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       But if you start to work with the building blocks of gravity and make more complex model of gravity. It works great The space between each atom is a two way street . Space is curves in two direction at the same time. Each atom has the ability to produce a force in two direction at the same time Mass is pitted against gravity. Like it should be in Nature fore to do what it does. And all goes well.

       Hear is a little thought experiment that you can do that tell you the theory is right every time. The answer we are looking for is Zero. Another way of saying this to say "The positive energy of a star is equal to the negative energy of it's gravitational field. If you add the two together they equal ZERO." EINSTEINE. Have you every seen that picture of Einstein standing in the middle of the street and he doesn't have any shoes on? I like to think of it as the picture that proves that Einstein had feet below his nee's. This is what this is all about. Because the hole in the tube between the two atoms is used by both atoms. They both produce the same amount of force. If both cane together They would counsel out each other 's forces. Ounce they meet. The forces don't stop. they off set each other. The net effect is zero at rest. And it will work the same no matter how many atom you use. If you could take the moon over to the earth. and set it down on a very large scale on the earth. And looked at how much it weighted. And then you took the scales on put the on the moon . Then put the earth on the scales You would find the moon weights just as much as it does on the earth as does the earth on the moon. The forces counsel out and both objects start acting as one point instead of two point like object. Both objects are at rest.

      Hare is why. Because every atom in the universe is attracted toward every other atom in the universe with a force that is directly in proportionate with the mass of each. This means that if the earth had three atoms and the moon only had two Each atom would have to have tube that connected it to all of the other atoms. Now when a atom has more than two half's. and has more then one gravitational field. What we call this is parallel universe. If you add up the gravitational fields that the earth has. the add the number that the moon has . you will find out that they both have the same number of tubes. Because they producing forces in opposed direction One has to be given a minus sign. 6-6=0 This means that the gravity produce between the earth and the moon ,mar, the sun. strength of the force would be different. But when you add the two forces together they add up to zero. The hole positive energy of the mass of the universe is equal to is negative gravitational field.

       If the moon and the earth were travailing through space at the same speed And the were travailing on parallel path And the both was leaving a smoke trail behind them Then they started to fall towards each other. Sooner or late , They will meet up with each other When each come to rest. If the earth on the left is producing more force than the moon. It would move off to the right. But if the moon is professing more force . then they both will move off on across to the left. But if they are both producing the same amount of force. They will not go off to the right or left. But will go in a straight line of flight. Is This true. Yes. Look how many atom the earth is composed of and in free space it goes in a straight ling. It is point like. An object regardless of how many atom it has . ounce set in motion will travel a straight line unless acted upon by an out side force. The earth is at rest. But at the same time. there are other forces acting on the earth. It never goes in a straight line.

    Objects in orbit.when an object is in orbit. Like the moon. There are other force at work. The object that Ive been talking about up till now have all been objects at rest. This means that they will fall toward each other . Because there is nothing there to prevent it. But the moon is not at rest. It moveing at a high rate of speed. Gravity is pitted against centrifical force. Because of this third factor the rate of speed. The faster it go the more centrifugal force it produce. The more centrifugal force it produces the further a way from the earth it will go. The slower it go's. The less centrifugal force it produces. the closer to the earth it will move. But when the moon is producing the same amount of centrifugal force. AS it does the forces of gravity. It will not go any closer or further from the earth. The total of the force are Zero.

     Every atom is in the center of it's universe. What i mean by this. I this one atom is connected to every other atom by a tube I's gravitational field. But so is all the other atoms. They to are at the center of their universe. When a atom can produce a gravitational field in more than one direction at the same time. What allows this is called parallel universes But in order for gravity to work the tow half sphere that make up the atom. would have to be cut in half. In different half. relative to every other atom in the universe. It's not two atom resting in the same space at the same time. {we have already tried this . It didn't work} But when the some atom can form more than two half all at the some time . The phenomena that is happening is called parallel universes. Each two half of the many half that it can form . How many half's can't one atom form ? count the number of atoms in the universe. and multiply by 2. Many . Not two more not two less. But twice the number of atoms in the universe. Many. So to compute gravity. This means that you have to compote the strength of the force between every atom in the universe. But gravity is compound and complex. The strength of the forces grows by steps Or in spepe. Relative to how many atoms each object has and who many electron each atom has most atoms have more then one atom. And the strength of the force also very inverse to the distance. There is two parts to gravity. the strength grows in step relative to the mass of each object,and the strength very's inverse to the squire of the distance. and it is compound. Gravity is pitted against the other forces of mass .It resist acceleration. And it id pitted against centrifugal force again mass. And then there is enersure. Atoms at rest.

     Einstein said that "If a universe formed and it had only had one atom in it. Then there could be no such thing as gravity. But if a universe formed and it had two atoms in it. Then there could be something in nature like gravity." That is not a true statement.

    What he shoud have said is this " If a universe formed and it had only had one atom in it. Then there could be no such thing in nature as gravity. Why???? It doesn't have a gravitational field. This is true.

    If a universe formed and it had only two atoms in it ,then there would be no such thing in nature as gravuty." Why???? It doesn't have a gravitational field. This is also true

    But if this is true. Then what Einstein should have said is this "If a universe formed and it had two atoms in it and if it also had a gravitational field, that formed between the two atoms, Then there could be some thing in nature like gravity. "

     Einstein never told any body what model of gravity he was using in his Grand Unity Theory. For fifty years now people have been looking for Einstein's long lost theory of gravity.

     Einstine' "Two Atom model of the Universe. His two atom model of gravity. Is the same model of gravity that he was using in his' " Grand Unity Theory" Einstine's "To Atom model of Gravity" is Einstein's long lost theory of gravity.

     Let me say it one more time just in case anyone wasn't lessening the first time. Einstein's' "Two Atom Model of Gravity " is "Grand Unity Theory".

     Einstein's Two Atom Model of the Universe. His "Two Atom Model of Gravity" is how gravity works in nature. The two atom model of gravity is the building blocks of gravity. All gravity works the same way. It is the only way it works. This means that there can be only one way to solve gravity. There can be only one way to develop a physical proof of gravity. And there is only one way to develop a mathematical proof to gravity. And this means that there is only one way to do it, That is model your mathematical proof after your physical proof taken directly from nature. Do it the same way that it happening in nature. Man needs to stop dictating to nature what the laws of gravity are, and let nature dictate to man what the laws of gravity are. Direct observation of nature. Nature is like a shameless hussy. She is will bar all to any man that will dares to look.

    8/26/06 update new maps and thoughts Why man can't picture gravity and how we are going to prove that gravity is just as real as any thing else. Start connecting the dots. The interaction of particles. Every known thing in the universe can be tracked back to the interaction of particles. The Wheeler- Feynman y- diagrams, Murray Gell-Mann's the higher dimensional y-diagrams as tubes. Ed Witten's famous pair of paints. The building blocks of nature. They can be connected together to form a chain of interactions. By studying the electron found in the atom. We know that the electron is a closed loop periodical system (cycle}. The electron is going through one of these chain interactions. The interaction is taking place on the back side of the atom. But the same chain of interactions that is taking place in the atom is also the same chain of interaction that is taking place in free space negative lens. You have to use 1/2 of the lens of the lens to get the interaction to match. This means that the Ed's paints. The building blocks of nature. Are equal to natures 1/2 negative lens. Nature's building blocks of nature. If you connect the paints together you can map out the interactions of two atoms. The same is true with natures y-strings. The only thing that has changed is the shape. The trick to knowing what gravity is,,,,is knowing the right shape of the atom.

    Einstein missed, Wheeler missed it. Feynman missed it. Witten missed it and Kaku missed it. They don't know about open loop system. And I do. Why? They don't teach you about open loop system in school. Why? There is no such thing as a open loop system. In nature every thing is a closed loop system. But because the electron is a glue ball. There are two different aspects of the same thing. Electrons have mass. Photons are mass less. Due to the interaction that is taking place. In some places there is a electron. Then there is an interaction that takes place . An now it is a photon. In order for a closed loop system to produce a force due to it's mass. The electron would have to have a way to loose it's mass. Interaction, any one? But that's not the only way that the electron can lose it's mass. A hole would work just as well. But in order for gravity to work. The electron would have to have the ability to tunnel. Electrons can't tunnel. Photons can tunnel. Got to have that all important interaction. No interaction = no gravity. Do we know any thing about the interaction of particles? Well. Yes. We do. This means that if the interaction of particles are real. Then gravity is just as real. A closed loop system that perform like a open loop system. Right shape + interaction + tunneling + hole = Gravity. Gravity has to be a viverating string. A point like object can't produce a force that is smooth as silk. There is no hole in point. Point like objects can't tunnel. Point like objects can't Change their past history. The two atome are united by their shape One shape of a negative lens. It looks like one greater hole. But preformes as two different half's. Two different aspicts of a greater hole. It's like Wheeler says It's not an interaction it is a hand shake. And how the two half's of the gravitational field are able to function as one. Dance. Is that they are united by way of their shape. Two different shapes function like one shape. Nature get's to have it both ways. Some how different but at the same time, all the same. " It is as One. " Einstein. When Einstein say it. It don't mean beans. But when nature say's it . It sticks to the wall.

     There is one other thing I think you should know about. Gravity can't be a point like object . It has to be a string. Why? Point like objects can't form a hole. Strings expressing their self's like membranes can. All membranes are multiverse. They are composed of tubes. The same tube in two places at the same time. The same tube in many places at the same time. All tubes are composed of membranes. membranes are multiverses. All Tubes are multiverses. There is no such thing as a string. Their all tubes. Big ones, Small one. All The same. String, atoms, Wormholes. Are all multiverses.

     There's this other thing I need to say some thing about. Gyros. Many have tried to produce a force by using gyros. Being the fool that I'm. Back when I was 14 years old. I tried to produce a force by using centrifugal force like that produced by gyro's. What I found out is that. It can't be done. Tried every thing. But when I was younger. I wouldn't take no for an answer. But finding out why it can't be done also told me what would have to take place in order to be able make a system that can produce a force from mass. But now that I'm much older and wiser. I find out that it can be done. Atoms can't do the things that would have to happen in order to produce a force due to ti's mass. But particles can. It's not point like objects. It's string. Vibrating string. A spinning disk can't be used to produce a force as a open loop system can. But if you take a gyro that is smeared out over space and time. Like a spring ,or a coil or a slinky The toy. If it is in a straight line, and you spin it. It will perform the same as a gyro will. But if it takes the form of a ark or 1/2 loop. Something really weird happen when you spin the coil. It produces a force due to it's mass. Why? It's turning. Play with a gyro and see what it does when you try to turn it. Try to move it in ti's bilateral axles. You get this force. And when you take a disk gyro and try to swing it around in a circle. It produces a force. A coil will produce a force if it is in the shape of a ark. and is spinning. Even though the coil is not being moved around in a circle. I acts like as if it is move in a circle. The coil is rotating but not moving in a circle. Which brings us to this. Curved vibrating string are like curved higher dimensional gyros. and Atoms are round shaped. And it's still Monday. And every thing is all right. Higher dimensional gyro do what they do. And strings do what they do. The tubes that make up the membrane of the atom are curved. Atoms come in hole sphere. But perform like 1/2 spheres. They are like two different 1/2 loops. One pitted against the other. Or coil gyro in 1/2 loop. A open loop system. Atom have the ability to forme a solid state. The same centrifugal force that makes atom solid. Is the same centrifugal force that makes them move. All is needed is for nature to use the hole in the other end of the tube. And produce an imbalance and the little atom will move. Or produce a force due to it's mass. Gravity. So we all ready have all the pieces of the puzel. We have the math. We're just not useing it in the right way. I can see no part of the atom that can't be proven in the lab. 9/18/06 Now I got to write a page or two on the lab. I have about ten different experimentson up and running on the drawing board. That other people have used that work great. This time I'm throughing the book at gravity. I'm not very good at soveing problims or writeing papers. But in the lab I can walk like a ACE. Think God I'm good at some thing.

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