line. If the atoms that make to escape velocity. The atoms are moving through space at seed of light. Their atoms are all moving at the same speed. They at rest to each other. It's like they are not moving at all. They form a collapse. And a BC bang. And the cycle starts all over again. But the next time they reach escape velocity speed. If they are moving through space at the speed of light. The escape velocity of the atoms relative to where the first BC was to would be twice the speed of light. So on and so on.

       Well ever time there forms a place where there are forming new collapse. It moves out in ever direction, so instead of forming a line, it would form a bubble shape.

      A bubble that would have stars that are forming galaxies that are going faster than the speed of light. And going in every direction. This means that there are some galaxies that are moving side ways relative to you point of rest. But when the number of parallel universe reached a breaking point where it formed an Einstein's Cosmological Constant. The BC Banging Stops.

      Well. Not all together. There the edges of the bubble, of the universes had grown to. The number of parallel universe was too few to stop the Banging.

      There some thing special about a bubble or circle. If where all the banging is going on is at the edge of the bubble the matter that is going out from the bubble is making the bubble to grow. It is expanding. A way from the bubble the bang slows down for lack of matter. But the part of the banging to goes to words the center of the bubble grows higher.

      It wouldn't be very long till we would have a universe that looks like this.

      This brings us to the Zone Rosd Map. SS zone is the place where it safe. Where BC Bangs are for ever forbidden. A few Supper Novas and Galaxies are OK.SS also stands for Stead State Model of the universe. Go to next page in Star Gate Log Book April Part Four.

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