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     What I'm going to post on this page is all of the equipment that you will have to make , or round up. You will need the equipment to track the sun. The optical equipment. The equipment needed for growing mold. You need to build some equipment to be ready after the wormhole forms. Something to put it in. You just can't leave some thing like this laying around. It wouldn't be safe.

     One of the experiments that you would have to do in order to prove that gravity is like so. Instead of like that. Getting a wormhole to form in the lab. Is not a scientific experiment. But it does make a statement. This type of experiment is called A MAKE IT or BREAK IT type of experiment. A GO or No Go experiment. A discriminating experiment. Thing are one way or the other. You can't have it both way. Mother Nature is like a gate keeper. She is standing in the door way and she is mumbling some thing to the effect of. "It's my way or the high way." She must have been a truck drive in a previous life. The physical restraints of the laws of nature will set in judgment over of what she will allow men to do and not do. There is no way around the physical laws of nature. The objective of the experiment is develop supportive evidence that the tube part of atoms are real. The experiment simply says "That if the tube part of the atom are real and they can be found in the space that rest between the atom. and if you can manipulate them and get a wormhole to form. We are not trying to prove "wormhole are real." We are trying to prove that tubes are real. That the membranes that wormholes are composed of are made of yet smaller tubes. What tubes would that be? The tubes part of atoms. The gravity part of the atom. That wormholes are tubes. They are multiverse tubes. Are the tubes of atoms there in the range of high numbers that would have to be there in order to get a real wormhole to form? In order for the space that rest between atoms to have enought mass to have gravity to work the way that it does. Is the same amount of mass that would have to be there in order to get a worm hole to form. You can't have one with out the other. If the wormhole forms. It means that the tube part of gravity are real. Getting a wormhole is form is a free bee. Marc Millis did say that he wanted it cheep. Two for the price of one. When you see just how little this experiment cost. I have $5.00 dollars to spend on this experiment a mouth. I'm self funded. It's my hobby. It's the cheapest, most interesting, never ending maze, never wares out, never gets old, There is always some thing to do. The cheepest hobby that I could find. I know why NASA gave me the simple and cheep experiments to do. Solve Einstein's G.U.T. Get a wormhole to form. No problem. $5.00 dollars. Sure, Oh why not. They want to kept all those Billion dollars experiments for their self. When you thing about it. It makes a lot of cents$ It cost more time than it does money. It took a lot of time in research. But I'm going to post all of my notes on all you would have to know about. In order to form a wormhole in the lab. What stinking lab would that be?( your back yard. cheep } Marc Millis said " near term " = soon = now = They wanted it yesterday. + cheep. I'm Posting every thing I know about the subject. If I can't get to work. Maybe some one else will be able to get it work in the end. The good thing about trying to form a wormhole in this way is. It don't cost much. But it does take time. It may take a year to build if you are like me. I have just a few hour a month to work on this thing. I have to work for a liveing. But you would need a week to get every thing set up and a hole week. Seven days. To shoot the film. In the right times of the year. The good news is. Time is on our side. You get to try as many times as you like. And If we had a army of people trying to do this. Our odds get even better yet. If only one person is trying. It may never happen. The more the better. People keep telling me. Well, why don't you just go out and do this? I'm a truck driver. I haven't had 14 straight days off in 20 years. I would have to quit work or get fired and couldn't find any work. If you are living pay day to pay day. It's hard to miss work. And go on living. And there are others that depent on me.

      Most people don't know how to do this. Don't feel bad. I didn't either. But I got lucky. I found out. I was to stupid. I had to be told. The only people that know how to do this for sure. Are the ones that have already did it. You do it the same way that every body else does. Sounds simple enough. The bad news is. They are all dead. The good new is. They all marked their trail. They left clues behind for you to find. Text? Sure. Very little text though. Maps? Drawings? Sure. Artifact? sure. Working models. Sure. Having Artifacts , their equipment is like having the blue prints to the device. Like having the illustrated parts break down of the device. It's not just one person's equipment. It is having many different peoples equipment. You look at their equipment. And you try to find a pattern. And you will find that they all did the same thing. It's just that there are several different ways to do this. I know there is probable only one best way to do this. And then some ways are safer than others. Some are easier to build than others. And some you will have better luck at getting the wormhole to form than others. So what we are looking for is the simples, surest, quickest, equipment that can be found around the house. That you already have so you don't have to buy any thing. The most readily available equipment and materials. The cheapest, Five dollars. The way that is the most safe. Solve Einstein's G.U.T. No problem. Find out how they were very able to form a wormhole. No problem. Finding the very best model of the device. That every one can use. And post it on the internet. Big, Big Problem. Finding the best is going to take some time. In order to find the truly cheapest one that can be built. I'm going to have to build it over and over and over again. It's going to cost some money. To find the cheapest. In the end it will be worth every red cent that I have spent on it.

      If I told you all the trouble and time I had to go through to find out about this device. We would be hear all day. But I do need to tell you a little about what it is and how it works. In order for you to understand "why', you build them in this way or that way. And why you have to do all the weird things in order to get it to work. If you look at there equipment. And look at what they were doing. It makes no sense at all. But if you take a closer look at their equipment. And apply all the known science behind the equipment. Then very thing starts to make sense.

     What they are doing is making a hologram. A hologram in which the elements in the holographic film is space shielding. What is space shielding in the film is the spore of mill dew. The light that they are using to burn the film is the sun light. The only way that they can use the sun to burn a pattern in the film is while the mold is alive and growing. This means that they will have to use a time-lapse photography. How long of a exposure of time? You could say they use a time-lapse photography of Biblical per portions. Seven days and seven nights. That's a long, long exposure time for time-lapse photography. And what makes things worse is the fact that this is a hologram that we are making. No part of the equipment can be moved in any way or form. You have to recoat the film every day to get the hologram to work. No vibration what so every. No movement or vibration of any kind. They would have to do the imposable. The only way you can do this is if you keep your stinking hands off the equipment. You can't touch the equipment for seven days. The cameras would have to move. In order to track the sun. To burn the film. You would have to touch the camera . In order to add more film. It has to be dark inside of the camera In order for the hologram to form. How did they do it?

     In the Bible under Exodus, chapter 39, verse 8. It is the one and only time that this word is used in the Bible. Lookingglasses = mirrors. It states "of the lookingglasses of the women assembling, which assembled of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation." Hear is what you need to know to see what is happening. Women were not allow in the tabernacle. They were standing at the door way. There was a curtain between the women standing by the door way and the Ark of the covenant. When the ark activated The women watched the ark eat the food that they had made. If there was a curtain between the women and the ark. There is only three places you can put a mirror in order for the women to see the ark. To eather side or up above the ark. Above the ark is the right place to put the mirror. A lookinglass is the same thing as a mirror. The word "lookingglasses is plural. This mean that there was more than one mirror. If one mirror was above the ark. Where did they place the other mirror? It would have to be placed out side of the tent In full view od the sun lihgt. How did the women use the mirrors to see the ark? The word we are looking for is "periscope". This is what they use on submarines. You know. Like in the moves "up periscope". We've seen this scene a million times at the movies. You probable had one as a toy when you were a kid. It was a square tube and had a mirror at each end. You could use it to look over high fences or around corners. I had one too. But my was different. It was made of a round tubes. You could twist it in the middle. And do all kind of weird things with it.

      It had to be in a dark place. It was dark on the in side of the tabernacle. The tent. They placed the ark in the tent on the ground. They placed a curtain between the ark and the door way of the tent. The door way was on the south end of the tent. They placed one mirror above the ark in the tent. And then they placed one mirror out side of the ten in front of the door way in the sun. They took a shaft with a horn at one end. A yoke. The shaft was aligned with the north star. This way when they set the angle of the mirror so that it would reflect the sun light to the mirror in the tent. All they had to do was rotate the shaft of the out side mirror and it would shine sun light In the door way hitting the mirror on top of the ark. Which in turn would shine sun light down on the top of the ark all day long. This way they didn't have to touch the ark. and they still got the sun light where they needed it. How? did they coat the film on the ark. They sprinkled it on with a brush.{spray painted.} I tried spray painting. It didn't work. The sprinkled it on with bush works. I used a tooth brush.

      The mirror on the out side is like a clock. A real weird sundial. It use is to track the sun. I'm going to call it the "tracking mirror".It has to be turned at the same rate of speed as the earth turns. This is what makes the sun seem as if it is standing still. The day the earth stood still? The day the sun stood still? the day that time stood still? All the same thing. Relative to the concave mirror inside of the ark. It would seem as if the sun stood sill or that time is standing still.

      The simplest way of puting what the tracking mirror assembly. That rest on the out side of the ten. In front of the door way is a universal joint. Just like the one that is on the drive shaft of your car. Or truck. It has two yokes. And one piece that is in the center. A swivel joint. That makes all the pieces fit togeather.

     The tracking mirror assembly is also like a universal joint. It has two yokes, and a swivel joint. The only difference is that one of the yokes has to be on the end. So that there is nothing in between the two mirrors. The flat board the mirror is atached to is the swivel joint. In order to get the sun light to go in the direction of the mirror above the ark. You have to make it in a way that you can make adjustments on the line up of the assembly.

      You have to get the center axes of the thread all bolt to aline it's self with the north star. You have to know where the north star is at night. To get to aline it;s self with the north star . You will have to raise one end of the box. You can use a board to do this. It not only has to be alined up and down. Left and right as well. There has to be an adustment on the mirror board. To get that just right angle. To get the sun light to travel dowm the same path as the axes of the thread all bolt. Which is on the same axes as the north star. And the sun light has to hit the center of the mirror on top of the ark. To get the sun light to do this all day lone. the mirror has to roate around the or with the center axes. That every thing is alined with. This means that you will have to have an adjustment on the rotation of the uper yoke. This can be done by useing a swing arm and a thread all as a screw adjustment.

      And this is what the ark looks like. What would be the best word to describe the ark?Skyscraper. A tower. Lens assembly. It's just a fram work to hold up. Or hold together the rest of the pieces of the ark. The fram is what holds every thing together and in place. Like the mirror on top. The mercy seat. The concave mirror. And an easy way to get all the optical pieces into adjustment. The fram keeps the pieces from moving around. Or moving out of adjustment. It holds the parts steady so that there isn't any vibration.

     And here we are back to square one. The big picture. But now some of what the ark is should be coming together. Now all you need to know about is how to get it all into adjustment. Get the optics part of it into adjustment. How you make the home made film. How to coat the film on the concave mirror. And how to shoot the film.

     This is a real simple set up. And it would work better than any thing else you can think of. There is no movement of the ark. No vibration when shooting. And because the camera is the tent. You can walk in to the tent and coat the bowl in the ark with out touching any thing. Do the same thing for seven days and the wormhole forms.

     Getting the light adjusted to the ark is a task with in it's self You need to make a flat board with a hole in the center of it. Place it about ten inches above the flat mirror with the hole in it. The hole tower is set up on a center line that goes right down the center of the ark. This means that the flat mirror on top of the ark has to be set up so that the ray of sun light can be seen on all sides of this hole. The only light that get's to the flat mirror with the hole in it. Is by way of the light that comes through this hole. It has to be dark where the concave mirror is. You can see the light of the rays of the sun. But your going to have to do some thing different to get the rest of the optics into adjustment.

      One of the biggest problems is finding an easy way to get the hole in the flat mirror and the concave mirror into adjustment. There is a little trick that I know about that can do this. A resonator can be some kind of clear lens. When light passes through the lens it form a costic sheet of light. Like those weird lines of light you see at the bottom of your swimming pool, when there are waves on the top of the water. Caused by the sun light. The same thing happens when you play around with magnifying glass. When sun light passes through the lens of the magnifying glass. The interference pattern caused by the lens. The positive lens is acting as a resonator. This is what makes costic sheets of light to form. This is what allows you to see the light of the lens. This is what makes it so easy to get the magnifying glass to form a focal point. Any fool can get a magnifying glass to form a focal point of light. If only you could find a way to of getting the optics of the hole in the flat mirror and the concave mirror into focuses just as easy as getting a magnifying glass into focus. To form a focal point. All of our problems would be solved. By using a magnifying glass? No. By the use of resonators. You can't see diffract light. But if you use a resonator in line with diffracted light you can see what the diffracted light is doing. This is what makes getting a magnifying glass so easy to come into focus and form a point of light. You can see what the light is doing. If you use a resonator in order to make it so that you can see what the diffracted light is doing. Then it becomes very easy to get the optics between the hole in the flat mirror and the concave mirror in to focus. In order for the optics to be in focus. The same diffracted light that is made to diffract by the hole in the flat mirror. Has to hit the concave mirror at a right angle. 90 degree. And go back the same way that it came in. And when it goes by the hole in the flat mirror. The light again will be diffracted by the hole. Forming a sheet of light above the hole. This is how it's done.

      The equipment needed to form your first resonators is. A penny. A washer. A tube of clear two part epoxy glue. You can get this at Wal-Mart. Some flat sheets of plastic. And you can get some washers and plastic sheets of glass at the lumber yard. Peal the soft plastic cover off the plexa glass. Mix a small amount of epoxy up. Use a tooth pick to make a small bead of glue around the edge of the penny. Turn the penny over and place it on the plexiglass. Take your finger and press down on the penny. This will make the epoxy come out from under all sides of the penny. Take the your finger and move the penny around in a very small circle. This will cause the glue to stick to the sided of the penny. Don't use but just a very little bit of glue. Let the glue dry for about ten minutes. Then take the plastic in your hands and bend the plexiglass. This will cause the penny to pop of the glass. Then go out side in the sun light and test what you have made. The light that is made to diffract by the penny will also pass through the lens resonator you have made around the penny. You will be able to see the path that the sun light travels after it is diffracted by the penny. It will form a point just like a positive lens does. Now do the same thing with a washer. But this time make the resonator on the inside edge of the washer instead of the out side. And when you test it in the sun light. The diffracted light will make a ring. Instead of a point. Negative lens make rings. Positive lens make points.

     Now make a resonator out of a large flat washer with a 3/16 hole in the center. Then cut the bottom of a aluminum coke can and polish to up to a mirror finish. This is what you are going to use as your concave mirror. Take it all out side in the sun light and play with. To get the optics right the same light that is diffracted by the washer. and then is reflected by the concave mirror. Has to go past the edge of the hole again so that it will be diffracted again and form the top part of the wormhole. The top part of the wormhole is the only part of the wormhole. that you can use. If you can't get the top half of the wormhole to form. It's useless.

      When you use a washer with a resonator in it. You can see where the ring of light hits the mirror. And if you look at it from the under side. You can see where the light forms a ring on the under side of the washer. When the washer and the mirror are too close. But when the ring is going past the edge of the hole (just right.) Or the hole is too faraway. The ring forms a point where the hole is. You can no longer see what is happening. There is something else that you need to know. When you go to form your real wormhole. The hole in the washer can't have a resonator in it. You have to be bare footing. No resonator. How do you fix this problem?

      This is how you do it. The hole in the washer is a 3/16 hole. You get a disc. That is about 1/16 smaller than the hole. Make a resonator out of it. Sand off the edges of the resonator so that it will just fit on the inside of the hole. Glue two tooth picks in the form of a cross. On top of the disc. This way the disk will not fall out when you place it there.

      Now take it out side in the sun light and test it out. If you are looking at it from the under side. When they are to close . You can see the ring on the out side of the hole. And when they are to far. You can see the ring on the disc. On the inside of the hole. When the optics is just right. There shouldn't be a ring on the out side or the in side and if you look at the resonator from the top side. You should be able to see light all the way round the gap between the edge of the hole and the edge of the disc. If you are setting the optics up in the ark This is the point that you set your lock nut up tight. Double check every thing. Then all you have to do is pop out the center disc, sterilize every thing. Coat the mirror. And your ready to shoot the film for the first time. Where ray optics are at work. You can see what the light is doing. And be able to get every thing into adjusted. But when it comes to getting the optics of the diffracted light adjusted. You have to have to be able to pull blue bunnies out of your ass. And this is how it's done.

      But I have found a simpler and cheeper way yet. Take two small blocks of wood. And place on each side of the hole in the mirror. Take a thin sheet of plastic and put a little ear wax. You know the wax you get out of your ear. Wax the top side of the plastic, so that a drop of water will bead up if placed there. Just like rain water does on your newly waxes car. Place the plastic on top of the wooden blocks. Put one drop of tap water in the middle of the plastic. And then aline up the drop of water with the hole in the mirror. The drop acts as a resonstor. Now you can see what is happening on the bottom side and get it adjusted. It's hard to see what is happening on the bottom , when your up above. Place a flat mirror next to the concave mirror. At a little angel. Then you can see. This will help you from getting a "crick" in your neck.

     This about as much as I can tell you about getting things into adjustment. After this . Every thing is left up to you on how to adjust the thing. I know that they place a cloth with a hole in the middle of the cloth over the ark. A cheese cloth. To keep bugs germs, and dust and dirt of the mirror. They also placed a leather skin with a hole cut in the middles of it, over the ark. This helped to make it dark. Where the mirror is at. They could lift the skin and the cheese cloth off the ark coat the mirror. And put the cheese cloth and the skin back on the ark with out every having to touch or moved the ark. The ark that Moses built was state of the art for his days. It was the end result after 30,000 years of trial and error. 30,000 years of testing. It is about as closes to being right as you can get. If God says "It's right." Well by gosh. It's alright by me.

     12/14 /06 up date....I was out side playing around with my Art the other day and I was trying to get it all set up and And working all right. And today I was thinking about the trouble I was happening. What do you know . The little light came on. All of the equipment is built and functions on the axis of the yoke which is a lined with the north star. If the hinge that the yoke turns on had a sight. Like a sight on a gun. A gunsight. Live would be much simpler. Where is what I've come up with. If you use a tube or pipe as the hinge on the yoke. You can look through the hole in the end of the tubing and alien it with the north star at night. This aliens the yoke with the up and down and the left and , or right of the alignment. Some thing you don't have to weary about any more. But the big square board that the mirror rest on. The hinges have to be at a 90 degree angle to the axis of the north star. What's really neat about a tube is it has a hole at both ends. I never knew that before. This means that you can put a light at the same end as the north star and shine a light through the tube.

    &nbs; To get the mirror board at a true right angel at least one of the hinges will have to have some kind of adjustment to it. So If you was a drill and drill out the hole of the hinge that will attach it's self to the yoke. And use a washer on your wood screws. May have to get some better wood screws. Some that have some kind of head on it. To work better with the washers. This will give about 1/2 inch of adjustment. Now all we have to figure out is . How do we find out if it's adjusted or out of adjustment?

     At night shine a light down the tube towards the ground. Make you a stand and place a piece of cord board on it to where the light is hitting the cord board in the middle of the cardboard. Get a marker and draw a point on the cardboard . Right in the middle of where the light is hitting. To do this you will have to cut a small hole in the board that you are going to hold the mirror on the yoke with. The big square board, on the yoke. Once you have it all set up. Put the mirror on the mirror board like you are going to have to. When you are going to shoot the film. And when the sun comes up the next morning. Adjust the mirror on the yoke to where the sun light hits the dot on the cardboard on the ground. Take a marker and mark the light on the cardboard. Do the same thing at noon and the same thing at sun set. If the mirror board is at a true right angle to the north star. It will shine sun light in the same direction all day long. But if it does not. The right angle on the board will have to be adjusted. Which way ? I don;t know There is only two way that you can adjust the board. Either your right or your wrong. Take notes. If it's not right. Make an adjustment. A and try it again the next day. If it gets better. Your on the right track. Just keep going the way you are going. If it gets worst. Go the other way. Because it dark in side of the tent. If there is some smoke in the air. You can see the ray optics. The ray of light becomes visable to the eye. Where the ray of light hits the top of mirror with the hole. You can see the pattern and watch it move when the sun moves. You can tell when the sun light has moved to the point that you need to move the mirror on the yoke to put the hole back in the center of the circle of the sun light. Because you can use a drop of water to be used as a resonator. You can see the difracted light. And adjust it. But if you use a fogged screen. That a clear sheet of plastic with some dust on it. Kind of like smoke. You can put it above the hole in the flat mirror and see what the light is doing when it comes back up out of the hole to form the other half of the worm hole. Negative lens. See the top half. If you can get the bottom half right the top half will form. If the top half does not form the worm hole will not form. The top half is what we are after. I know it's hard to get it to form. Every thing has to be just so, so. Just right. But when you see it for the first time. You will know that it is true. If you use the fogged screan below the hole you can see the ring of light. The halo. And if you use the fogges screan above the hole. you can also see the ring of light or the halo. When you have halos above and below the hole in the flat mirror. The optice is adjusted right. Lock every thing up right there. Recheck to see if any thing moved. Check twice, shoot once. If there is a way to see the sun light all the way from point (A) the sun. To point (B) the halo above the mirror with the hole. If you can see the light. If you can see it. You can do it. Ready for the film.

     Because the earth never (wall hardly ever. ) changes it's position with the north star. This means that if you alien the mirror on top of your tower and the tower up with the axis of the yoke. ( note the axis of the yoke is already aligned with the north star. ) This means that if we shine a light down the tube on the yoke again. And alien the mirror on top of the lens tower. And alien the tower up with the axis of the light coming from the tube. Every thing will be set. Now all we have to do is set up the adjustment in the concave mirror. Clean every thing up . Make a cloth with a hole in it to cover the tower. Why a cloth. It helps to keep bugs, dust germs off the equipment. Then we make a thick cover to cover the tower with. Why/ It's all ready in tent. and it's dark. Will that's just not good enough. We are going to put a cover over the tower to make dubble sure that the only light that hits the concave mirror is the light that is coming in from the hole. Through the top. One more thing that you might do is get a piece of black felt. And make a hole in the middle of it. And after you put the mirror on the yoke. Put the black felt over the board so that the only light that is coming into the tent is the light from the mirror.

      I'm going to give you a little bit better Ideal on how I've got my crank set up. Now in the olden days they probably just moved the mirror by hand. Which is the cheapest way to do it. But there is a simple way to set up an adjustment. Make life much simpler. You need two eye bolts one lone thread all All that's a long bolt. I used a 1/2 inch that is 36 inches lone. Cost about 4 dollars. Boy that's a lot of money just for one bolt. You need a collar. Which is a tube that is the same size as the bolt, and a coupler. Which is nothing more than a really long nut. Cost about a dollar each. and four lock nuts for the thread all. And some good old JB weld. You have to get your eye bolts big enough so that the collar and the coupler will fit through them. Some times it's best if you get the eye bolts just one size smaller than your nut and collier. You have to pry open the loop of the eye bolt in order to stick the nut collar in to the eye. Protect the threads of the coupler and the inside of the coupler so that no JB weld gets on the inside of them. JB weld the coupler and the collar on the inside of the eye bolts. Bake sure that every thing is at a right angle. before it sets up. Let it least set up for about two days before you use it. Each eye bolt has to have two nuts and a washer. Make sure that the eye bolts are long enough to go through the 2x4's and have enough room to put a washer a nut and a lock nut on the end. Make a crank handle fore the end The eye bolt with the coupler. That the long nut in the swing arm on the yoke. And the eye bolt with the collar in the 2x4 that is attached to the yoke box stand. After you get it all set up. If every thing in adjustment. All you have to do is turn the crank every little bit to track the sun across the sky. Which is a pain in the head. But. If you can get your hands on a old Bar-Q rotating girl. An electric one. They have a gear reduction drive in them. Or an old electric ice cream maker. They turn slow enough that it would be easy to hook it up to the ark. And if you put a variable resister switch in line with the motor. Like thoes found on a verable speed dril. In order to fine tune it. It would be set it up like a clock. You may have to reduce the speed a little bit more. You can use old bicycle wheels of different size. And make a transmition. And it would run "Hand's off". You would just have to check it from time to time to make sure every thing running ok.

     1/9/07 up date; Things are not right. The set up is OK. But I know that the space between the hole in the flat mirror and the concave mirror has to be dark. It will have to be covered. I know that you have to have access to the concave mirror in order to coat it with new film every day. But you can't touch it. If you touch it. It will knock it out of adjustment. At night you have to have a way to make moisture form on the concave mirror. {Dew.} You need the same amount of moisture to form as when you breath on your glesses to clean them. Just enought to be wet. But not so much as to form droplets and run. There are several way that this can be done. and then when you build the way that the concave mirror is atached to the fram. It also has to be built in a way that would be safe to take it and put it in the same closed container where it will be keeped. You would first have to make the brace that the concave mirror is attached to work in how you have the container set up. The bracket would have to be an interchangeable part. It's imposable to get all right. Well at least It's going to take some fore thought. I know they made it dark on the inside of the tent. " Moses turned and went into the darkness." I know they placed a opaque cover over the ark. A skin of leather. But I also know that they had to take off the leather cover in order to coat the mirror with film. Then put the cover back on again. Touching the ark while doing so could keep the hologram from forming. If you could find a way to have access to the concave mirror with out every touching the equipment. You would probably have much better luck. If I can come up with some thing . I'll let you know.

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