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     I have a lot of interesting things to talk about. Text And pictures. I have more stuff to post than I have time to post.

     I have been looking at a lot of pictures of Ancient Egypt. Trying to find stuff there that might help me do what I'm trying to do. If you can pick up on what it is that I'm doing. You might want to try it for your self. Pick their brains. Lot of fun. There is a lot of info to be had for free. If you just study the pictures. There is more there than you think. After some one tells you what it is that you are looking at. You will find out that' it's every where. How did we ever miss this one for so long?

     The pictures that I find most interesting. Is the ones that Have the plasmoid shape of a wormhole in them. The ones that have a balloon like object that looks like a tube of light with a half sphere on the end.

     This shape of plasmoid is the same shape that a worm hole makes. In nature. A really good clue.

     This is what they look like in nature.

     This is what they look like in nature. I have two more picture that I found that have the same tube type wormholes in them. The only difference is that this pictures ( drawing.)are made by the Mayans.

     Same here. But these jars are found in Egypt

     But what can be seen in a lot of the pictures that have the balloon in it.

     Look at this picture. See the square box? See the concave mirror? See the jar with a line through it at the top of the jar. Look to the left of the box. See the concave mirror. You can see the same line with two hash marks on it. It's the same line that you see on the jar in the box. But instead of a crosscut of a jar. It is a crosscut of a flat plate with a hole in it. You can see the sun above it all. As a five pointed star.

     There is a hand. You use your hand to cover the hole when ever you make a adjustment to the box to the sun.

     But there is also a jar. What is on the inside of the jar. This is the only thing that I don't have yet.

     Look at the top right side of this picture. See the bowl on the underside of the table.

     Look at the top. A little to the right. You can see one all set up.

     So what's with this woman with a yoke on their head. With a mirror in the yoke?

     And what's with these jars rounded bottoms. That have lids on them? Is there a hole in the lid. I can't tell.

     So what in the jar. The witches brew?

     What does a bull.

     A dung beetle. What are they doing to that poor bug?

      A paper wasp

     And goats. What are they doing to that poor goat? That would be one way of getting what they want. What do they all have in common. What do they have to do with mildew spores? They are all mutualism. Ruminants. Endosymbionts. Syntrophism. They all have to have a digestive system that has to be able to digest polysaccharide cellulose. Fiber. Dietary fiber. The fungi produces the cellulose digesting enzyme celluloses.

     Goats, cows, wood ant, termites,elephants, grasshoppers, paper wasp and dung beetles can not digest grass, leaf's, or wood. They have to have a fungus in there stomach that produces the enzymes that breaks down cellulose into glucose. Sugar. The food of fungus.

     What I found out is the ph factor needed to grow this fungi is 4.1 to 4.2. Human gastric juices are 0.9. Orange juice is 2.0 and tomato juice is 4.2.

     This first worm hole I formed. I used cotton ( fiber ) and orange juice. Hummm.

     What do these people think they are doing with this goat? More clues? It would be one way to get gastric juices. Goats can eat any thing.

     In the bible it says that they used a hint of strong wine. In their mixture.

     I dismissed the strong wine, because alcohol will kill fungus. But not if you use it in the right way.

     Wood alcohol ( wood is a 50% fiber. Get it. ) is an excellent antiseptic. Kill any thing. But is ineffective against killing spores. Distilled water leaves no residue. Alcohol leaves no residue. The lack of water will kill off fungus. But not the spores they produce when it dry's out. But after you let it dry out. You put it in a bath of alcohol. It would kill off every thing else but the spores of the fungus that you are trying to grow. This means that if you let the alcohol dry out of the bowl. Then get water back in the bowl again some how. Then the only thing that would be growing there would be the spores.

     There are two ways to use alcohol. A weak mixture of alcohol will give the fungus a shock treatment. Make it think that it is running out of food and room. It will shock the mildew into going into a self induces dieing mood. It will make it produce spores. Wine is sugar that has all the sugar eaten out of it. The alcohol is what kills off the yeast. This is where the wine turn from a milky look to a clear look. A strong hint of wine is the same think as a weak hint of alcohol. It will do the same thing to mildew as it does to yeast. I don't know how strong alcohol has to be before it will kill off yeast. It may be that there is a strength of alcohol that will kill off yeast . But not mildew. Is this what they were doing?

     We don't want just any kind of spores. We want the spores of the power form of mildew. That stuff that eats holes in your cotton towels.

     Is there a pattern to all of this. Yes We are use every thing that is at hand to make our mixture discriminating. It will only grow one kind of mold.

     There is nothing in the text books. That will tell you what to do. Or how to do it.

     But we are in luck. What the text books do tell you is how to go about finding the way to find out how to do it.

     So. What I'm going to talk about is all the things that I have found in the txt books on how to grow or make a set up that will grow the kind of mold that we want. Like no other. Powerfully Stuff.

     I have talked about a lot of the things that you need to do to grow mold.

     But this kind of mold is different. Different in many ways.

     Unlike yeast. Yeast can not produce it's own sugar. Mildew can. Cotton is 90% fiber yeast will not grow on cotton. but mildew can.

     Because it can grow in the stomach of grass or wood eating animals. It don't need air. The stomach juices is about as strong as it gets. Most mold grows best at 5.6 P.H. The acid of gastric juices is about .09. As strong as it gets.

     Most mold grow best at 72 degrees temperature. Most grass eating animals body temperature is around 98 degrees. If you heat acid. There is this catalytic effect.

     I know that a long time ago. When they tanned hides. They would stake the hide out in the sun light and put the gastric juices from the stomach of the animal on the hide and let the sun heat up the hide. It would break down the fibers of the hide. Some times they would put the hide and the juices in a pot and cook it. Boil it. To get the catalytic effect of the acid.

     If we took the gastric juices and put cotton cloth in it and boiled it. It would help to break down the fibers. It would then be an excellent food source for growing mildew.

     I know that they make chemical for tanning leather. It make work better than stomach acid.

     This may be the number one reason why I haven't been able to grow mold.

     I know that the animal chews the fiber. Which when they chew. They add enzymes to the fiber.

     Then when it gets to the stomach. More enzymes are added. Breakers it down a little more. They have a fermenting stomach ( rumen )to where the fibers ferments. It's heated up and the mildew goes to work on it. At this point it turns to mush. We need to do the same thing that happens in nature. In the lab. The stomach also adds antibody's to the mixture. To keep unwanted fungus from growing. The high acid. high antibody's. The high temperature. And the low sugar and high fiber. Is why no other living thing will grow there. It's this kind of mildew that we want. And this is where we get it from. Only one kind of mildew. Only one way to go.

     Been doing some reading. What we need is to study is the cow.

     Ok. So it not the cow. it's the cows digestion system. The fungi that we need is found in the stomach of cows. But better yet. The horse.

     Well, why the horse? Horse can eat three times the hay (fiber ) that a cow can eat. They don't call them "hay burners " for nothing. The digesting system of a horse goes through the roof. The experts the make beading to grow mushroom. Use horse dung and wheat straw.

     We need to pre pep the fibers. Break them down to the point that mildew has no trouble breaking it down a little more to produce the food to grow on.

     Horse's are the best system at this. The next to best is collect horse dung and use the gastric juices found in the dung. To do the some thing to thew fiber in the horses stomach. To the cotton fiber cloth that we want to grow our mildew on.

     I have been to places to where they do this. They can take 40,000 pounds of wheat straw with horse dung mixed in it. And turn it into chocolate pudding with in five days. It's the dames thing I have ever seen. All they do is add water to it. It gets so hot that it putts off so much steam. You would thing that it's on fire.

     Horse dung is hot stuff. Really strong acid.

     If you put horse dung in a big bucked and add water to it. Let it set for about a week. The digestive juices ( acid ) will leach out of the dung. Pour the water out of the big bucked into a smaller bucket. Strain out the mixture through a cotton cloth. To get any lumps out of it. You have your pre prep treatment mixture.

     All you need to do now is put The mixture in a large pot. Put it on the stove. Bring it to a boil. Put your cotton fiber cloth in it. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for a while. Take out the cloth and let it dry out. Cut it into triangle shapes Glue it on your concave mirror. Put some more HD mixture in the mirror. This will get the mildew back into to the cotton again. Then let it sit in a dark moist place fore about three days. Let it dry out. This will cause the mildew to produce spores.

     Then fill the mirror with 91% alcohol. This will kill all the living microorganism in it. Including the mildew. But it will not kill the The spores of fungi. Yeast and mildew. Let the alcohol dry out. Leaves no residue.

     Make the mirror sweat to get the water back on the cotton again. The digestive acids and antibody's will still be there.

     Yeast will not grow there because it has antibody's in it. The PH of the acid is two high. And if you keep the temperature around 98 degrees. It will have an catalytic effect on the acid. It will be way to hot to grow yeast. Yeast can not change starch to sugar. Mildew can. The food. Cotton is 90% fiber. Low in starch. No sugar. Because the cotton has been pre prep ed. The same thing that happens in the stomach of horses. The cotton food. is made into the food for mildew.

     The one and only thing that will grow there is mildew. And it will grow. Grow like no other. Just what we wanted.

     You let the mildew grow at night in a worm, moist place.

     Start shooting it with the sun about 10 A.M. Till about 4 P.M.

     Let it dry out for about six hours. Good and dry. It will produces spores.

     Fill up the mirror with alcohol. Let dry. Good and dry.

     Make it mirror sweet to get the water back on the cotton again. Let it grow in a worm moist place till 10 the next morning. Then do it all again just like the day before.

     If every thing is right. And it should be. The wormhole will form in about seven days of this.

     This mouth is out. I have a lot of experimenting to do. It's getting late in the year. The sun is getting lower in the sky by the day.

     If I can't get the mold to grow with in the next few week.

     It's going to be next year till I have a chance to try and get it to work.

     Ed the man that made the Coral Castle. He made two statue of crescent moons. Why two? Here's why. They are both crescents all right. But one statue has the Star of David on it's base. This one is a crescent dinner roll. A bread roll. A loaf of bread. They mash the dough flat. Then cut a triangle shape out of it. Roll it up. Flip the ends up and bake it. When I tried to get the cotton cloth to lay flat on the bottom of the mirror. It wouldn't. I try the shape of a triangle. It worked. I think the Egyptian were using a triangle shape. Look on the back side of a one dollar bill. See the triangle. Moses used two. Worked better yet. It forms the Star of David.

     I have some picture of the Maya to show you and to tell you about it a little.

     I believe that the Maya was also doing this. I have found evidence to support my findings. To make thing short. I'm going to tell you a little bit about some of the things that the Maya was doing. Then let you look at the pictures and think about it.

      We know that they had to grow mildew. Which they had. Because mildew is every where. You can't get a way from it. They had cotton cloth. They also had paper. It seems like they used paper.

     They were doing some thing called " bloodletting ". They would punch a hole through their tongue with a string ray spine. ( a sharp pointed bone) Then pull a rope through the hole. This is how they got their blood.

     When I first saw this. I thought they were using the blood to grow mildew. But if you cause your self great pain in your mouth. Your saliva will start to run. Your spit.

      My third grade teacher gave me a cracker. Told me to put it in my mouth and chew it up. But don't sallow it. She just wanted me to chew on the cracker for a long time. After a while the cracker started to taste sweet. She told me that you should chew your food well because the enzymes that are in your spit. Is what changes starch into sugar. What she didn't tell me was that sugar is the food of fungus.

      But if you look in the bowl that they used to catch the blood and spit. There is blood stained paper in the bowl.

     They also used a cotton cloth. That was stained brown. Coffee is brown. Coffee is high in acid. They also knew how to use the gastric juices of animals. ( high in acid )to tan leather. They also had mirror. They knew about the movement of the sun.

     They used some thing called a Serpent Bar. A hollow tube. They were some how able to make a Vision Serpent to appear. It would come out of the mouth of the serpent bar. I believe what they saw was a tube of light. A worm hole. But they also had jars with lids.

      What other evidence is the that states that they were forming wormhole . Other than they saw the tube of light. There are pictures of them on the walls.

     The same snake like light that the Egyptian saw. You can see the picture of the snake on it. Is also the same snake like object that they saw.

      Would you believe them on there ward? I wouldn't. But what I would believe is the evidence.

     What evidence would that be? If they were forming real wormholes. It would be producing real radon particle. Radiation poisoning.

     Can there be found any pictures to support radiation poisoning? Sure.

     There would be signs of sun burn. Red spots all over their body's. The flesh in some cases would rot off their body's. Their would be birth defects Like babies born with a tail. Six fingers. Six toes. Deformed heads. dwarf. Giants. Only one eye. Three eyes. And such.

     They also used the worm hole To cut stone. To lift stone. Build temples.

     Get gold from gold ore. You know. They never did find that gold mine.

      Turn sand into glass. Make pottery.

     But the number one thing that gets me is. They had spear throwers. They liked making war. There are a lot of pictures of their spear throwers. I made spear throwers when I was a kid. Their spear throwers don't look right. That's not the way that they look. There is a way to make a spear throwers with the technology of worm holes. And make it ten time more powerful than normal. Every time you see a picture of one of the men. He has got a spear thrower in his hand. These guys were bad to the bone.


      Here is a burial chamber that they opened. It show some of the tools of the trade. Slim pickings. What could you make with these kind of tools?

      This is the only picture that I have been able to find that show you how to shoot the film in the bottom of the concave jars. Her hand is either moving the jar. In order to track the sun. Or She is covering the hole in the top of the lid with her hand. While she moves the jar.

      But when you look at the picture above. And you know what it is that she is doing. The you see a picture of a large number of rounded bottom jars like this. Whoa Big Dan. Back up. Lets think about this one for a while. What's going on here.

     But when you look down in to th inside of the jars. There is some thing on the inside of them. May be a fringe pattern? Or it may be cotton cloth?

      Well we know what's going on. We also know what radiation poisoning will do for you. Look at the pictures. Read the singes. It tells a story like no other. Worm holes can curve space. Curved space effect all four forces of nature. It produces evidence all across the ranges of the four forces of nature. Evidence that can not be mistaken of some thing else. It is like no other. It is it's calling card. The sing.

    Star Gate log up date. 9/6/08

     Found out some thing new. For a long time I have been wondering. If they were making holograms. Shouldn't there be a objective beam and a reference beam? If this is true. Then where are they. How did they do it?

     The other day. I was looking at a piece of cotton cloth that I'm growing mildew on. There was a big batch growing in one area of the cloth. The cloth was growing in a clear plastic container. I wanted to see if sun light would act differently when it shined through places where there wasn't any mildew growing there. Opposed to the places where it was growing. Because the plastic was clear. I was letting the sun light shine from the bottom up through the cloth. There wasn't any difference that I could tell. There wasn't any pattern or any thing. Between the two.

    But as I was looking at it. There was some thing there. There was a mirage that formed. A dot metrical pattern. I thought to my self. Boy that's weird. Lighting strikes again.

     The light was being polarized by the weave of the cloth. The crosshatch pattern of the weave of the cloth. Just like when light goes through both slits in the double slit experiment. If forms a fringe pattern. Because. The same single beam of light. is split. and then is united back together again. This is the same thing that they do when they form a hologram. So this is how they did it.

    But when they use a mirror. The light goes through the cloth. Hit's the mirror. Bounces back through the cloth. As if there is a light coming from beneath the cloth. This is what causes the interference pattern of two different beams of light. Some thing like this is what they would have to have in order to from a hologram.

     This is why Ed made the crescent loaf of bread. He got the triangle part of it all right. This means the Ed also used a cloth. " Men of the Cloth"

    This is why the symbol of cloth keeps showing up in the Egyptian pictures.

    This is why there is a crosshatch pattern on the inside of the drawing of the Maya jars. It all makes sense now. This is a huge piece of the puzzle of the mystery. Using two triangles to form the Star of David. On the mirror would be the way to go. This means that there is one more thing that I don't have to weary about. I got This part right now.

    I'm now running around the country. With a poop scooper in one hand and a bucket in the other. Looking for a fresh pile of horse dung. The fresh stuff. The green stuff. ( Never thought that I would in the end . Have to go green before this thing will work. )So that I can leach out some digestive juices for my experiments. That I need to run in the my lab. Now I know why they would never tell any body what the magic ingredient was in their witches brew. They didn't want any body to know what the forbidden fruit was. Horse apples. Now we know. This may be why the white cotton cloth that they used was brown. Now we know. Your not going to tell any body are you? Good. Some times it's best this way.

    Up date 9/16/08. I just found out that the three pictures that Dr. Kock hid in his book. Was of the Nazi Bell. The worm hole is what made it fly. It had gyros in it to keep it from tumbling and to guide it. Make it turn this way and that. The gyros didn't make it fly.

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