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    The Hart of the Beast.

    You first have to look at the dry set up. Trouble shoot it. And find why it’s not working. And what you would have to do to fix it

    One of the things that is wrong is that the tube lets ray optics shine sun light throughthe tube. Which does several things that we don’t need it to be doing.

    Like heating up the alga and drying it out and killing the alga.

    You need the positive lens action of two concave mirrors to form a worm hole. There is only one concave mirror in use.

    We need a focal point of light like that is used when forming holograms. And like we all know we need a lazor to change incoherent light into coherent light. And we need to amplify the light. Make it stronger that sun light ought to be. There is three different way to amplify the light.

    Sense it is a rain bow hologram We need a four color separator.

    The other thing that it does is let sun light into the concave mirror.

    It needs to be dark. When you have light on light. It causes a white out effect.

    Just like if you wanted to take a picture of the star turning the day time. The sun light over rides the weaker star light.. And you get nothing. But at night time. You can take pictures of the star.

    There is a fringe pattern that forms on the concave mirror. The so called hologram.

    If you set the dry set right next to the wet set up. They bought look very much a like. At first glance. It looks like very little has changed here.

    But if you study it for a while. You will find out that is a lot has that has changed.

    The best way to explain how we are going to meet all of out requirements to for our hologram is to start out by taking a closer look at the water lens.

    It is a single edge concave refracting negative lens. It is composed out of water. There is two different forces that are effecting the shape of the lens.

    Surface tension. That is the electro force that attract one atom of water to the other atom of water resting next to This is also the same force that causes water to bead on a waxed surface.

    The other force is gravity. These two forces are pitted against each to form a perfect lens. No Defects. All glass lens have defects in them. They can’t make a focal point that goes through zero.

    This is why we all ways use a small hole in a card as our focal point . And not a glass lens because lens have defects and don’t have a focal point that goes through zero.

    Why oh why didn’t any body tell me about this water lens.

    The answer is simple. No body knew about it ether? Simple. Live and learn.

    One of the reasons why we don’t use glass lens is because they have two surfaces. The front and the back side. The water lens only has one side. The front side No double vision here.

    It also acts like a resonator Newton rings. It also acts like a one drop of water rain bow. Four color separator.

    And last but not least the lens act like an all optical switch. It turns off the ray optics from the sun. Making it dark on the inside. Just like your eye ball does so that you can see. And Not be blinded by the light. There is a fringe pattern that forms on the back side of your eye ball. If ray optics could reach the back side of your eye. You would not be able to see the fringe patter and see.

    But it just so happen that the same water. Is also the same water that forms a flat first down reflecting mirror.

    If you place a concave mirror in front of a flat mirror. The light starts acting like there is two mirror there when there is only one.

    And again the very same water that forms the lens and flat mirror. Is also the very same water the concave mirror is resting in. The alga is growing on the concave mirror.

    Alga lives and grows in water. This means the light can dry out the alga and it can not cause it to heat. Because it rest in water. The water acts like a heat sink And caused the heat to be disperse a way from the alga.

    Only the radon particle from the U V light from the sun is what does damage to the DNA of the alga and kills of the cells of the alga. Forming the pattern of the hologram.

    The tube acts like a negative lens. That when it is the right distance from the hole. It will go back through. The hole the same way it came in. Down the sides of the tube. The center of the tube is black. No light goes through the center. It goes along the walls of the vortex. Of the negative lens.

    Just like a lazar has a mirror at each end and the light resonates back and forth. The light resonate between the real concave mirror and the ventral concave mirror. Giving it a lazar effect. The light changes from incoherent light . Into coherent light.

    Why is it that cavemen using stone age tools were able to form a worm hole when modern man with space age technology can’t?

    We just didn’t know about the water lens. And all the things that it can do.

    We have their tools and there order of operation. First things first and last things last.

    We can now.

    After you shoot the film. You have to take it out of the water and let dry out slowly so that the live alga as time to form the spores when it dies off. The worm hole form.

    It would be best the place the worm hole in the equipment that you are going to use with before the worm hole has time to form. When it is safe. And not try to use it after the worm hole form.

    There real dangerous and unpredictable.

    We don’t know what they will do.

    Just playing around with the simple optics is fun a d simple to do And safe to play with. Just as long as you don’t use a mirror that has alga growing on it. Keep your concave mirror clean and alga free.

    One of the things that has prevented me from forming my worm hole is ai didn’t know how to grow alga.

    No alga = No worm hole. How do you grow alga. The same way that every body else did it.

    They didn’t grow alga. They didn’t know how.......... They let Mother Nature grow there alga for them. If it worked for those cave men. It will work for us just as well.

    Pond scum water. You see it every where. I have looked at and study so much pond water with alga growing it, that it would bring a tear to your eyes if you could see it all at once. I could get it to grow in my lab to save my life.

    Here is all you need to know about alga growing in pond water.

    All alga growing in pond water is a compound complex eco system. There is blue green alga, brown alga, and black mold alga. All of these different kinds of alga are fungi. They all produce spores. Green alga takes in co2 and put out oxygen. Brown alga takes in oxygen and put out co2. Only green alga can use the sun light to produce food. Brown alga and black mold can not produce it own food. It has to get it food source from green alga.. Green alga need nitrogen in order to grow. Just like corn.

    All ponds get it’s water from rain. The nucleating agent of rain is formed from the spores from a complex eco system All pond water gets it’s spores from rain water.

    pond water is composed of a compound complex eco system. It’s a cycle.

    Pound water doesn’t need any help from you in order to grow alga. It does it all by it self with out any help from you. Thank you.

    If your not good enough or rich enough to buy a fish tank or pond. Just find one that is all ready there. And got there by it’s self.

    Find one of there ponds. Wade out into it a few feet. Place a big flat rock on the bottom of it. In a shade place. Place your concave mirror on the rock. Come back a few weeks later and check to see if there is any alga growing in the mirror. If the is. Your good to go.

    While studying the people that did this. A lot of them had a kid wading pond. That had steps that went into it. This is where the grew there alga in their concave mirror. There was enough room in the pond that they could put at least 1000 mirror it. They probably looked the all over and just picked out the very best one of the hole bunch. I would be willing to bet that they had really good luck when they try to form there worm hole.

    The best way to grow alga is let nature do. Catch some rain water that comes from a thunder storm to where the clouds go up to 60 to 80000 feet. Flash freezing At night. Dark No U V light.. Put it in your fish tank with a bubbler. With fish. Fish poop is like miracle grow for alga.

    Put the concave mirror in the bottom of the fish tank. And when it turns solid green from all the alga growing on it.

    Your good to go.

    Some thing really weird happens when you get the optics all set up right. If you are looking at your set up from above it. There are these lines of light that form. They look like they are comeing from out of the center of the focal point of light. As seen from the top side.

    This is not ray optics this is plasma energy. They can be seen as a streaks line/ A line of plasma is called a “String.

    When you first see these optical effect. The heaven part. You start to here angles sing. And right a way you start to see strings.

    The same thing can be seen on the back of a US one dollar bill. I have often wonder what these lines were. I all ways thought that it was a artist radiation of ray optics. You can see the same lines of light that they saw. And these are the same men that built that pyramids. They know what they are talking about. They didn’t have words to tell about what they were seeing. The best that they could do was draw a picture of it all.

    Now I’m gearing up to try and see if I can get my experiment to work. I’m going to draw some pictures and I’m going to take some pictures of my equipment. So that you can track me on this.

    And write about all that I’m doing in order to under stand what is it that I’m doing And why I’m doing it this way.

    I have three huge new parts of the puzzle.

   I know how to grow the alga. I know that have got the optics right. I got strings.

    And I also know the order of operation. And I know how to do it safely.

    I know how to tame the worm hole and make it useful.

    I all ready have a flying car on my drawing board that should work like a champ.

    It’s slow going ,but I will get there in the end.


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