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You saw a wormhole?


       This is a line drewing of a womhole.

      This is what one looks like in nature.

      Something happens a when a atom moves down in to the mouth of a wormhole. The black space that forms on the inside and in the middle of the worm hole. Acts like a all optical hi speed stwitch. Just like the all optical hi speed switches work on the inter net. It turns off any info that might have to pass that way. Like the gravitational field. Because the half sphere and the tube that are all the same membrane. When ever the tube og the gravirtaional field goes a way the half sphere of the atom also goes a way. Going into this black space would be like going in to a tunnal. A long ways off. It would look like a black dot. But as you got closer and closer. The black dot would get bigger and bigger. When you first start in to the mouth of a tunnal. One half of all you can see is black. But if you look behind you as you go deeper and deeper. The blacknee keeps growing and growing. The light at the tunnal opening keeps getting smaller and smaller. The last thing you would see is a point of light. Where ever the blackness rest between the atom and all other atom. Gravity will not work. It has been turned off by the effects of hi speed stwich of the wormhole. The empty black space.

       The way this works. I'm going to break it up into two parts. Part one and part two. Part one is where Einstein said the if a universe formed and it had two atomsin .Then there could be some thing like gravity. But what he didn't tell you is that if the atom didn't have a gravitational field. then there could be no such thing as gravity. The gravitational field and the atom are two parts of the same thing. No gravitational field + no atom. This is PART ONE. Part two is where there are two atoms and a gravitational field. A geavity that is able to work. And gravity works in one way onal. It only produces a force. in the direction of other atom that are real to it. If one atom is not connected to some other atomby a gravitational fiels. It's as if that atom is not real there. If there is some thing you don"t understand about part two . Go Back and review part one. Anf if there is some thing you don't understand about part one . Go back and review part two. This is PART TWO.

      Gravity doesn't work the way that you thing it does. Gravity only works one way. There are no up's in space. At the same time , you could say objects only fall down. Objects can fall in the up direction, for the same reason they fall in the down direction. hear on earth. Gravity only works one way. In the down direction. But if a objects is able to move in the up direction hear on earth. You have to ask your self . Why is it moving in the up direction? Go out side at night and look up, in the direction the object is moving. Over your head. There are stars up there. You can see them for your self. The object is moving in the same direction as the stars. To an observer liveing on one of thoes stars . Relative to them. The objects is moving in the down direction, or simply falling down. There are no "up's" in space. There are only downs. To get a object to move in the direction of the stars over your head. You can't turn gravity off, above your head. You have to leave it in the "On" mode. This gravity is already in the "On" mode. It's working great. It's working great right now as I speak. You can't turn something on that is already "on". What you need to do is turn "off" is the gravity below the object. The high speed switch effect of the space found on the inside of a wormhole. Just like a all optical high speed switch turns off all info in fiber optics. The inter net. A gate. A switch. A wormhole can turn off all gravational fields below the object. The object will move in the direction of other objects that have MASS. Stars and such. Pictures this. Gravity is a attractive force. Just like a rubber band that rest between to objects. The two objects move towards eash other when released. But we are out hear in the middle. There are just as many stars above our heads as there are below our feet. There is just as much a gravational force above our heard as there is below our feet. As there is in any direction we look. In every direction. Why don't we move in that direction. All the forces of gravity are canceled out. And nothing happen. The force is still there. It's just that all the forces in every direction is canceled out. It's as if there is no force at all. The net effect is all most zero. If you take a rubber band, and place an object in the middle of the rubber band. Then streach the rubber band out. The object will come to rest some where in the middle. The forces of the rubber band are equal on both sides of the object. Just like the forces of gravity is equal on both sides of an object. Take and cut the rubber band next to the object in the middle. Between the object and the black space of the wormhole.What will it do? The object will move in the direction of the rubber band that is still attached to the other object at this end. Take a wormhole and cut the gravity off to one side of and object. And watch what it does. It does the same thing as the object did with the rubber band. And a way it goes. It can do this in any direction. There are stars in every dierection, from where you are at right now.

      If there was a universe that formed and it had three atoms in and their gravitational fields were all in tack All three atoms would be produceing a force toward the other two atom in the picture Of STEP A. The green atom would be produceing a force. In two directions at the same time. But in STEP B We put a wormhole in between two of the atoms. Between the red and the green atoms. AS soon as we do this. The gravitational field that rest between the green atom and the red atom. Gets sut down . It goes a way. In turn makes the system act as if the red atom doesn't even exest.This is STEP THREE If there is some thing that you don't under stand about STEP THREE. If ther is some thing you don't understand about STEP THREE . Go back and review STEP ONE, part two and part two. And STEP TWO part one and part two.

      If you put a atom out in to deep space. The atom would act as if it is at the center of the univers. There would be just as many stars on one side of the atom as the other side. One half as to the other half.

      The atom would be produceing a force in every direction. All of the forces would council. each other out. And the atom would just sit there. At rest.

      Gravity only works one way. Aatom will produce a force in the direction where ever there are other atom found. It will not produce a force in the direction where ther are no atom to be found.

      The deeper you go into the mouth of a wormhol. The stars aboue you move to becomeing a point. All the stars are moveing towards being alined in a row. A point. It would start out as a half sky or universe.

       Then the sky would move to the shape of a disk. AS the blackness closes in on it.

      The deeper and deeper you move into the mouth of the wormhole. the smaller. and smaller the disk having the stars in the sky would get.

      The last thing you could see Befor it blinks out. Would be a point A very bright point. So if you take in to account what is happening in front of you as you move down in to the mouth of a wormhole.One half of the univers is turning black. Due to the hi speed switc effects of the black space found on the inside of the wormhole. And to that You also have to take in to account of what is happen behind you or over your head. The all of the stars in the universe are quickly srinking to a point. Add the two effects togeather. And you will get the total effect of the wormhole relative to atoms. That go off into the mouth of worm holes.

      Attach the mirror to the metal disk With a simple frame and where every the disk go the mirror goes Why? Because they are attached by way of the frame. The wormhole does not produce a force. Only the atoms. That the disk is made of is produceing a force.

       If you put the wormhole in a vacum it stops eating atoms. Vacum = no radion particles. But if the same thing that formes the frame work is also the same thing that the a container for the vacum. A tin can. It works out great.

    What all this boils down to is a way to manipulate gravity in just such a way that man can use it in a productive way.

      Having every thing on the inside of a tin can. Canned Heat. And you set the wormhole up to produce 200lb. of force. It would be like having 200 lb. of directional force in a can.

      If you put the can on a hing so that you could rota it by 90 degrees. If you rotated the can so that it is laying on it's side. It will produce 200 lb. of forwards force. But if you rota the can by 90degrees to the down position. The can wiil produce 200lb. of forces in the down direction. If if the can was attached to your car. It would weight 200 lb. more. But would not be produceing an forward force. It would be in the off position. Because you can rota the can by 90 DEGREES . Either way. You can make the force very Any wheres between off and 200 lb. of forward force. 200 lb. of forward force will make your car run down the road at about 100 M.P.H.

     This is a little differnt set up. It's how things get done. The worm hole has to be just the right distance to the metal disk. To for a way . You don't gey any force. To close and you get to much force. You have to have a mirror that can be adjucted. If you have a container that has only an opening on one end . It's to dangerous to try and adjust trhe mirror. If it has an opening on both ends. Things still don't work out. There is a way to get aroung all of this. If you have a large mouth pickle jar. You build a tower with bolts and two round disk . One at the top and one at the bottom. There attached together by four bolts with nuts. put the mirror at one end and the spring and metal disk at the other. But a tin can around the mirror and the wormhole as a safty shield. The metal disk has to be small enough to go down the inside of the tin can. You can use the nuts on the bolts to adjust the mirror. And when you get thing right. All you have to do is but the pickle jar over the tower. and you have your safty vacuum shield.

    Why put the metal disk on a spring? For this reasion. The worm hole is only three inches long. The only usefull part of the worm hole is the first 3/4 inches With in that 3/4 inch the force will go from zero to 30,000 lb. of force per cubic inch. This is the point where atoms get riped form atoms and metals turn from a solid stste to a liquid state. #0,000 lb. of force to to much force to be usefull. To adjuct the mirror to where it only produces say 10 lb. of force. It would have to move the with of a hair. How do we tame the wormhole? We put a spring behind the metal disk. If the spring you are useing will only support 10 lb. of force. If the disk is produceing more than 10 lb. of force. The spring will allow to disk to move a way from the wormhole. When the disk mover back out of the wormhole . It will produce less force. You can use the stringht of the spring you are useing as a regulator. To get that right force you want.

     There are lot of ways to set things up so that you can use gravity to make your car or truck run down the road. All you have to do is set things up to where you can rota the pichle jar by 90 degrees. If you mount the jar on a wooden board, put some big hinges on it and atach it to a nother board. Then bolt it to you frame. Put a arm on the hinged borad so that you will have a way to rota it on the hinges and your in buiness. Energy free form hear on out. $$$$$$$

      What ever the can is atached to. Goes where ever the can go. Cars. Trucks. Airplains. ect. What ever. "THE FREE RIDE" Gravity in action.




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