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     1/13/07 up date A incubator. Sure. It's just a device that is used in the lab for growing microbial, like mold. It helps when trying to grow mold , because you get to control the temperature, humidity (moisture) and atmosphere. Well, the atmosphere that we are going to use is like that found here on earth. This is good news. This means that, this is just one more thing that we don't have to weary about. We have the atmosphere part all locked up. A free be. But there is one more thing that we do have to weary about. And that is light. May be I should say. The lack of light. Darkness. Mold grows best in dark places. Well, we are going to do some stuff so that we can keep it dark. We have to have the light when we need the light and it has to be dark, when and where we need it. Three things that I need to work on. Is the temperature, moisture, and the darkness part. And I've been thinking about this. Trying to find a way to get all three in one step. Or equipment setup. The concave mirror is where the film is going to be at. This means that the concave mirror is going to have to be our incubator. During the day time the mold growing on the concave mirror has to be around 70 degrees. But at night it has to be about 40 degrees. The other day I was drinking a sweet tea, with ice in the glass. And I was setting there thinking about how I could get the mold cold at night and get moisture to the mold . All at the same time. The glass of cold ice sweet tea was sweating. Every time I toke a drink of tea. I kept having to wipe the water off my hand. At last, At last. At long last. It donged on me. The lens is made from the bottom of a soda pop can. If you just cut the top off the can. It suddenly becomes a container. If you put some water in the can and some ice cubes from the ice box. (cheep). You've got every thing you need to get moisture on demand. Or dew on demand. When it comes time to get the temperature back up to 70 degrees. You can change out the water. And if it gets to hot. Above 72 degrees. You could put one ice cube in the water to cool it down a bit. To get the water to stay in the can. The lens has to be facing down. This means that you will have to flip every thing about the ark by 180 degrees. Instead of the light coming down from the top. the light would becoming in from the bottom side. There is nothing in the rule book that states. It just hast to be a top down ark. Bottom up works just as well. But some thing else came up when I put the ideal up on the drawing board. I found out that by doing it this way. You can put a cover over the concave mirror and the flat mirror with the hole. And it would make it very dark where the film is at on the concave mirror. You could put flow tube to the can so that you can change out the water and keep an eye on the temperature all at the same time. Should look some thing like this.

     I know that Ed had a water well, that had steps that went down in to the well. I think that Ed was using his water well as his incubator. I saw a picture of a well found inside of and at the bottom of a pyramid. Cold spring water would do it for you.

     You could keep the top down set up if the bottom part of the concave mirror was setting in a cold pool of water. And the air was humid and warm. You can get the humidity up in a room by wetting the floor and walls. Hanging wet clothing up in the room. And in the bible. It said that they boiled water in pots to cook meat in. All night long. Steam from the pots of boiling water hitting a cold thick slab of the gold the bowl was made of. Just like the steam from your shower in the morning steams up your shaving mirror. Would cause moisture to form. In some places where there is a heavy dew every night. Nature would take care of the dew part for you.

      What you need is the same amount of moisture that is there when you breath hot , moist air on your glasses when you clean them. Not so much that the moisture will form droplets and run. But every so lightly moist. A lite dew type of effect. You would have to know the dew point. Ypu would have to know what the barimertic presure is. And the relative humity. And the temperature of the concave mirror. You would have to watch these factor all night long. No body can stay a wake for seven days and seven night. Not no body. Not no how. I think Moses had some help hear. Moses had helpers. I know Ed didn't have helpers. Ed put his box in the water well on one of the steps. Close to the water level. And went to bed. Ed did it by him self. No body helped Ed. If you are thinking of doing this by your self. You will have to come up with something like ED did. If I have to dig a water well in my back yard in order to get this thing to work. I think I'm going to give it all up and go back to fishing as a past time again. If you arn't lucky enough to have nature to form your dew. I would try cool water next to the concave mirror, or some form of steam. The mirror has to be cool. And the air has to be wormer and moist. Condensation is what we are looking for. A little dew in it's due time.

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