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    The only thing that has killed more men than wormholes, is death it's self. Safty is job one. They say that the one that Moses's made in the bible, killed more men than small pox. I belive that both of these statments are true. XXX BE WARE XXX. Look at what happened to the civilianize's of about 15,000 years a go. The timples, the pyramid's, that's all that is left. They didn't know about the damage that a radon particle can do to your DAN . At first they started to get sick and die off. But that's not what killed them off. Radon particles can do damage to your DNA. And it will couse sterility in your third generation children. They say that if so many people hadn't die back about 15,000 years a go. And every one had lived. The plained would be over populated right now. There would have been so many people alive, that we would be standing shoulder to shoulder. There woud be standing room only. They keeped making great big wormholes. that was there their mistake. Make them as small as you can and all ways put them in a vacum. No air = no radon particle. No one has to die. And if it's in a container, a safty shield. No one get's his hand cut off. Now wasn't that simple? The best new's of all is. If you can't get your equipment to form a wormhole. Then any thing you do will be perfectly safe. No wormhole . No problem.

    There is this hidden danger zone that man will have to make it past before he can have the technology to manipulate the forces of gravity. But before you do some thing like this be sure to study the history of how to do it safely. Also study the history of those that did not do it safely and what happened to them. Ask your self this question? If there is a history of men that have did this in the past. Then why is it that we don't know how to do this today? When the men that knew about this technology died. The technology died with them. What killed them? We know today how to do it safely. If you keep the technology confined to just talk. It's safe. It is better to talk about safety issues first and the technology second.

   Which brings us to this question Which came first . The chicken or the egg? But this is not about chickens and eggs. It's about technology and safety. If one finds out about the technology first. He doesn't live long enough to talk about safety. Dead men tale no tales. But no one will talk about safety first because no one believes that this technology exist. Or that the technology really works. If doing this doesn't work. Then it would be perfectly safe to do some thing like this. Right? If it doesn't work. Then there is no danger. Right? And if the technology doesn't work then there is no need to talk about it. Right? But if someone tries this technique and it does works. And he died. Who would be left to tell other, about what he did right inorder to get it to work and warn others about the dangers of what he did worng.

   When I asked some one if doing this was safe. I was told that doing what I'm doing has nothing to do with gravity. That it would not work, and that it was perfectly safe to do, due to the fact that it would not work. There is no way that man can make a worm hole form, and stay open. There is no such thing as a worm hole. It worked The dam thing almost killed me. It did kill my truck.

   Which brings us to this. Where did I make my first big mistake? Safety. I did this in 2001. It has taken me a while to find out where I made my mistakes, by studying the dangers of worm holes and the mistakes that others have made. Now it's 2006. I'm ready to try it again. But it's to late in the year. I will have to wait till next summer, 2007. When the sun is right. There is a danger about keeping all your eggs in the same basket. It would be best to tell others about how to do this and the danger that are there and how to do it safely. Befor I try this again. Because if it kills me this time. There wouldn't be any body left around to tell othewrs of how I did this and warn others of what I did wrong.

    One of the mistakes that others madeis the made big one. Big is not better. Small is better. Not so small it would be hard to work with but just small enought so they would be eazy to get to form. Small ones produce fewer radon particles. A smaller one would make smaller holes in your body. Don't put it in a closed contaner till after it forms. Put in a contaner as soon as posable after it forms. Don't use your fingers to test the wormhole to see if it 's working. Use a stick. Set up the wormhole to where it only produces a small amouint of force. Run a ways is going to be a big problim. Use a spring. There is no such thing as a perfict seal. Haveing no seal is the best way to go. But you will have to have at least one seal. Wormholes and effect elements in such a way they become flamible. Fire is a problim. Radon particles are a problim. If you can't get it in a sealed contaner right a way . You need a way to turn the wormhole off. the hologram is made of protean. you can burn it to a white ass. It's a hologram. You can crush the alumins mirror. You might be able to place a flat mirror over the concave mirror. You may be able to wash the hologram off. Don't hole it over water. Don't drop it into water. Don't look at the light. It will cause blindness. Don't be standing next to the wormhole when it activates. It would be best to put a lot of dirt between you and the wormhole. And watch it by way of a camera. The goverment is passing laws that makes it a felenony to build a nuclar device. If it produces radon particles. It's a nuclar device. So you have to stay with in the law. Then there is insurance. and law suits. ect. ect. ect. All kinds of law suits. Nasa has been doing this for years now. They probily know how to do it safely. They could tell you . But they want. NASA's not saying any thing.

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