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      NOW ON TO THE FIRST STEP TO DEVELOPING A PROOF. Develop a mental picture of how gravity works in nature. A mental picture in where there is logic and reasoning. In just such a way that you can apply math to it. I need to be truth full at this time. What is happening in the membrane of a atom. Is a vibrating string. To have a polarizing effect there has to be present more than one string. The same string in more that one place at a time. Many strings. A closed loop string will not produce a force. But a open string will. It act's like a point like object. Open strings are not physical sound. There not connected to the other open strings. Both types of strings are wrong. How do you fix this problem? Parallel worlds. If you could have the best of both worlds that the strings live in. Nature as played man for a fool again. In one world it is a closed string. In an other world. The string is a open string. One observer looking at the string would see a unbroken string. At at the same time an other observer would be looking at the same string. At the same time and only see open strings. Or fragmented strings. Open string. It's not two different strings the observer are looking at It's the same string. Two different aspects of the same string. Any way you go at it. The end results is. There is some thing that acting like a point like object. And it is moving in a curved path. It is producing centrifugal force. You want to use the mental Picture of a point like object on the end of a spinning string. Oh why not. Go a head. It's O.K. If you do it this way. More people will get it.

       If you put a weight on the end of a string and spin it around and around. The weight will produce a force. Centrifugal force. The weight is keep in it's circular path by the string. The string is acting as a inline lock. Because your hand has a hold of the string. In order to keep the weight in it's path the resistance that your hand is producing is equal to the force that the weight is producing. !00% force - 100% force = zero. The weight takes the same path that it took the last time it went around. No forward movement. The forces of the system is acting as a closed loop system. But if you release the string. The weight doesn't keep going in a circle. It takes the path of least resistance. Which is a straight line path. The sling shot effect. When you release the string the forces start acting like a open loop system. 100% force - zero = 100% force. Inertia. forward momentum. Directional mass.

      But if you tie a another weight on the other end of the string. Give it a spin and toss it straight up in to the air. The weights will go straight up and stop and then will come straight back down. Because both weights are in motion. They are both produce centrifugal force. They are both producing the same amount of centrifugal force. They are acting like a closed loop system. They will not move to one side or the other. But they are producing the same amount of centrifugal force in apposite direction. This means that we will have to give one of the weights a minus sign. 100% force - 100% force = zero net force. No forward movement. It is acting as if it is at rest.

       But if you related the same experiment. But this time when it is up in the air. One of the weight suddenly vanished. Lost it's ability to produce mass. Fell off. What every. If it has no mass then it can produce no centrifugal force. This end of the string would have to be given a minus zero. 100% force - zero force = 100% force. A net gain of force. The remaining weight would no longer go in a circle. But would now go in a straight line of flight. Directional mass forward movement. At first it would be acting like a closed loop system. No movement. But when one end of the string's mass vanishes. The weight start's acting like a open loop system. Movement.

       Here is one of the thing you have to know about. A atom is like a sphere. Sphere are inline locks. There is no straight line string connecting the other sides. The sphere is forming the inline lock. It produces centrifugal force on all sides. It produces the same amount of centrifugal force on all sides { The strings are producing the force when they vibrate. Due to the never ending interaction the is happen there.} But if the atom can produce more centrifugal force on one side than it does the other. The atom will move. It can't produce more centrifugal force on one side than it does the other. Because it can only produce the same amount of force on one side as it does the other. How is the atom every able to produce a imbalance of forces. And move. Because it can't produce more. You have to go the other way. If the atom produce less centrifugal force on one side than it does the other. It will move. If one side produces less. You will get the same effect as if one side is producing more force. What we are looking for is a imbalance of forces. Even though the atom is still producing the same amount of force. Because it is now producing less on one side. A imbalance is achieved. The open loop is activated. The atom moves. If it produces less on one side than the other . It is acting like a open loop system. 100%force - 80% force = a net gain of 20% of force. How does the atom do this. A hole. Holes have no mass. Their mass is equal to zero. If the hole is equal to 20% of the area of one half of the sphere, of the atom. Then it's mass producing ability will be decrease by 20%. Giving one half the ability to produce only 80% of it's total hole mass producing ability. What we are looking for hear is a imbalance of forces.

      Knowing that a inline lock can turn of the forces centrifugal force. A closed loop system. And knowing that If some thing happen with in the system that has the ability to turn of mass {a hole works great} It in turn can turn on mass in other parts of the system. In the atom. Some areas of the sphere is acting like a closed loop system while other parts of the system is acting like a open loop system. Both the closed and the open loop system have to be up and running at the same time in order for the atom to be able to make the strength to very like it does in nature. But this mental picture of how it works is wrong. In order to find out how it works in nature. We will have to explore some of the different shapes that open loop system can make. Like a tube. And how they all fit in with the true shape and dynamics of the atom. To do this we have to turn to the building blocks of nature. and find the open loops system in the building blocks of nature.

       This has every thing that a sphere has but it' shape is changed.

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