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 The hardest part to solving the mystery of gravity is getting the math right. Which we have already done. So we can mark that part of solving the mystery of gravity up as a free bee. String Field Theory. The math of vibrating strings. We have the math but we don't know how to use a vibrating string in just the right way to produce a force like gravity. Some thing really wonderful happens when you go to produce the physical evidence of gravity. You not only establish the physical evidence. But at the very same time nature is telling you how to use a vibrating string in just the right way to get the math to work. Two for the price of one. Marc Millis did say that he wanted it cheep. In order to make it easier on everybody . I'm going to tell you what it is that we are trying to find. A open loop system based on the mass of a vibrating string. Never heard of such a thing? Why is that? They don't teach you about open loop systems based on mass down there at the school. There is no such stinking thing as a open loop system based on mass. It makes a lot of sense when you think about. I know what they teach you. For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction. The concretive laws of nature can not be broken. There is a price to be payed for every thing. There are no free lunch. Am I right? As a rule. When people are trying to make their case about gravity. They only tell you about the facts that support their think. What they leave out are the facts that don't support their theory. Facts. Physical evidence that state that their logic is some how wrong. That what they are saying can never be right. But when you bring in the other physical evidence that they some how managed to leave out of their argument. Every thing comes together and gravity starts working like a champ. I thought about ways to try and get a system based on mass to produce a force back when I was fourteen years old. I was young and foolish. Everything that my teachers had told me was true. You can't violate the laws of nature. It just can't be done. I found out why it can't be done. But at the same time I also found out what would have to happen in order for it to work. Looking at the problem from two different point of views. You would have to find a way to get an objects to turn off their mass. To loss their mass. Or stop producing mass. But now that I'm much older and wiser. I can look back on my foolish ways when I was younger. I found out that I was wrong. Their is a way to turn off mass. There is two ways that mass can be turned off. And that there are more that one way to produce mass. There is only one way for an object to produce. That is to accelerated it. But their are several ways in which a object can be accelerated. A straight line acceleration. Mass. Accelerated In a curved path. Centrifugal force. And their is more than one circle path. If you paint a dot on a vibrating string The dot will make a circle. The shape of the object also plays a roll in how mass works. A point like object will perform differently from an object that is spread out like a string. A spinning loop. Will produce mass differently than a point like object traveling in a circle. A vibrating string in the form of a loop will produce mass. Centrifugal force. The same as a spinning loop will produce centrifugal force. But just how this centrifugal forces comes about is done differently.

We know that the electron in a chain reaction can turn into a photon. Electron's have mass. Photon's are mass less. A way that nature can turn off mass. So that part of the gravity is a free bee. And we know that free space negative lens are hollow on the inside. The other way that nature can turn off mass. One more free bee that we don't have to think about. We know that the photon has to have the ability to tunnel. Free bee. That strings can express their self as parallel universes. Free bee. That strings can change their past history. Free bee.

What we do have to prove. Is that strings are real. That they vibrate. We have to prove what is the right topographical shape of the atom is. That atoms are composed of two half's. That the tube part of the atom is a photon. And not an electron. So There's really not that much left to prove. When you think about. I have an experiment that can prove that vibrating strings are real. And I have an experiment that can prove what the shape of the atom is. A I have an experiment that can prove that atoms may look like a hole sphere but function as two half's. Ounce you have the physical evidence you can show how a atom can not only produce a force due to it's mass. But also show how that force is able to very.

We don't need to prove all of the two atom model of gravity. All we need to prove is 1/4 of the two atom model of gravity. And after we prove that what is happening in nature is not a point like object. Like a particle. But a vibrating string. The only part of the 1/4 of the model is that the tube is a photon. That the disk is there. And that it has the ability to change it's shape. Change it's history. We are that close to solving Einstein's G.U. T.

There are a lot of experiments that we can do to prove That a free space negative lens is making the right shape, or shapes. Or shape shifting. Changing it's shape. But these experiments don't tell you what particle the membrane is expressing it's as in what part of the membrane. I know that we can use a particle detector to map out a positive lens. But the only place that I can find where a positive lens changes it's shape to a negative lens. Is in a whirlpool found in water. Kaku In his book "Parallel Worlds" said that what we need to find is wormhole that forms in slow motion. We probably want find some thing like that. But a whirlpool in water forms in slow motion. The good thing about a whirlpool in water is that fact that you can place a particle detector there and not only map out the shape of the negative lens The inside tube. The out side tube. But the disk with the hole in the middle that the inside tube is attached to , on the inside. And the out side of the disk that the out side tube attaches to. Finding out what is happening between point {A} and point {B}In a free space negative Lens would be like finding out about the imposable. The unthinkable. Finding out about all there is to know about free space negative lens would be like finding out about all the things in nature we would have to know about in order to solve the mystery of gravity. But a half of a negative lens may not perform like a hole negative lens. May be? Can this be fixed? Sure. If you put a glass bottom in your pool of water. And if the glass is a thick peace of glass. On the top it can be flat. One sided surface. And on the bottom side of the glass you could make it a curved mirror. This will allow the light to pass through the glass and hit the concave mirror and form a hole free space negative lens. And in this way you will be testing a hole free space negative lens. And like all good little free space negative perform like all other good little free space negative lens should and they do. This means that there is nothing that man can't find out about free space negative lens. And at the same time you will find out about tubes { the so called strings.} The true shape of the atom. About the gravitational fields. And at last, at long last, Wormholes. Three for the price of one. And it's a simple and cheep one too. How hard could it be to get a whirlpool to form in water? Not very hard. Just how much does it cost to get a whirlpool to form in water? Not very much. Marc Millis did say that he wanted it cheep. I'm dub this experiment. " The Whirlpool Experiment." I will not be the one that is going to do this experiment. We need to find some one else to do it. Got any suggestion. Kaku has been waiting his hole life For some one to develop this evidence. I think Kaku has waited long enough. I think some one should get on this one. Right away. Now!!!

There are a few more experiments that we can do. That I need to talk about that are going to help. The eye ball experiment. An experiment that Uses a resonator to prove that the polarize effect of strings is what caused the fringe pattern to form in light and prove that the fringe pattern has a lot to do with particles In very small tube. How to use a popularized screen in the experiments. The experiment using transit holograms to map out the shape of negative lens. Develop the proof of strings.

    The membranes are composed of a sub-structure to them. They are made of yet smaller [string ] tubes. I have believed that the membranes of the tubes were composed of smaller tubes due to the fringe pattern on the membranes thought that what was being illuminated in the sheets of light was the membrane. This is not true. What is being illuminated is the smaller tube that the membranes are made of. The human eye is a resonator. You can see the costic sheets of light when they form on the inside of the eye ball. When light goes through the liquid of your eye that is on your eye lid. The light will form long lines that seem to come out of the top of the light that you are looking at. Glare. They look like string or tubes. But their not. This is a fringe pattern. Fringe lines have wiggly edges to them. But off to the left and right, you can see some other membranes of light. This is caused by the light that is diffract ed by your eye lashes. They form membranes that do not have a fringe pattern in them The tubes run parallel to each other. But One night when I was diffractions pattern. My eyes started to mat up The irregular of the mat caused a lens action. A negative lens. And when the light from the diffract ed light from my e3ye lashes pasted through the mat. The parallel line that the parallel tubes were making crossed path. It allowed me to see the individual tube that the membranes are made of. They come out and curved back { a 180} and went back to the focal point from which they came. It looked like a egg beater. A whisk. When they come out and made the curve ,I could see the individuals tubes. and expressed no singes of a fringe pattern. But if you looked at where the all came back to a point There appears of membrane that had a fringe pattern in it. This means that the fringe pattern that we have been seeing for all these years is not due to the constructive and destructive patterns of waves. But the polarizing effect of diffractions light of the tubes the membranes are composed of. The wave function of the universe is really due to tubes. (strings)

    Now back to the experiment. What I have found out is when water forms turbulence some times it will form a vortex. If there is a light over head like sun light. The light that passes through the water will form a positive lens. But this positive lens will shape shift and form a tube in the middle the same thing it does when two positive lens meet in the middle of a negative lens a Vortex with in a vortex. The tattle tall sing of the black dot is there. When a positive lens forms a point. A point of light forms. When a positive lens forms a tube with in the tube. or a 1/2 vortex with in the membranes of the positive lens It forms a very large black dot. There is your difference. Now when a negative lens forms You can't find out what is happen 1/2 in the negative lens because it is relative When you are at the 1/2 mark the light performs like a positive lens. It is only when you are at the other end does the light form a negative lens. It's relative. You can't use a particle detector to prove that the interaction is taking place. You can prove what is happening with a particle detected in the positive lens. What is good to know about the positive lens that is forms by vortex in water. Is the positive lens performs like 1/2 of a negative lens. This means that if you put a one membrane slitter in the bottom of the tank so the light will shine through the bottom of the tank. And below that you place a parabolic mirror. A concave curved mirror. The positive lens will then perform like it does when it form in a negative lens. Why do all of this? Why? You can not use a particles detector to prove what is happening at the 1/2 way mark in a real free space negative lens. But if you can find a way to get a positive lens to perform the same way it does in a real free space negatives lens. You can use a particles detector to map out the geometrical shapes that it makes. You can prove that it goes through the different shapes that it makes in the life cycle. You can prove that there is an inter action taking place with the particles. And what particles are being produce. And align it with spin theory. and where it is taking place. Because the shape shifting is taking place in a slow timely faction You can use a particles detector to map out what shape it is making. How much mass it has Etc. Etc. With this experiment There is nothing that is happening in the negative lens that you can't prove with a particles detector and very accurate clocks. Verifiable by know scientific means. The right shape of the building blocks of nature.

     Use polorized screen with holographic film. to prove that strings are really there and they can be turned on and off.

    use the above info to prove that when you test very small strings. And use polorizes screen to turne on and off the strins ability to form fringes (or form packets....or form particles.}

    UP DATE 2/24/07 There is a simple and cheep test that you can do that will effect gravity. A fast spinning superconducting disk will effect gravity. Elements that be come superconducting are said to be space shielding. The spores of shower mold or mill due. ( get it any where for free.) Are also space shielding. If you coat a round disk with a thick growth of mill due. And spin it real fast You will get the same effect that you do with the superconducting elements. No one has ever done a comparison test to see if it's the space shielding effect of superconducting disk that is effecting on gravity. This is what they call a cross comparison text. A simple " Go ",or " No" experiment. Either it works or it don't. The biggest bang for the buck. Why we have never done this experiment before now. I'll never know. The wealth of info that can come out of this experiment. I can see no reason not to do it. I'm gearing-up to do the experiment for my self. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

    It's not the light that it stops. It's the light that it doesn't stop. The light that goes past the space shielding spores. By the edge. It makes the light that has mass, curve. Space. Diffract light. Curved space. Say. It's that the same thing that happen to light when you make a hologram? Sure it is. A hologram? A hologram of what? A negative lens. The same thing that Dr Kock was doing. And it's the same thing that every body else did. That's how they got the worm hole to form. It tells me that it's the space shielding that is effecting gravity. It's not science but it fun. You can't do any thing with it because it doesn't effect gravity to the point you could use it. This is why I'm going to try to get the wormhole to form on my web page. This experiment can be done for around ten dollar. It can produce this gravitational effect. A real gravitational manipulating device. It really effects gravity. But you probable already know about other experiments like this one that work just as well. Even the Big Dogs agree. That they have an effect on gravity. But this experiment is different. It not only effect's gravity. But it can also tell you what is happening in nature that allow it to effect gravity. What is happening to the gravitational field energy that allow nature to turn off gravity. If you do this experiment at home. And you can see what the field energy of the gravitational field is doing. There is a way that you can see gravity with your very own two eyes. Well not all of it. Just a little bit of it. But that's all you need to see. You should be able to see the black empty space of the high speed switch. That form on the inside of a wormhole. It only reduces gravity by .02 per cent here on earth. But it is a real reduction in gravity.

    But, if you can be made to see. Why this experiment works. Then it becomes much easier for every body else to see why the other experiment that I have on my home page can produce a 100 per cent + reduction of gravity. How many of you know that the strength of gravity here on earth is, way less than .000000001 of one per cent of what Gravity is capable of producing. The trick is not getting it to produce a force that is strong enough for man to use. The trick is being able to make gravity weak enough is that man can use it. I've been thinking about this problem.

    So. What is this new experiment? It not a new experiment. It's really an old experiment. One that man is already doing. One that works. Thank God. It's just that it is done in a little bit different way. A much cheaper way of doing the same old experiment. Only cheaper and simpler. Because of this. Everybody wants to find out how to manipulate gravity can do it at home for their self's. And for their own amusement. Just some thing to play around with. The new toy for big boys. Nothing big , fast or fancy. Just manipulate gravity a little bit. Isn't that what we all want to do in the first place. Isn't this what we are here for.

    We know scientist are using fast spinning superconducting disk that are able to get a 1.5 to a 2.0 reduction in the strength of the force of gravity here on earth. That's not very much. But it is enough to get an effect that and be detected easily. This means that you could detect the same effect at home using crude instruments. Home made. Cheap. But this superconducting experiment is to expensive for the average person. There is a cheaper way to do the same experiment. We already know that superconducting elements are space shielding. We also know that spores produce by mold are also space shielding. Spores that are produce by mold are dirt cheap. And they can be had for free. The purpose of this experiment is to do a cross experiment using spores instead of superconducting elements. If in deed. It is the space shielding effect of superconducting elements that making the experiment work. With the use of spore in the same experiment will net the same results. All you need is an electric motor with a disk attached to the shaft. Glue some cloth to the top of the disk. Grow a thick growth of mold on it. Spray paint the mold so that the spores don't fly off. If you get a long, thin piano wire ( spring steel )from the hobby shop. And tie a little rock ( rocks are dirt cheap )on the end of a thread. Attach the other end of the thread to the end of the long thin piano wire. ( should look a lot like a fishing pole. Go fishing for gravity? We should have though of this one years ago.)Hang the rock over the disk. Check where the rock weight's in at before you turn on the electric motor. ( the spring steel wire can be used as a cheap scale to weigh the rock.) Then turn on the motor and check to see if there is a rise in the rock. If the rock rises up and down with the turning on and off of the motor. It's working.

     There is no up in space. If you turn the experiment on it side. It should work just as well. If you take a long thin stick and glue a small rock at each end. Tie a thread in the middle of the stick. Hang the stick to where one of the weight's (rock) rest in the sweet spot of the spinning disk. If it's producing an effect. It will move. You should get an effect.

     We already know that fast spinning space shielding superconducting disk will effect gravity. The spore disk works just as well. What we don't know is "Why is it effecting gravity?" It's all way's, Not how, But why. There are some things that you can do with a spore disk that you can't do with a superconducting disk. If you modify the equipment in the experiment a little. Nature will tell us why gravity is being effect. I already know what is happening. Because, I know what is happening in nature. Even before I do the experiment. If I know what to look for and how to make it visible to the human eye. Make it so that you can detect it with a particle detector.

    Because I've been playing around with resonators for some time now and doing all kinds of experiments with then. Using a resonator, so that I can see what the light is doing. I have a few trick up my sleave. Tricks of the trade.

    What I believe is happening in the experiment is the spinning disk is effecting the field energy of gravity that rest between the rock and the earth. That last statement is a no brainer. Then the question becomes how is it effecting the rock. What on earth could the field energy possibly be doing, that would be turning off the effects of gravity. And make's the rock weigh less? That last statement is also a no brainer. For this fact. The only thing know to man that can turn off gravity. Is a gravitational high speed switch. Made out of space. Space is the light that rest between objects that has mass. A wormhole. But what is happening in this experiment is not a complete wormhole. It's only a half of a wormhole. It's what wormholes are made of, Two half's. Wormholes are composed of two half's. The question then becomes can a half of a wormhole. A open ended positive lens effect gravity. Sure. Are open ended positive lens's real in nature? Sure. ( Of course, I'm just making this all up as I go a long. Why do you ask? This is the way it works. This is the way it's all ways been done. You want find any thing about any stinking open ended positive lens's in any text book. Here are the rules. If they are real in nature. I get to say it. I got pictures. So there.) We are using a spinning disk that is space shielding. When the disk is not spinning. The field energy that is made of mass. Space. Will form the shape of a positive lens. Will a positive lens produce an effect? No. But when the disk is spinning. You get an effect on gravity. So, what's the difference?

     A wormhole starts out as two positive lens's. When the two positive lens's meet. The point of the lens touch. The point turns to a flat disk. Out of the center of the disk grows a small tube, that turns into a larger tube. A tube with in a tube. On the inside of the second tube forms a black empty space. This black empty space acts like a high speed switch. And is able to turn off the gravitational field. The wormhole looks like a one piece wormhole. But it works as two half's. Then the question becomes. Can a single positive lens do the same thing that it does when it form's a hole wormhole composed of two positive lens half's? As it does when there is only one positive lens present? A open ended positive lens. ( There's no such thing found in nature. All positive lens's form a point. They don't form a hole where the focal point is supposed to be. Well,there is now. )The answer is YES it can. Is this what is happening in nature when the disk is spinning? Sure. Can this be proven? Sure. Only if you can see the membrane of the lens. Sure. Only if you can detect or map out the shape of the open ended positive lens with a particle detector. You can map out the shape of a positive lens with a focal point. Sure. The same thing can be done with a open ended positive lens. No problem. But knowing this takes care of this other problem that we have. You can not detect the hole that forms in the middle of a free space negative lens. A real wormhole. I have pictures of what is happening in nature. So,I know this is what's happening in nature. I also know that man can't verify it with a particle detector. Nature will not allow man to do this. So how is this going to help. If you know that a free space negative lens in nature are composed of two half's and both half's are identically the same as to one, as the other. All that is required of man is to verify one open ended positive lens in order to get both half's. Why? The first half is the same as the second half. What I mean is. Go do the math, man. Two half's equal a hole. So that's the difference here. When the disk is not spinning. It forms a positive lens. It forms a point. When the disk is spinning. The positive lens shape shift's and changes to the shape of something else. A open ended positive lens. Or or you could say one half of a negative lens. It is this part of the negative lens that is missing from the text books of science. It's this part of the negative lens that Ed Witten needs to prove that his tube with in a tube is real. It's this little part of nature that Ed Witten needs to prove that his building blocks of nature are real. Prove that the building blocks of nature are real and then you can prove that gravity is real. A Quantum Theory of Gravity.

    Can you see the focal point of the positive lens shape shift. And change from a point into a tube. A positive lens with a tube on the inside of it. An open ended positive lens. Sure. Can you see the empty black space? Sure. The only thing is when you are looking at the black empty space is. Your not seeing any thing. Your seeing the absents of some thing. You are seeing nothing. That's why it's black. It has no mass. There is nothing there. No mass. No particle. No tube. No gravitational field. No gravity. It that simple. Gravity gets turn off for any atom that goes there.

    So, how are you proposing that we go by the way side and see the marvelous sight for our self? I have been using a resonator placed around the edges of a disk to study the membranes of light that is able to form a positive lens's. With most positive lens's the light goes on through the focal point and forms a round membrane on the other side. If there are two positive lens's present. Point to point. It will form a negative.

    But once in a blue moon. I will find a positive lens. In which there is only one positive lens present. That will do the same thing it does when there are two positive lenses present. Form a open ended positive lens. If this turns out to be the case here. With the spinning space shielding disks. We have our cause of the effect. Cause an effect. Get it? Cause an effect.

    If you build a resonator around the edge of the space shielding disk. And take sun light and two mirror. And make the sun light come from the direction of the earth. From the bottom up wards. Let the sun light ( sunlight has particles in it that have mass. Electrons and radon. and also photons that don't have mass. ) past by the edges of the disk.

     Through the resonators on the edges of the disk. So that it will form the focal point of a positive lens.

     If you use smoke or dust or a fogged screen of clear plastic. You can see the shape of the positive lens. You can use the fogged screen in many different ways. You can use the screen to cross-cut the lens vertical or horizontal. You can spin the screen and get a 3d shape to form. It can also be detected with a particle detector. Then turn on the motor and spin the disk. You will be able to see the positive lens shape shift. If you use a small led light and place it to the side of the lens and let the light shine through the lens and hit a near by wall. You will be able to see the shape of the lens as a shadow. The same way you can see the shadow of heat waves coming off some thing that is hot. You can see the black empty space found there. But because we are playing around with space. If you take a neon light and place it next to the open ended end of the positive lens. A black dot will form on the neon light. Evidence of the presents of the empty black space of the high speed switch. You can place it up to a t.v. screen ( the old tube type.) ( Make sure that it's an old one. One that you were going to through a way any ways. ) and again the black dot will appear. If the space that the spinning disk is effecting is still forming a positive lens that has a focal point. There will be no stinking black dot, nor any effect on gravity.

    But,If it does have any effect on gravity. This is nothing more than a big fat finger pointing to the direction in which man needs to go. Follow the dots. Follow your nose. Follow the yellow brick road.

    But what else could be had out of this experiment, is the fact it can form a stand a lone open ended positive lens. What you would have to know about in order to develop the physical proof of Ed Wittens "building blocks of nature." Because the open ended positive lens id real. It could be mapped with a particle detector and clocks. Real science. To prove the two atom theory of gravity is real. You first have to prove the Building blocks are real. That in nature. They can stand alone and function independently. Atoms are nothing but a positive lens. All positive lens's form a bubble in the center of them. Positive lens's are composed of two half's. and negative lens's are composed of two half's. These two different lens actions can all fit together like a train End to end. This is what a atom is. And this what gravity is. What you have to prove is that the two half's of the atom ( the positive lens ) can function independently from each other. Atoms have to have this ability to produce a force in two directions at the same time. They are like two way streets. and at the same time the space that rest between the atoms. Also has to be a two way street. Space has to be curved in two different directions at the same time. In order for the two different atom to produce a force that would cause them to move towards each other. In order for the negative lens ( the gravitational field energy. ) to be able to this. It too must function as two independent half's. One building black is really functioning as a 1/2 positive lens on one end and a negative lens one the other end. But it is all the same membrane. How can this be? Go look at the picture I took from nature. If you try to paint a picture with words of what is happening in nature. It's imposable. But if you look at the picture. You can see the positive lens action and the negative lens action. All together as one unit. You have to ask your self. Is it a positive lens or a negative lens. It's both. It's a building block of nature. You can use these building blocks of nature to build a simple two atom model of gravity. You can use the two atom model of gravity as the building blocks of gravity. And solve the mystery of gravity. This experiment and the whirlpool experiment is the only two experiments that I can think of that can form an open ended positive lens. That can be verified with a particle detector.

     If you build the experiment. And your playing around with it. Your turning the spinning disk on and off. and your watching the point of the positive lens go from a point to a inside tube. And your watching this rock that's resting where the black space is forming. And every time that the black space forms the rock goes up. And when it goes away. The rock goes back down again. If. Only if. You are thinking to your self. May be the black space has some thing to do with why the rock keeps moving up and down. Your probably right. It does. You are now on the right track. Larry L. Burks

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