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      What I'm going to post on this page is what all they had to do during the day and night. Timing is every thing. You have to do the right thing at just the right time. The right time of year. The time of day. The time of night. Every thing is timed to the growth patterns of mill dew. Mold. There is a daily routine that they had to follow. Mill dew grows on a daily routine. It grows better at some times of the year. It grows better at some times of the day. You not only have to know what makes it grow. You also have to know every thing about what makes it die. What causes the growth rate to slow down, or speed up. Between these three factors. You will get your pattern.

      What will determine that you do when is regulated by the things that regulate the growth of mold. Because this factors are every changing through out the day. You have to know how or what to do when. The best way to understand why we do this or that at this or that time. By making time lines of the factor that are relevant to the growth of mold. A good place to start forming the time line is look at the temp relative to the time of day. The best sun relative to the time of day. The moisture relative to the time of day. The problem becomes compound and complex. But if you do the right thing at the right time nature takes care of all the rest and the worm hole forms. I have given you the simple way of looking at it. The rest of this page. I'm going to tell about all the other thing that are happening that you should know about.

      Start out simple. This is the time line that you use. You do the right thing at the right time and nature takes care of the rest.

      You have to do this for seven days. The only change up in the daily routine, is on the first day the film has to have mill dew mold spores mix in it. For the next six days. Because the mold is already there. And growing. Producing more spores. All you have to do is add another coat to the concave mirror. This puts more food out for the spores to eat. And it gives the mold more room to grow. And if you are burning the mold every day. Just like clock work. In seven days. This is enough time for the mold to grow the fringe pattern in the hologram. Which in turn is what makes the wormhole form.

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