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      Log up date 7/14/08: As all ways. When you are working on a problem. At the same time that you find what is wrong with it. At the same time you find out how to fix it.

     Well not all ways. Some problems are harder to fix than others. Some times it works back wards.

     Some times all you need is a lucky break. This is what happen.

     I had to find out how to fix the problem, before I could find out what the problem was.

     The cart comes before the horse. This is how a lucky break works.

     I knew what the problem was. I knew that there are way that we do it now days. But I couldn't find in text book of how one can do it with mildew. ( shower mold )

     But I knew that the people of old had found a way to do this. But they didn't tell any one about how it was done. I had to find it out for my self. I was on my own. S.O.L. No known easy fix.

     The problem is this. Mildew is a fungi. But yeast is also a fungi.

     The books that I was reading stated that all fungi grow best at room temperature (72 degrees.) The medium has to have P.H. Of 5.6. All fungi grow on sugar. The food that fungi feed on is sugar. This what the text books say. The experts on the subjects.

     Why should I dough their word or work. It has to be right. They know. Right? The problem is when you are trying to grow mildew. And only mill dew.

     When every you have the right food source. It will grow yeast as will as mildew.

     The only thing is that yeast grows at a very high rate of speed. Mildew grows much slower. Every thing I tried. The yeast contaminated the food source. Over grew the mixture. And choked out the mill dew. It would grow yeast. But would not grow mildew.

     No mill dew = No worm hole.

     I know that lab technician use different mixture and chemicals. When every they want to grow one kind of organism. And not some other.

     A discriminating mixture or food source.

     It donged on me last week that wood will grow mildew but not yeast.

     That's the answer. Wood.

     Paper is made out of wood. When I was trying to grow mold on tomato. I would wet a paper towel and put it in a cover dish. It keep it moist.

     I was about to drive me crazy. The mold would not grow on the tomato. But it would grow on the paper towel.

     So. I did an experiment to see if my theory was right or not.

     I took a paper towel. Put some mold on it. Wet it. Put it in a cover dish. To keep the paper towel moist. I took a cotton ball. Wet it. And put it in the dish. Also.

     After two days. I checked it to see how the paper towel was doing.

     The paper towel had very little mold on. The cotton ball was ate up with mold.

     The right answer Is not wood. Is it cotton? NO.

     What does cotton, wood,and grass all have in common. They are all high in fiber. They all can grow mill dew The right answer is " Fiber ". Cotton is 100% fiber. " "Cotton is king ".

     Cotton wood grass. All these things are all high in fiber. And low in sugar.

     The food source was the discriminating agent. In their experiments. This is how they got their worm hole to form. Rain water ( distilled water )has a P.H of 7.0. It will not grow yeast. Distilled water is sugar free.

     Cotton has a P.H of 7.0. It will not grow yeast.

     Cotton is sugar free. It will not grow yeast.

     Mill dew release an enzyme that breaks down fiber. And this is it food source.

     Mildew can make it own sugar.

     Yeast can't make it's own sugar. It has to have a out side source of sugar.

     Termites have mill dew in there digestion system. This is what breaks down the fiber in wood. Into sugar. And this is what they live on.

     Egypt. The elephant dung beetle. The elephant dung beetle lays an egg in a ball of elephant dung. The larva has to relies on the mill dew in it's digestion system to break down the fiber in grass. And turn it into sugar. Where was the source of mill dew that the Egyptians was using. The guts from elephant dung beetles.

     So this why all the pictures of elephant dung beetles in Egypt. Sure. Now we know.

     The first worm hole that I formed. I was using and old white 100% cotton T shire. With orange juice on it. I thought it odd for the mold to grow on orange juice because the P.H. of orange juice is 2.5.

     I thought that I must have grown on the orange just because the worm hole formed.

     But now that I have thought about it. The mill dew was not growing on the orange juice. It was growing in the cotton that the T shire was made out of.

     This is the mistake that I made that through me off track for seven years.

     So. Does cotton work? Sure. It worked for me before. It will do it again. And it also worked for a lot of other people. What nature will let one man do. Nature will let all other men do.

     It took me seven years to find out why the first one worked. But hasn't worked since. I haven't used cotton since then. Could there be some kind of connection here? Sure.

     So this week I'm running experiments on trying to grow mildew on cotton and Distilled water.

     I'm using 3M spray adhesive on the back side of the cotton. To stick it too the mirror. The adhesive may have some thing it that would prevent mold from growing.

     Concave mirrors are rounded. Cotton cloth is flat. To get it to lay down flat on the rounded mirror. I'm having to cut pleats in it. I'm trying different pattern of pleats. And I'm working on ways to get the cloth on the mirror with out forming any wrinkles in it. The cotton cloth has to lay down flat and stick to the mirror. And not move around.

     New cotton cloth will shrink when it first gets wet. You will have to preshrunk the cloth before you use it by washing it a few times. The cloth is part of the film. If it shrinks. The hologram will not form. If the film moves around. The hologram will not form.

     I know that even mold will grow better if it has the right vitamins and minerals present. I'm trying different mixtures of distilled water with sugar free vitamins pills with minerals dissolved in it.

     Who knows. May make mildew grow like it's on steroid. I know that the Egyptian were using a thin cotton cloth that you could see day light through. Some thing like mosquito netting made out of 100% cotton. I need to find some. Do they make it any more?

     I'll try to keep you posted.

     Log 7/17/08

      I took some pictures of the mold. I put a new cotton ball next to the old one with the mold growing on it. This was taken after seven days. Fast acting stuff. This is what we need.

Up date 7/27/08

     In order to help you under stand where I am leading you. And just what I'm talking about. I am writing a little note. That will make every thing make sense.

     With out under standing this first part. Nothing but nothing will every make sense of the rest of what's on this page.

     If you can make it past this first obstacle. To under standing Gravity and what worm holes are. And how one can get a wormhole to from.

     And what it is about a worm hole.

     That will allow you to use the wormhole and manipulate gravity.

     By pointing out some of the mistakes that I have made. It would be a good bet that you are making the same mistakes.

     Pulse. I have studied the works of other people that have did this and there is one big pattern that pops out of it all. That gives us a big clue to what gravity is.

     What is it composed of! Lets get started.

      You may be making the same mistake that I made.

     It may well be the same mistake that every one else is making.

      No one told me that simple light is in the state of a plasma.

      99% of the universe is in the state of a plasma.

     The fourth state of matter.

      Stars are composed of a plasma.

      The light that stars produce is a plasma. Like our sun.

      But when every a supper nova collapses under it on gravity. The light or energy that it produces. When it expands and cools. Forms atoms. The elements. The light is a plasma. The atoms are also composed of plasma.

     The same particles that supper nova produce in order to produce atoms. The electron photon and the radon particles. Is the same particles that fill the space between atoms. Not all of the plasma energy from the super nova. Forms atoms. Most of it remains as the plasma that fills the space that rest in between the atoms. Or stars.

     We usually refer to this area as "space" It's actual a field of plasma energy. That we know that it is there. Because it has mass. Some times called Strange Dark matter.

     Every thing in the universe. Is connected to every other thing in the universe.

     Every thing in the universe. Is attracted to every other thing in the universe.

     Let me say it again so that you don't miss this one. It is a big clue to what gravity is.

     Every thing in the universe. Is connected to every other thing in the universe.

     Every thing in the universe. Is attracted to every other thing in the universe. Could it be by chance that Gravity has some thing to do with how every thing is connected. Is also why every thing is attracted?

     Sure it does.

     Could it be that by the same way that atoms are connected. Plays a big roll in how atoms are able to produce a force towards each other. Yes.

     Sure it does.

     The same particles that make up the plasma energy that forms atoms. Is also the same particles that make up it gradational field. The way that atoms are connected.

     In simple optics. Plasma. The shape of positive and lenses. Spheres. And the shape of negative lenses. The tube part of the sphere. Is the very same shape at a much smaller scale. Is the same state of matter that makes up atoms and it's gravitational field.

     The geometrical shapes of two free space positive lens. Can becomes connected by way of a free space negative lens. And express their self as one unbroken shape. "As One"

     Well it does. Nature does this. Then the question becomes.

     Can the sphere shape of the plasma energy. Of free space positive lenses shapes that atoms form. Also be connected by the geometrical shape for free space negative lens. Of the plasma energy that they are both made of. In the same way that positives free space and negative free space lenses do in the simple plasma energy that light is composed of.

     Only if they are both composed of a plasma energy. And they are. This is the first big mistake that i Was making that I found. The second big mistake that I was making that I found is this.

     If the geometry of plasma energy found in nature. Can show us how every in the universe is connected and attracted.

     The question then becomes. Can The geometry of the plasma energy play a big roll in the way that the force of gravity Is produce by nature?

     I call this approach the " Picture Book Story of Gravity ".

     Because I have found a way to take 3D pictures of the plasma energy of simple optic. How it is forming the free space geometrical shapes of positive and negative lens.

     While is was studying how these shapes are formed in nature.

     I found out some very interesting things that it does that know body else every though. That also play a big roll in the production of the force.

     It is a well established scientific fact that the shape of membranes of plasma can form sphere and tube shapes. They are not two different shapes. They are connected together as one shape. You can't have one with out having the other. The closed loops of the building blocks of atoms. They are also what the building blocks of gravity are made of. This are also the building blocks of the universe. This is what we are made of. Knock on wood. It's real.

     The same light that makes up simple light and optical free space lenses. Sun light. Plasma. Is also the same light. Plasma that makes up atoms and it gravitational fields. All atoms are connected to all other atoms by way of it's tube part of the atom

     Locked up in the dynamics of the system of the true shape of atoms is where man will have to go in order to find gravity. This is how the hole universe is composed. Nothing more. Nothing less. These are the tools that we are left with to work with.

     A scientist would be hard pressed to say that plasma can not express it's self in the form of a tube. Nano size tubes. Nano sizes wormhole. Just another name for strings.

     Tubes of plasma that have very high mass. Gravitational free space negative lenses. Just another name for wormholes.

     Any scientist that refuses to except the physical evidence at it's face value. Is the day that a scientist gives up his right to call him self a scientist.

     Here is the pattern that pops out when you study what that the universe is composted of and how gravity is formed.

     Here is the third mistake that I was making that I found.

     People that have been able to use a very small amount of energy or form a stand a lone system that needs no out side source of energy except to get it up and running.

     And manipulate a much greater source of energy. The energy or mass that would have to be there in the space that rest between objects. In order for the universe to have a gravitational field.

     The plasma energy that is produces when a super nova blows up.

     This plasma state of energy the fourth state of matter. Plays by a different set of laws. It is able to take on form and shape. Atoms and the gravitational field of atoms takes on a shape.

     The plasma energy is the carrier of the info of the particle.

     The same three particles that plasma light that is coming from our sun. is also the same three particles that is produced by exploding super nova.

     Which in turn is the same three particles that go on to form the spaces of the shapes of atoms and the shapes of the space that form the gravitational field of atoms.

     No one has been able to effect gravity by effecting the space of atoms. By direct means.

     They all have found a way to effect the space that rest in between atoms. There by effecting that space of atoms by a indirect means. The space that rest in between the atoms is composed of not one particle. It is composed of a mixture of particles. A cocktail. It is complex.

     This is what space is made of in nature.

     In Dr. Winston E. Kock's book. " Lasers and Holography ". Repeats the same experiment. In the lab. That was done in Roswell N.M. In 1947.

     The only difference between the two experiments.

     Dr. Kock is using simple optical light. In which he mentioned radar. A rain bow hologram. The universal wave function. Some times called white light.

     When they say " white light ".

     They are talking about the light produced by stars. Like our sun.

     Kock left out the micro wave energy part of light. The Roswell radar shielding experiment does not. Both use a concave shaped disk as a resonator. John Hutchinson is also using a mixture. Ed. Of the Coral Castle. Moses and the Ark of the Covenant.

     Objects that effect the mixture of space because they are space shielding elements or objects. Like superconducting and spores from mold. They all were able to effect the mixture of plasma in just such a way to get the energy to focus in the space of a negative lens.

     Focus to a point? No.

     Negative lens don't have focal points. They have tubes.

      Your worm hole.

     And many others used the light that is coming from our sun.

     Again we have the mixture of the particles that space is made of. There is your pattern. I hope this and all of the other info that you have to know about. That can be found on my page. Will help you in some way.

     But here is a little tip that may help you. If you get up on the net and read what people are saying about me. They say that what I'm doing is more like a craft. Voodoo.

     A blood letting cult devil worship.

     Well . That's mot true. What I'm doing is more like a art forme.

     I'm trying to revive a old craft. and make it into some kind of art form.

     And how I'm going about doing this . Is by way of cause and effect. And trail and error. The cave man way of doing things. The monkey man way of doing things.

     The ark that I'm building is monkey made. I'm explaining a way every thing from the bird's eye view of a monkey. So that the average person can make one of these ark things from scratch. A home in his back yard. Why?

     Any Thing that you make from scratch in your own back yard. Is your creation. It's your baby. No one will be able to say that they have a prier claim to it.

     What you make. They can't take it a way from you. And you can use it in any way that you want.

     So where is the science part of all this? Is there any science to it? Sure. The same science that they use to talk about the way that a free space negative lens forms in simple optics. Plasma energy. the shape of plasma energy. The plasmoid. Is also the plasmoids they are talking about when they are explaining how a all optical high speed switch works. The same is true for holograms.

     Atoms. And gravity. Worm holes. How plasma interacts with the space shielding effect of the spores of mold. photography.

     They are all related to plasmoids. It all works by the same rules of nature.

     If you want you can go read up on the scientific end of what being done. in the experiment. And read all about The science behind it all.

     And what makes it work.

     " Fundamental of Photonic. " This is the book that you need.

     The part's of what you can't find out from the text books. You can find out about on my web page.

     I was thing. That this was going to be the year that I was going to make it work.

     So what's stoping me? "

     I can't get shower mold to grow. Most people can't keep mildew from growing. You can't kill this stuff out. And I can't even get it to grow?

     What wrong with this picture? What am I doing wrong?

     Well before I can get the ark to work. I will have to fix this problem.

     If I can't fix it with in days. It will be next year. Or the year after that. Who knows when. May be never. What do you mean by "never". I usually fix stuff in 1.5 seconds. Of course I can fix this.

     So what's the problem?

     You can't just go get the answer out of a book. I've looked. It's not there.

     They tell you how to grow fungi. But there is no place in any book. That is dedicated to growing show mold. And shower mold alone. What they do tell you about is how to go about finding a way to grow shower mole. And shower mold alone. Going to take some time. As usual. It's like pulling teeth. Some things just take time.

     Don't weary about it. I'm working on it. I'm thinking about.

     Here is what I've been able to find out. The number one reason why I can't grow shower mold is. It's being over ran by yeast.

     Yeast grows about nine times faster than shower mold.

     Both are a fungi.

     All fungi use sugar as their food source.

     There are two ways. May be more. To separate the yeast from the shower mold.

     Get the yeast and what every else is there. In your growth mixture.

     One way is to isolate it by using sterilization techniques.

     Moses didn't know how to do this.

     So what he might have been doing is using a differentiating agent. I tried isolation by sterilization. It didn't work. The yeast found it way back in again.

     If I can't do it. Then I know that Moses and all the others couldn't do it either.

     Her is what you have to know.

     Diagnostic testing. Some of the test that microbiologist run to identify what kind of fungi they have. Is the same set up the use to grow only one kind of fungi. The first step would be to know how yeast and shower mole is a like and how they are different.

     Well. They are both fungi. They both use sugar as a food source.

     The big difference is that one. Yeast can not produce it's own sugar. It has to have a out side source of food. Suger.

     On the other hand. Shower mold. Can absorb a out side food and then change it into sugar. The use the sugar.

     Use a food mixture. that does not have any sugar in it. That will fix that yeast. Stop it dead in it's tracks.

     Fiber like wood dried grass, and cotton. will not grow yeast. But it will grow shower mold.

     I have been looking at dietary supplements at Wal Mart. The stuff that you take when you are constipated. A laxative.

     I don't know if fiber is all the same stuff. But I'm going to try it out.

     Here is what I'm thinking. There are there different kinds of dietary supplements at Wal Mart. Some of the are low in sugar.

     One of the is a malted dextrose. If I'm right. This is made from milk. Ed. had a large jar of malted milk. There is a hole rusted in the top of the jar. The hole let in moisture. And it all turned black. Mold?

     Yeast grow with out access to the atmosphere. It doesn't need air to grow. But mold does.

     Shower mold will grow better if it has air.

      There are several ways to grow fungi. One way is to grow it on the out side of a food that is solid, and moist. Like jell-o. The other way is in a bottle in a liquid. Like beer Or wine.

      Mold needs air. I don't know if it is using oxygen or carbon dioxide. Air has both. But if you take a air pump. for fish tanks. Buy them at Wal Mart.

     You could grow shower mold in a liquid. If you aerate the water. Put air bubbles in it.

     This means that if you took a small bottle. Put distilled water in it. Add a little vitamins water in it. Put in some dietary fiber. Put mold in it. Put the air pump supply in the bottle. Every thing you put in the bottle is very close to being clear.

     If it is growing mold. It will turn milky. Just like wine doest when it is fermenting. Cloudy. After it turns cloudy. It will stay this way till it grows to the point that it has eaten up all of the food. Then it will die.

     Glue pre washed cotton pads to the mirror. Pour the bow full of the mold mixture. The mold will start to grow on the cotton pads. The mold becomes inter tangled with the cotton. The cotton pads will be 100 percent covered with the mold.

     That means that when the mold starts to from spore when it dry's out slowly. It should turn a solid black. Just like film.

     And this is what we are looking for. We need it to grow as thick as the hair on a coon dogs back.

     Shoot the mold filled mirror.

     It will kill off the growing mold.

     Dead mold will not go on to produce mold spores. Live mold will

     When the mold starts to die off due to drying out.

      The left over live mold will form spores in all of the right spaces. The hologram forms. The worm hole forms.

     Your in business.

     Well. That's the game plain as of right now.

     I'm working with Konsyl natural fiber supplement. It's a Laxative.. 100% natural 'Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloio used as a dietary fiber. Has no sugar in it. I think it is made from the husk of grains.

     But will it grow mold? May be. Will see how it does.

     I'm doing some trial experiments to see how it does.

     I have some real thin cotton cloth. But it want grow mold. I know that when they make the cloth. It has a anti fungicide on it to prevent mold from growing on till after they get it sold in the stores.

     Just like that chemical they put on fruit on the buffy. Bananas and apples that you find in the fruit. It want grow mold.

     So today I washed the cotton cloth several times. Should be able to grow mold now. I know that if you take a new cotton towel. Wet it . Then put it in the clothes hamper. It want grow mold. But after you have washed it several time. Then do the same thing. It will grow mill dew. It will have black spots where the mold is growing. All over it.

     I'm gluing that cotton pads on the mirror with 3M spray adhesive. I don't thing it has any thing it that will prevent mold from growing. I'm cutting the cotton cloth pads into the shape of triangles. With the pointed ends in the center cut off. This leaves a bold spot where the ray optic comes through the hole and hits the mirror at.

     But I'm cutting the wedges small enough so that there is a space in between them. It makes the pattern of a cross. With a hole in the center. I'm leaving the center of the mirror open and a gap that goes all the way up the sides of the mirror. So that it will be eager to get the mirror into focus. The hologram will still form because that film of the hologram does not have to be solid to from. It can have bold spots in it and it will still work. I have been doing some experiments.

     I'm taking some 44 oz. Coke cups that I have drank. And putting a wet paper towel in the bottom of it. And putting a aluminum soda can in it with some a cotton pad glued in it.

     After a week. I checked them. No mold growing on the can. But I noticed that the cups that I cleaned up didn't have mold growing on the sides of the cup. But the cups that I didn't wash out. Where there was a few drops of coke still there. The mold is growing where the coke was.

     Coke will grow mold? You can't find that in any text book. 7up may work better yet.

     I have mixed some dietary fiber in water. It has some stuff growing in it. But not much. I have bottles that have water in it. Water that I put in a flat dish and let sit out side under a tree. The water acts like a dust magnet and is used as a trap to collect spores from air born mold.

     May be the best spores to use are air born. I think that Ed was doing some thing like this.

     I know that Ed spent a lot of this time watching mold grow on the bottom of pans. Sounds weird. Till you find out what he is doing.

     I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a fish tank air pump. This week and try out my ideals. There is what they call a stone. That you put on the end of the air line. It makes the air bubbles real small. This is what keeps the air level high in the water.

     The unwashed cotton repels water. But after you wash it a few times. It don't do that any more. It act's like a paper towel. Or toilet paper. It just sucks that water in. May be why I'm not growing any mold.

      Soda pop may have a preservative in it that will prevent yeast from growing. And don't effect mill dew. Coke shouldn't be growing mold. But it does. Why is that?

     The mold may be coming from the ice water.

     I know that after the ice melts. The water in the cup is about 98% water and 2% coke. May be that the preservative is to week to prevent mold from growing. But not so week that it will allow yeast to grow.

      Let me tell you a little story. I'm going to call it the " Connect the Dots Picture Book story " of how I know they were forming wormholes about 8,000 years ago. I have changed my equipment to where it works the same way that their's did.

     The first picture is of a lion man. What is interesting about this picture is that he is holding some thing up to the sun. He is letting that sun shine to what every he is holding. He is holding it with both hands But if what he is holding had a axis through the center of it. His hands are acting like yokes. It talks about the yokes in the bible. You could make it change it's angle of attack. And make it go up or down. But if you turned the hole lion man's statue from left to right. You could use this device to track the sun as it moves across the sky. The thing that you are looking at is their equipment that they used to form wormholes.

     There is one more thing that you can see in this picture. At the end of the rays of sun light. There is this little do dad thing on the end. You can see them on the rays just above his tail and hind legs.

     The same do dad thing shows up in this picture. Note that this is a 2d drawing of a 3d object. Not that it has a axis on each side. One for each hand.

     But there is some thing else in the picture . The four bars close together. What I'm calling the tower. This is where they put the concave mirror. And such. this is the way they made it.

     The same tower shows up here in this picture.

     And here.

     And here. But in this picture. But in this picture. The worm hole has formed. It is the tube looking object with the half sphere on the end.

     Same here

     Same here. But I have two more pictures where I have found these tube with rounded ends on the end of the tube. This is a worm hole. How do I know this.

     This is what they look like in nature.

     This is what they look like in nature. I have two more picture that I found that have the same tube type wormholes in them. The only difference is that this pictures ( drawing.)are made by the Mayans.

      I have studied all of the ones that I can find. This is the one that I'm going to stick with. It's the simplest one to build. Cheap. Simplest to operate. It can do every thing that it needs to do. Carrie the day.

     I have modified my equipment to work the same way that every body else's worked.

     I drill a hole in the center of the box. And put a bolt in the hole on each side to act like an axis. So that the box will go up and down. It will go up and down and left and right. Just like everybody else's does.

     I took the turn table and drilled a hole in the center of it. Put a bolt in the bottom board. Used the hole as a pivot point. Put four wheels on it. One in each corner. To be used as a turn table.

     All it is a turn table with a yoke built on top of the turn table out of 2x4's. So that it will turn left and right. The box has a axil on each side of it. So that it will swivel up and down.

     front view

     I took two 2x4. And put one on each side of the box. I bolted them to the turn table. The base.

     I took two 2x4. And put one on each side of the box. I bolted them to the turn table. At the base. The two 2x4 boards act like the hands of the lion. It is a yoke. But both up right 2x4 act like a yoke at the top.

     I drill a hole in the center of the box. And put a bolt in the hole on each side to act like an axis. So that the box will go up and down. It will go up and down and left and right. Just like everybody else's does.

     I also drilled a 4 inch hole just above the axis. So that I waould have a peep hole to check up on what's happening on the in side. The big round white thing is the botom of a soda cup I use to plug the hole

     This is just a side view of what it looks like. People want to know where I get some of my weird ideals from. Now you know.

     Lot of work to be done. Till then, by. Larry

     Log date 8/9/08

     I have a lot of interesting things to talk about. Text And pictures. I have more stuff to post than I have time to post.

     I have been looking at a lot of pictures of Ancient Egypt. Trying to find stuff there that might help me do what I'm trying to do.If you can pick up on what it is that I'm doing. You might want to try it for your self. Pick their brains. Lot of fun. There is a lot of info to be had for free. If you just study the pictures. There is more there than you think. After some one tells you what it is that you are looking at. You will find out that' it's every where. How did we ever miss this one for so long?

     The pictures that I find most interesting. Is the ones that Have the plasmoid shape of a wormhole in them. The ones that have a balloon like object that looks like a tube of light with a half sphere on the end.

     This shape of plasmoid is the same shape that a worm hole makes. In nature. A really good clue.

     But what can be seen in a lot of the pictures that have the balloon in it. Is pictures of some thing they call a " Djed ". I'm going to call it a " tower ". The type of equipment you would need to be used as the frame work used to hold up your optical equipment.

     I find the tower in a lot of pictures. But there is this picture that shows a scale in it. Weight and balance. A scale. It has a tower in one pan and a feather in the other pan. What is odd in all of the pictures with the scale in them is. The pan of the scale has objects that should weight in at different weights. But the scale is balanced out to zero. The objects weight the same.

     Now you have to ask your self this question. " What's right about these pictures and what's wrong here"?

     If you were trying to prove that you were effecting gravity. This is how you would do it. If the heaver object was losing mass. It would weight less or the same as the other object. The only way you could do this is if you had found a way to manipulate gravity.

     The story about the scale keeps changing. What is in the pans keeps changing. One has a tower pitted against a feather. Then you have a up side down jar pitted against a feather.

     Then you have a jar pitted against a man with a bowl with flat sides on his knee.

     It's the cone shaped bowl that is interesting.

     This bowl shows up in other pictures. Why?

     Why is this guy pouring water into the bass of a tower? I found out that the mold was growing at the top of my soda cup lids because the water was evaporating and was forming condensation at the top. This is how they keep the mold moist. At the top of the tower. If they were using jars that were vortexed shaped at the top. With a lid with a hole in the top. Water at the bottom of the jar. Works for me.

     I had read that a concave shape mirror was compatible with the shape of a negative lens produced by a hole.

     What they forgot to tell me was that there are other shapes that are also compatible with a negative lens. A mirror in the shape of a vortex. And the shape of a cone.

     If the hole is the right size and the right distance from the cone. It will meet up with the cone at a 90 degree angle. Just what we need. Just what they had. The Egyptians had um.

     Which bring us to this. We know that they used the wormhole like the finger of god. And used them to cut the stones into blocks.

     What every body wants to know is how they used them to make the huge blocks of stone float in the air. This is how.

     The up side down jar on the scale? It just so happen that the shape of the jar is special. In what ways? A hot air balloon is bottom heavy. This is hat makes it stay up right in flight. If you put he jar over the space where the worm hole is at. It will levitate in the air. And not fall off. It has the right shape. And if the part of the jar that the curved space is effecting. Producing a force in the up direction. And it is not effecting the other parts of the jar. It does not flip over because it is bottom heavy. It is stable for the same reason the hot air balloons are stable. They bottom heavy.

     Now. If they had figured this one out. It didn't take them lone to find a way to make huge blocks of stone to do the same thing.

     This is how they did it. They took the stone that they wanted to lift. And covered the top with these bowl that had a worm hole in them. Then they places a flat slab of stone that had the same size. As the bottom stone that was to be lifted.

     They took ropes with a ring at each end. And placed them underneath the bottom stone and over the top of the top slab.

     They used thick straps of greased leather and used the rings as a cinch. They placed these cinches on all sides. They put a lot lot of cinches on the stones.

     They tighten up the cinches all at the same time. This caused the top slab of stone to move further down into the mouth of the wormholes. At some point the top slab of stone started producing enough force in the up direction. It would cause the top stone to pick up the bottom stone. Mystery solved end of story. This is how they did it.

     How do I know this? There was so many ropes across the top of the top slab of stone. That it looked like they had covered it with a rug. What do you mean. " Rug ".

     " Flying Carpet " any one? They were real. They really had some thing that they called a " Flying Carpet ". They inter wove the ropes together. Like a cloth. With the rings of the cinch hanging over the sides. One for the top. One for the bottom. This way they could take it off as one piece and put it back on again. As one piece.

     Did they have such things that looked like this? Sure. The Ark is built like this. The top slab of gold was the same size as the box below it. Two men was all that was needed to carry the ark. It weight about 2000 pounds. How can this be/ Two men can't pick up 2000 pounds.

     It is said that on some days they carried the ark. On other days. The Ark carried them. ?????? That's how. Go figure. Do the math.

     And so is this thing.

     Things have been pretty weird around here lately. I have known about this for years now. But just hadn't told any body about. Now you know. This is how I knew how Ed did it. That box on top of the tripod. is where he put his wormhole. That square steel bar with a " v " in the bottom of it is what he used. It fit together like links of a chain. This is how I found out how to set it up on your car and make it run down the road. Off of gravity.

      Here is just a bunch of pictures that suggest that they used sun light to burn the film. What the towers might have looked like.

     Well. Back to the drawing board. Next page please .

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