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      Star Gate Log Book Up Date Sept. 2010

      You are going to need a glove box. The one that I built. Has a hair dryer blower on it. It works ok but I don't like it.

      I'm going to try some thing different. A glove box that compresses the air in the box. Has filtered air to get the dust out of the box. There is another way to get the dust out of the air. Water spray. If the water has H. P. in it better yet.

      If you had a closed box. An air tight box. Where no air gets in or out. After you settle the dust out of the air with water spray. And no new air comes into the box. You should be safe.

      It would be very hard to build an air tight box. The next best thing would be a glove box that acted like an air tight box. Is there a way. Yes.

      What causes the air to move in and out of a box? Is an imbalance of air pressure? If the air pressure is the same on the out side as the in side of the box. The air will not move.

      What we need is a glove box with a baffle. Or what you might call a bladder.

       If the glove box had a big hole to the out side of the box that could handle a large volume of air movement. If the box had small holes in it. The air would not move through them due to the fact that the air pressure is equal on both sides of the box.

      If you use a large bucket top and cut a hole for it on the far end. And attach a large trash bag around the bucket top. Just like the gloves holes. Hold the trash bag up so that it half full of air. The air will move in and out freely.

       If the box is air tight and you not only settle the dust with water spray in the box but the trash bag bellows as well.

      The small white glove bags are not working out so well. You can't hold on to any thing. I burnt a hole in one. And I can't reach any thing with in side the box. And they keep tearing.

      The fix? Large trash black trash bags. Cut a hole in the end just big enough for your hand to fit through. Put a rubber band over the bag. So that when you stick your hand in side of the box. The rubber band holds the bag tight around your wrist. Air tight.

      You could use rubber gloves. But I don't like rubber gloves. And it's cheaper if you don't use them. Some thing else you don't have to buy.

      If you clip your nail close to the quick. Shave your hands and arms. Flame your hands and arms to get any hairs that you might have missed while shaving. Then wash your hands with a brush. I use a old tooth brush. Scrub you nail, cracks in you knuckles. Between your fingers Scrub every thing. You hands wrist and arms. While taking a shower. Scrub all the dead shin flacks off. Then after you get your hands on the inside of the box. Wash them in alcohol and settle the dust with hp water. Spray down the trash bad, the box Cover every thing with hp water. The sides. The roof. The bags of the glove box for your hands. Any thing that is on the inside of the glove box.

      The baffeled glove box is simpler to build. Is cheaper to build. And it works. You couldeven build one out of s cardboard box. And those plastic one gallon tubes of ice cream would work. May even get it to seal off with duct tape. Fix any thing. Cheap too.

      Wind is what kicks up the dust. Dust is what carrys germs.

       No wind. No dust. No germs.

      The glove box problem has been fixed.

      Here is some darwings to look at. Getting the box to form a air tight lock took some doing

      As you can see the new glove box is simple. I's just like the old one. But has one more bucket top on the back side, whit a glass plate on top.

      Because the box has to be air tight. A sealed box. I have improved the seal around the bucket top. I am using a 100% silicon sealant. Made for plastic. But I am showing you how to fix the cut off bucket top to the box so that the sealant will not come off, You put some holes in the bucket so that you can sandwich the plastic of the box between them. If the bucket doesn't come loose. The seal is good.

       The glass plate in the lid kept coming off . So fixed that problem by bolting it to the lip. I also put some foam door sealer around the lip of the box and sealed the holes of the clip end that hold the lid on. It now is air tight.

       I am putting big black trash bag on all of the bucket top holes. To get the bad to form a air tight lock around your hand. This is what I had to do. I pulled the arm bag out. Cut a small hole in the end. Put a wide rubber band about 1/3 up the bag. So that when I push my hand all the way into the bag. The bag turns inside out and there is no loose ends of the trash bag to get in the way, All you have to do is put every thing that you will need inside of the box. And you are ready to go.

      To get the closed box to work right, I closed off one arm bag and stuck a hair drier in the other. Filled it up with air. Closed it off to see if it would hold air. It did.. I let 1/3 of the air out of the bag so that it could flex In and out. As long as the air pressure is the same on the inside of the box. As the out side of the box. There is no air going in or out of the closed system of the trash bag glove box. When it is full of air. You can settle the dust with ph and water spray bottle.

      I down loaded R. Rush Wayne, Ph.D. book volume I and II on his tek of how to use hydrogen peroxide to grow mushrooms.

       Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way

      Home Mushroom Cultivation

      With Hydrogen Peroxide

      Volumes I + II

      By R. Rush Wayne, Ph.D.

      Well it was all sounding pretty good till it donged on me when I read. That the part where he was a talking about working with spore from the wild. Isolating the mushroom mycelia from the green and black mole. At first they all look white, Then after four days the mold that is from green or black mold will produce spores that are either green or black. That's just great.

      But here is the thing that is wrong. With that if you are trying to expose the mycelium before it starts to form spore.

      After the black mold starts to form spores. UV sun light will not affect it. It has to be exposed before it starts to form the other type of mycelium that produces spores.

      This means that if the black mold that you are using starts the form spores in four days. Turn black. You should have exposed the mold yesterday.

      Three days is all the time you have to grow the mold and shoot the film.

      That is quicker than I thought. Black mold goes from germinating out of the spore through the two different kinds of mycelium to producing it own new spores. It is two quick to use the hydrogen peroxide tek.

      But reading his book gave me some new ideals to try.

      In Volume II Dr. Wayne talks about how to use gray cord board instead of agar. This is what the men of old were using. This is good He tells you how to do it. He gives you his tek for the cord board, real simple and cheap too.

      e also talks about the tek of sandwiching. With agar and cord board. This will not work with shower mold. It will not grow up through the agar or cord board like mush rooms will. It is left behind.

      Dr. Wayne uses a different tek for sandwiching. He turns the plate up side down. Makes the agar fall to the cover of the dish... the top half. Places his spores on top. Then turns it right side up again. Then the spores are trapped between the cord boards. And the glass of the dish. The mycelium grows up through the cord board. Leaving the shower mold behind.

      But if you where using shower mold. The mold would be trapped (sandwiched) between the glass and the cord board. It can't grow through the cord board and it can't grow through the glass. The only way it can grow is side ways. Flat ways.

      Say. Isn't this what we have been trying to do all along? A nice flat sheet of film. The film doesn't have to be the same shape as the concave mirror. It can be flat and still work.

      If the film is disk shaped and the mirror is concave shaped the disk will touch the mirror only on the edges. The only place you need the glue at is a long the edges of the disk. Flip the dish over on it's back and if you take a hat pin and flam it and then stick it through the center of the disk so that you can pick it up with out touching it with some thing that is not clean. Put a thick coat of spray adhesive in the bottom of a soda can. Touch the disk to the bottom of the can. It will only touch and pick up the glue around the edges. Then place it in the center of your top mirror. Let the glue dry. Pull out the hat pin.

      Well. This changes a lot. All you have to do is cut a small round disk out of cord board. About the size of a penny. (Cheap) Dip it in the nutrients but it on a flat sheet of plastic. Put it in a small jar. Let it boil for 45 minute. Just like canning food. Let it cool down. Flip it over coat it with multispore. Many. Then flip it back over on the flat piece of plastic. Let grow for four days.

      But if the mole is growing on glass. You can see what is happening with out opening up the sandwich.

      This means that if you started with a spore syringe. You could start out the first disk. Then the next day use the same spore syringe and make second disk. Then on the third day start the third disk. The third disk will be the one you are going to use. They are one day apart.

      If you keep a close eye on the first disk. The first day that you start to see singes of spore. Blackness. In the first disk. It is too late to use the second disk because it has all ready form the second type of mycelia that forms spores. The day that you see spores starting to form in the first disk. This is the night that you put the third disk in the top mirror and shoot it the next day.

      Close the lid. Cover it in Al. foil. Let it grow for three days. The night before the fourth day. Or when ever the day comes that is the day before it forms spores. That night take it out and use 3M spray adhesive and glue it to the center of the top mirror. Put it in the bucket cover it with Al. foil. And shoot it the next day at noon. For six menuts.

      That night. Take the top mirror out and put it in the tube safe. And set it out by it self. Point it up and away from the sun. North and low. Just above the ground. And wait and see what happen... If the worm hole hasn't formed in three weeks.

      Start all over again.

      Dr. Wayne nutrients formula is made of molasses and soy sauce.

      I have come up with my own brew. If you compare a lot of different agar. They all have a lot in common. Now and then. The one of the ingredients that the Myana used was spit.

      It takes the place of malt. Spit is cheap. Works great, it has in it the ermines to break down protein and starch.

      You need nitrogen. You can find nitrogen in a lot of places. Bat gumbo. Bird gumbo. The beading of earth worms. Like the dirt you find in fishing worms. Worm gumbo

      Yellow rice. Wheat.

      Need protein Power milk. Powered soy milk. Meat broth. Some people use dried rabbit food or dried dog food. Dried cat food is high in protein. Petunia high protein dog food is good.

      Urine. Human and animals.

      Dr. Wayne uses B Vitamin Complex in his. Wayne likes it. I'm going to use it. I took a bottle of bottles water, Drink a third of it leaving two third of the water in the bottle. Put two B vitamin pills in it and let it dissolve.

      Moses may have used beef broth. They were boiling a lot of beef. Moses used paper. Mayan used paper. You say that they didn't have paper back then. Moses wrote a book. He set pin and ink to paper. Dead Sea Scrolls? It was written on paper. The Egyptian had paper too.

      Dr. Wayne uses wood pellets in his agar. But because we are using cord board. We don't wood pellets

      And bakers yeast. The people that grow yeast are real good at growing fungi. We don't need the yeast in our brew. But the yeast is grown on brewer malt. If you take out the yeast part by letting it stand for an hour in the worm sun light. Then cook it will kill the yeast. What is left is the brewer's malt. Cheap,

      I added a few grains of agar, Very little. Because the PH has to at 7.0. The only thing that high in acid may be the molasses. A pinch of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda might be a good ideal. I can't find any Ph strips in the range that I need.

      So the brew that I'm going to try has a pinch of every thing. Hears how I make it.

      I wash my hands good. Then in a cup. I pour about 4 drops of molest in the palm of my hand. Then I lick it off with my Tung. Once in my mouth. I move it around till a lot of spit forms. Then spit it into the cup.

      Two drops of soy sauce. Same thing. Spit it into the cup.

      Chewed up about 20 grain of yellow rice, spit it into the cup.

      One bite of 9 grain wheat bread. Chewed up and spit into the cup.

      Well. We have plenty of spit in the cup now. No need to chew up and spit any more.

      One pinch bakers yeast.

      1/2 tea spoon urine.

      Shake up the B vitamin bottle. Add 1/4 tea spoon of the yellow water.

      One small pinch of agar.

      One small pinch backing soda.

      I think I am going to call this my "Lick, and Spit Brew."

      Fill the cup the rest the way with tap water. Stir a little while put in a worm place. And let sit Let the yeast grow a little. It's Ok we will kill it off later when we boil it all. Put in souse pan. Add three more cups of water in the pan.

       Why I added three more cups is because after you boil it for one hour. The water level will be back down to one cup again. You want to boil it for so long is to kill any thing that is a live in. And give it time for the enzymes in the spit to break down what in the broth. So that the mold can eat it better.

      Cut your cardboard disk and put in the bottom of your jars. Add one tea spoon of broth to jar. Let sit for one hour. Let the cord board have plenty of time to soak up the broth. Pour out any excess broth that the cord board did not soak up. After cooking the cord board. The disk needs to be moist. And not dry. But not so moist that there is broth running around in the bottom of the jar. Water is how germs move from one place to the next. We want then to stay put and not move around.

      In a large pot put some cans that have the top and bottoms cut out of them. I used Vienna weenie can. This way I can pot a lot of water in the pot. Put some screen wire on top of the cans. Then fill to top of cans. Put the lids on the jars make sure that they are not screw down tight. Tighten till they hit the top of the jar then loosen 1/3turn. Loose. Put Al. foil on top of the jars. Then put lid on pot set on stove boil for one hour. Water should be all most gone.

      Take off stove. If you are using thick gloves. You can take them out right a way. Tighten the lids on the jars let cool. Just like you do when you are canning food.

      The first think I need to do is grow mold so that I can make a spore syringe. I need to isolate the mold that I want. I have two different types that I found out in the wild. They are very black and solid in their cover. I found it on a rock. It looked like some one had painted round black spots on the rocks. I took samples of the rocks. It was on the dark side of the hill and there was little to none found on the sunny side of the hill. I also found some tree bark blight on some dead trees. I think it is the same type of mold. Why it can grow on rocks. I don't know.

      I have tried tree bark blight before. But it grew too tall. May be this type is different. It may grow small or short. We will see

      I came up With a new ideal for growing mold. If mold will grow between the glass and cord board. Then you could sandwich the cord board between two plates of glass. This would help keep germs out.

      But there is this problem of getting the moisture just right. If it is to dry. The mold will not grow. But if you moisten the center of the cord board. And left the out side boarder dry. The mold would be sealed off from the out side by the glass plates and the to dry to grow border of the cord board. Sealed off on all sides. If this is all you need to grow mold. It would cut down on the coast. A lot.

       If the glass plate sandwich is square, Then all you would need to do is cut off a piece of Al. foil that is 3 times as big as the glass plates so that you can fold the foil in thirds over the glass. Then fold the end over the top.

      Sept 19 up date.

      The past few days I have been working on the cord board sandwich thing.

      I went down to Home Depot. They had a lot of scrap glass plates they just gave me. A lot of it. They also gave me a large sheet of gray cardboard the wrap the large windows in for shipment. Dumpster diving. I got my glass and my gray cord board For free. Cheap.

      I got a glass cutter for four dollars.

      I tried cooking a sandwich in the microwave oven. It dried out all of the moisture.

      The cooking thing did not work out. But I did find out how to dry out the cardboard. May come in handy some where.

      So. It was back to the drawing board.

      I know that to get the cardboard to work. You have to boil the glue out of it. If you boiled the glass and the cardboard together. Then made a sandwich and dried them out in the microwave. They would be ready to go. I have broke a few glass plates so far. In the microwave. You have to scrape the edges of the glass. Or they will cut the rubber bands. Round off the corner too. You can do this with a knifes edge. Do it under running water So the glass dust will go on down the drain. Not in your eyes

      I know that alcohol will kill all germs but not spores.

      And that hydrogen peroxide will kill germs and spores. But will not kill live mold mycelium.

      Water will boil at 212 degrees And alcohol will boil at 186 degrees. Hydrogen peroxide will boil off as well.

      Any thing you put the hydrogen peroxide in. If it fizzes. It has germs in it. If you soak the yeast in worm water. Then add the hydrogen peroxide to the water and yeast mix. It should kill off all of the yeast. Then if you add some alcohol. You could get every thing. Add every thing else. Then boil every thing for longer than 45 minuets.

      If you put every thing in the glove box and watered it down to settle the dust with hydrogen peroxide and water mix. It should be clean enough to put the mixture on the cardboard sandwiches.

      Took a clean straw out of the paper rap it was in. And made a mark with a felt pen. About 1/3 inch from the end. While the mixture is still hot. Fill the straw up to the mark. Put your finger over the other end of the straw and lift the mix out of the boiling pot . On to the center of the cardboard.

      Use the mark as a gage to adjust the next plate with. Start out small then work bigger. What you want is for the center of the cardboard to be wet and the out sides to be dry.

      After you get a big batch of mold growing.

      Then fix up some big plates 6 inched by 6 inches. I you have a big sheet of cardboard growing with mold. You can pick and choose. The best spot where the mold is growing.

      All you need is a disk about the size of a dime. If you take a steel tube and sharpen the edges with a file. Put the cardboard on a flat smooth board of hard wood. Take a hammer and the beveled edge tube. And cut out your disk.

      This way the mold will be growing in a closed environment till you are ready to use it.

      Up date Sept 25,2010

      After four days. I checked my glass sandwiches Every one of them was dry to the bone.

      No moisture. No mold.

      It has glass on top and bottom. The only place it could have gotten out is through the sides.

      I am trying different forms of seals for the sides.

      Right now I am trying a rubber band that is big enough to go all the way round the cardboard. If the rubber band is thicker than the cardboard. The glass will come in contact with the rubber band before it touches the cardboard. It should form a seal and hold in the moisture. If you turn the sandwich over to where the mold is growing between the cardboard and the glass.

      It should work out all right.

      If you put the mold on top of the cardboard. Then close up the sandwich with the rubber bands. Then just flip it over. And gravity will make the cardboard fall to the bottom glass plate. The mold will be on bottom. It will grow flat with the glass.

       I was crossing the rubber bands in the center. But You cann't see what is happening. So now I'm taking four rubber bands and moveing them to the side so that it will leave the center open for viewing. Larry

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