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       All we have to do is rip it up like cutting chicken up to fry. and put it all back together again. And build Einstein's two atom model of gravity. And explain how it works

       Just cut it in half and flip flop things around and put it back together.

      And do the same thing on the other end. And presto! We got it. The big dog. I knew that we could do this. Note that I have mad the spheres two toned for a reason. In nature. They come in half spheres. Two half's make a hole sphere. They never come in hole spheres. They only came in half's.

      When you are looking down the mouth of a free space negative lens. The tube of light that comes out of the middle of the disk. Looks like a sphere. But when you look at it from the side. You find that it's only a half sphere. For ten years I had the right answer right before my eyes. Day after, day after day. And I keep thinking to my self. " Why oh why does it only form a half sphere instead of a hole sphere". In order to be like a atom in nature. It had to form a hole sphere. ( note. See half shpere in lower right hand corner)

      Atom any one. Like those found in nature? They are hole sphere.

       But when I could see where the mouths of two wormhole came together. Like this . It all ways formed one hole sphere on the inside of the two mouths. How could this be? I know the light. Nature. Had to be right. Then one day it hit me. Two half make a hole .5 + .5 = 1 You don't have to be Einstein to figure something like this out. Why did it take me so long. Ten years. Ten years out of my life. Gone. Atoms only come in hole sphere.( Note. Look at black sphere in the middle of the two moths of the vortexs Two vortexes equal two half sphere. This is the way that they work in naure.) Atoms are composed of two half shperes. They function as two half's. The picture you are looking at was taken from nature. It has the geometry of the field energy of a positive lens. It is a positive lens. Atoms have the geometry of positive lens. Atoms funcion as positive lens.

       The two Half all ways form at a 90 degree angel to the observer. It's relative. The observer determines where the atom's two half will form. It does the same thing relative from one atom to the other. If this is true. What happens when there are more than two atoms in the universe? Each atom would have to have more than two half's. Impossible. That's not true. It is possible. We know that two atoms can't rest in the same space at the same time. But when a atom can form more than two half. All at the same time and still rest in the same space and still be the same atom. There is a word that we use. When some thing like this is happening. Parallel universes. Is There a way to prove this. Sure. Use more than one observer. And look at the same atom. You can color code the light. For each observer. And if you rotate the atom like I'm doing the light. If you used two colored light for each observer. Each observer's atom would be colored coded {two toned} from the other observer. But still be the same atom. This phenomenon Would have to be taking place in order for the atom to produce a force. in all the right direction all at the same time. Atoms all ways produce a force in the direction of all other atoms. all at the same time. How many half's can a atom make all at the same time? Take the number of all the atoms in the universe. And multiply by two. The atom would have that many half's. Not two more. Not two less. That is a lot Lot lot of half's

      Because, this is the way they are in nature and if you look at them as being two half instead of one hole You can figure out how they work. The dynamic of the system. The dynamics of the forces of the mass with in the system. Gravity.

       This is a dynamic system unto it's self. It works as a unit independently from all other system found in the set up of the two atom model of gravity. Each system act independently from all other units. They are as if in a world all by their self. As if in a parallel world. The building blocks of gravity. The picture you see above. Is all that you would have to prove that it is real. Prove that one half of a free space negative lens is real. Real like they are in nature. And you could use the physical proof and the mathematical proof and solve Einstein's G.U.T. Why? A free space negative lens comes in two half's. One half of the lens is a mirror world of it's self's other half. You don't need to prove both half's are real, because both half's are identical. What you see above you is all that would be needed to be proven.

       What are the odds of man producing a physical proof that one of these things exist. Naturally in nature? Very good. If you can fins out what is going on at one end and you can find out what is happening at the other. Two ends make a hole. Man's odds are purity good. Look at the picture. What do you think?

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