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       You have to cut up the two atom model up into 1/4. Like this. In order for the two atom to act like the way that they do in nature. Each atom would have to produce a force when it is accelerated. We call this force mass. The force that is produced that resistance being accelerated. There would have to be something like curved space and it would have to also be two independ closed loop system for each atom. But the closed loop system would have to actor perform like a open loop system. In order for each atom to do this . There would have to be an interaction of the particles Electrons have mass and photons are mass less. But also each atom would have to be able to produce a force that would cause each atom to move in the direction of the other. There would have to be four independent open loops systems in order for the two atom model to work right. There would have to be four 1/2 bubbles. The bubbles would have to be composed of the electrons. Particles that have mass. It would have to have four tubes composed of photons. mass less particles. But each tube would have to have a half sphere on one end and a hole at the other end. Why a hole? all four forces have to have a way to make the strength of the force very. But there would also have to be four tubes in order for it to have four holes. Count them. Do the math. It doesn't add up. There has to be four holes at the end of four tube. In order to have four open loop system. But there is only three holes. Each atom is using the same hole in the middle tube. It is very important to know this. For this reason . If both atoms are using the same hole that regulates the strength of the forces of gravity. This means that both atoms will produce the same amount of force. In turn . because each atom is producing the same amount of force { gravity} they will accelerate toward each other at the same rate of speed. This means that each atom will produce the same amount of mass as the other atom will. But when they come together. Because both atoms are producing the same amount of force. the force that each atom is producing gets counseled out. The two atoms start acting like one point like object. Look how many atoms the earth has. And at the same time it acts like a point like object.

       Each half of the atom is producing 100% of the force that it is capable of producing . It's system is running wide open. Like this No NO NO. Not like this. But

       Like this. The hole in the tube is as big as the half sphere. Running wide open full bore.

       The sad news is that when you put the two half together like in nature. The two half act like a closed loop system all forces are counseled out. You end up with zero effect. But this is good news because this is what we want. So how do you get an effect?

       You guasted it. Einstein's Laws of contraction. The tube between the two atoms becomes streached. which in turn causes the hole in the tube to go from a large hole to a smaller hole. Now when I say "streached." What I really mean is that it "srinks." The closer the two atoms move toward eacher other the smaller the one hole in the one tube between the two atoms get's. The information in a freespace negative lens very's inversaly to the squear of the distance. Clock's time very inversley to the squear of the distance. The streingth of the force verys inverslay to the squire of the distance. And last but not least. The hole in the tube that rest in between the to atoms. Changes's it's shape inversley to the squire to the distance between the atoms. Ding. Ding Ding. I belive we have a winner. So At last, at long last! We Find that Feynman's force of gravity that Grows stronger, expodintional. Becomes united with Einstein's force of gravity that very's inversley to squear of the distance. Which there is this one on one relation ship with who atomic clocks slow down In two different way {1}how much mass each object has and {2}the distance between the two objects.

       The one hole in the tube between the two atoms gets smaller In turn it prevents the half sphere to produce less centrifugal force. It causes the sphere on the back side of both atom to produce less force. And because the two half sphere that are facing each other atom is still producing 100% force. the atoms are acting like open loop system should. They now have the ability to move toward each other.

      Now we have the atom up and running like they should. But Not for long. Now the atoms accelerating towards each other. This mean's they are curving space this mean the Einstein's laws of contractions is going to kick in and the two out side holes in the out side tubes are going to stretch and shrink. And produce mass. This is good . This how it's suppose to work.

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