Star Gate Date Log Book Jan. 2010
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      Star Gate Log Book up date 1/30/10: ( This is a every long page. You may have to hit the refresh putton several times to load it all and all of the pictures )

      At last. At long last. I have found out what they were doing that makes all of the dots connect together. They were forming 360 degree reflecting holograms. Of a free space negative lens. Produced by sun light. The stuff that space is made of.

      The same kind of light that a star produces. Is also the same kind light that a star (a supper nova} produces when there is a gravitational collapse. Which in turn, is also the same kind of light (space) that is needed to form atoms? Which is also the same light, or (space). That rest between the atoms. The parts of light (space) that form the atom. Is also the light (space} that forms the tube part of the atom. The tube part of the atom is the same light or space that rest between atoms. If each atom is connect by way of it's tube to the tube part of every other atom. This means that there is no such thing as ( The space between atoms ) It's all the same space.

      But at the same time. Each atom's tube is independent and apart from all other atoms tubes. Why is this? It takes two tubes half to make one hole tube. Even though there is just bone tube there. They are acting as if the tube is composed of two independent half. Nature get's to have it both ways at the same time. Her way.

      Our sun is a star. The same light, space, energy, mass of the particles produced by our sun. Is also the same light that forms the tube part of the atom. Which is the same light that can be made by man to form a free space negative lens. Light in the form of a tube. Which is also the same field energy and mass of the universe. Which is also the same light that is used to form a worm hole. In nature. Which is the same sun light that man can use to form a worm holes. In his own back yard. The same way that every body else has did it.

      This is the stuff, the light, the space, that makes gravity work in nature.

      "360 degree holograms" is a known way of forming a hologram of a three dimensional object that rest in three diminutions of space that can be seen from all sides." Focus Imaging " is the word that we are looking for here. The technique used to form a hologram of a free space negative lens. This means that if I and find a technical word for the type of hologram technique that they are using in a text book. This means that modern man is all ready doing this. This also means the men that were a live 10,000 years a go. That was doing the same thing. The laws of nature have with stood a test of time that goes back 14 billion years. This means that as long as man has been man. The laws of nature have not changed. You can't do some thing like form a worm hole by violating the laws of nature. You can only do it if you don't violate any of nature laws.

      The object is placed in a drinking glass that is cone shaped. The light comes from above. The light not only strikes the object it also struck all of the sides of the cone shaped drinking glass. On the inside surface and is reflected in wards from all sides towards the object. There is a reference beam. The light from above. But also there is an objective beam. The light from above that strikes the in sides surface, that is an angle, of the cone shaped drinking glass and is reflected in wards to the object that they are forming a hologram of.

       Concave mirrors form a focal point that is in the space that rest in front of the face The foucal point forms away. Out in front of the concave mirror. It forms a positive lens.

      In order to form a sfree space negative lens. There has to be two positive lenses present. Two concave mirrors presant.

      If you had two concave mirror. Two positive lenses. You could use them to form a free space negative lens.

      If you had two concave mirror of the same size. And if the light is coming from above. There is no way for the light to get on the inside of the two mirrors that are facing each other. Because the upper mirror will be casting a shadow on the bottom mirror.

      So! How did they do it? They made the top mirror smaller than the bottom mirror. If you take the curved edges of both mirror and connect them together. They will form the same shape as of an egg.

      If you take the curved edges of both mirror and connect them together. They will form the same shape as of an egg. A if you add to that. where the ring goes. you have it all.

      The Ark? The same set up. Not much differance. ( I used the same drawing for both pictures.)

      What is a 360 degree reflecting surface? What does it do for you? With the ring. Only the inside . Top 1/4 of the ring is used. If you it is pointed towards the sun. The sun light strikes the inside of the ring. And reflects the sun light towards the center of the ring. Light is coming from all sides. ( 360 degrees ) You can use the light as ba objective beam to light up an object from all sides. What is needed to from a hologram of an object that is 3D?

      There are many different shapes that can be used as a 360 degree reflecting surface. A bowl shape like an egg. A ring. Or a thick plate of gold that has a hole in the middle of it with the sides of the hole rounded. The Ark. You could also use the vortex shape of a jar. But like the coffee cup The Myans were using. They may have used the inside of the cup to place their jade ear ring. And the shape of an egg. Where the ring would go would be half way between the top and bottom mirror.

      There are only so many ways to form a positive lens. A glass positive lens. The diffracted light that comes from around the edges of a disk. And a concave mirror. They did not have ant glass lenses back then. They could have used a hole that light passed through. But after the worm hole formed. How would they get the plate with the hole in it. Off the worm hole. They could not. That only leaves two to work with. It takes two positive lenses to form a free space negative lens. There three ways that they could have did it. Only one way is the right way.

      When you go to set up the optics. There are three thinks you have to keep in mind. (1) The top disk shaped mirror will cast a shadow So will the ring.. You have to check where the sun light is going to hit the bottom mirror in order to from a positive lens. It is a ring on the bottom mirror. The shadow of the top mirror has to go on the inside of the ring. And the shadow of the mirror ring has to fall on the out side of the ring. (2) The top and bottom mirror have to be centered. And they have to be the right distance apart. When they are right there can be seen a dark disk in the center of the bottom mirror. Do the lenses first. (3)Put the mirror ring on last. It only has to be centered. You can do this by looking at the shadows. And you can just eye ball it to place it half way between the top and bottom mirrors. You can use slop to set up the ring mirror.

      I have found a relationship between what is seen on the back of a U.S. one dollar bill. There 13 stars. 13 arrows. 13 olives leaf. And 13 olives. But if you look at the pyramid. There are 13 layers. But If you read in the Bible. It tells you how it was built. It was one and a half cubic high. Their was a incents Table that was one and a half cubic high. Now if a cubic was a dollar. Each dollar is equal to 4 quarters. A half dollar or half cubic would be equal to two quarters. Six quarters would be equal to one and a half cubic. That means that there was six units on top of the ring and six below the ring and the ring was equal to one quarter. 13 in all. Optics is scale invariant. They both had a center unit. Where the ring was placed. The two concave mirrors were the same distance from the ring. ( In the center there of.) The triangle with the eye in it is nothing more than a small concave mirror. You can polish up the bottom of a coke can. Place it up close to your eye and see the same thing. Your eye ball. The mirror was no bigger than the bottom of a coke can. Another clue can be seen in the sunlight that is coming from behind the triangle. They burnt the film in the noon day sun. This means that the triangle shaped concave mirror should be placed down flat. On top of the pyramid. What It does not show you is what's on the inside of the pyramid. I can do that.

      You can take three simple pictures and connect the dots. What is seen on the back of a dollar.

      Add it to what can be seen on the walls from Egypt. Like this picture.(What is hidden on the inside of the pyramid. Now you have the hole picture. One more thing. There is such a thing as a Star Gate The ring. In the Bible. They put the film on the ring. But every one else put it in the top mirror.

      Then if you add this picture to the mix. That is what a worm hole looks like in nature. It is coming out of a concave mirror. Need I say more?

      One more thing you need to know about is. Where do you place the film. The light of the free spaqqce lens. When it hits the top mirror. Because it is rounded shape. It will form a ring. There is na blind spot in the center of the ring. THis is where the film goes. The same is true about the bottom mirror. It has a blind spot. They may have filled it with water. The will evaporat. And form a film of fog on the top mirror. What the mold need inorder to grow. Water, The only referance That I can Find to How LOng you have to expose the33 film to sun light is. Ed said some thing about 7 minuts. This may be true. Because from dry runs that I have mad. If you set your box up to where it's about two minuts befor dead top center. And just let setr there. It will be dead on for about three minuts. Then it takes two minuts to go off. 7 minuts in all. To get it right I will have to run some test.

      A drawing of the top mirror can be best seen on the back of U.S one dollar bill. The triangle with the eye ball in the center of it. That is nothing more than a concave mirror cut into the shape of a triangle.

      Would you like to see the eye ball? Take the concave bottom of a coke can. Polish it up into a mirror shine. Draw a line drawing of a triangle on the circle of the mirror. Hold it up close to your eye and you can see what the person that drew the picture was looking at. When he drew the picture. The eye on the back of a dollar is also the same size as the eye that you can see in the bottom of a polished coke can.

      This means that the pyramid is only as tall as your knees. It was small, leaf plaint can be seen at the bottom of the pyramid.

      But what can be best seen of what is on the inside of the pyramid. Can be found in the drawing of very old rocks and stone tablets that come out of Egypt.

      What they show is a bowl with a ring above it. The bowl is the other concave mirror. And the ring is the round 360 degree reflecting mirror.

      Add the two pieces of evidence together. There you have it. The whole ball of wax.

      If you made a shinny ring who's in side diameter is smaller that the bottom mirror and bigger than the top mirror. And if it was just so. So. If you placed it over an egg. It would come to rest half way between the top and the bottom concave mirror.

      One way of expressing it shape. Is to take a figure 8 and make the bottom of the eight bigger than the top. The Omega. Get the picture.

       The best way to pull every thing together is to start out with the shape of an egg. You know. Like chicken eggs. The first men that were able to do this used an egg.

      After you know this. In all the different ways that they did it. The parts of their equipment can be tracked back to the same way that monkey man did it. That is what man were before they became modern man. But if a monkey can do this. Just how smart will man have to get before man is smart enough to do some thing like this. Get a worm hole to form. Makes you wonder about who is smarter of the two.

      I'll start out with the dynamic of the shape of the egg. If you make a 2D line drawing of an egg. And point the small end of the egg towards the noon day sun. On the equator. You have the right set up so far

      Then if you make the top 1/4 of the egg into a concave mirror. And do the same thing to the bottom 1/4 of the egg. This would give you your two concave mirrors needed to form the two positive lenses. What is needed to form a free space negative lens.

      At first they were using the sloped inside part of the egg. To be used as a 360 degree reflecting surface. They later changed the set up to using a ring made out of jade. The highly polished jade ear ring that the Mayan were using?

      They later used rings or jars made out of fired pottery. Glass.

      But when they started to use the worm hole to take gold silver and lead out of ore. They started to make the concave mirrors and rings out of gold silver and lead.

      The same stones that were egg shape used as mold to form positive lens's out of clay. Is also the same egg shaped stones used as molds to form positive concave mirrors out of gold silver and lead.

      The concave mirrors of the Ark were beaten out of flat sheets of gold. They were much bigger than the ones that every body else was using. Because they were using eggs as molds. Most of them were no bigger that an egg.

      So. If you modify your line drawing of the egg. To be like what is written about in The Bible. How to build the Ark. You place the two mirrors at each end just like it shows you on the back of a one dollar bill. The top end and the bottom end. Each mirror will face each other. A ring ( " The Mercy Set ") will be found in the center there of. All about.

      There are two meaning for center. Center means half way between the two mirrors. In the center, all about. Means that every thing is rounded. And all the parts of the equipment are aliened to a central axis. Aliened to the up and down center line.

      But the top mirror was in the shape of a three pointed star, a five pointed star and a six pointed star. The Star of David? Sure. This is what the Star of David was.

      Why didn't they just use a rounded disk shaped mirror? Because if they use a disk shaped mirror. The sun light would diffract around the edges and would interfere with the light between the two mirrors. By hiding a smaller concave mirror on the inside of the shape of the stars. The diffracted light went a way. The shape of the star fixed the problem.

      Then you make your 2D line drawing to show what the light and the shadows are doing in the set up. Then every thing makes sense. Where does the shadow hit the bottom mirror? Where does the shadow of the ring hit the bottom mirrors.

      How does the sun light hit the ring. Where does the sun light get reflected to. The objective beam.

      How does the sun light hit the bottom mirror. How does find it's way to the top mirror? It forms a resonator.

      There is a blind spot in the center of the bottom mirror. That they filled with water. Why? This is the water that evaporates to form condensation on the top mirror. Where the mold is grown to form the spores. To make the hologram work.

      The blind spot in the center of the top mirror is where the food goes. For mold to use to grow and form spores.

       There is one more thing I want to get off my mind in closing. I have a new theory about the universe and about nature, and space travel. We now know that the big bang theory is dead. So what is this back ground radiation they we have been able to map out.

       If there is such a thing as faster than light. Why is there no presents of it to be seen, in our universe. Could it be that the two way rule of nature gets to have it both ways? We can only detect things that are going less than the speed of light. Things that are going faster than the speed of light. We can not.

       But if there were some thing like parallel universes. We could have more than that one universe resting in the same space as our own universe. We can not detect there present because they are going faster than our point of rest.

       But if space has no perspective. When some thing pases us by. At first it is coming closed to us then at a right angle to us. Dead Top Center. It stops. For just a littlt bit. Then it starts to move a way from us.

       This means that stars that are very far away from us. (The back ground radiation.) Stars that are very far a way from us that are going faster than the speed of light. For a brief moment. They would be at rest to us. They could be detected.

       Why I beleave this is true. I was watching a UFO. It took of very fast. It made a wake in the air. Then it vanished. The wake went a way at the same time the wake went a way because the UFO was no longer a part of this universe. It was going faster than the speed of light it was one of theirs. Not ours. I am sure of it. So. How did they do it?

       A man told me one time that he was abducted by aliens. He was on the inside of the UFO. He Told me that on the inside of the UFO along the out side wall. There was a glass ring. Filled with some thing shiny like mercury.

       Now that I have found out what the rings are all about. You can put the film on the ring. And form a hologram.

       There are some really weird things you can do with holograms. Transit holograms. If you used one hologram to form a worm hole. You could use a hologram there the film is on the ring. To make a hologram of the first hologram. This way you could make the ring and UFO rest in the mouth of the worm hole.

       But it get it to work you would have to make the worm hole move toward the UFO so that the whole UFO was going into the mouth of the worm hole.

       You could not do some thing like this with a still picture. A standing wave hologram. You would have to have some thing like moving pictures. Some thing like TV. The info in the fringe pattern would have to change. Why the glass ring. TVs have a Glass tube. Could you make a TV in the shape of a ring? Sure. If what was on the inside of the ring was space shielding. And if you could make the fringe pattern change. You could pull a hologram up over the UFO. Because what ever goes down the mouth of a worm hole. It louses its ability to form mass when accelerated. It could be going faster than the speed of light in less than a second.

       This is what I watched the UFO do. That day when I saw it. I all ways wondered how they did that. Now I know. This is what NASA has been looking for. For all these years. Inorder to go to the stars. You would have to find a way to go much faster than the speed of light. We are going to the stars. It is nice to know that your not crazy after all these years.

      It late in the day. And I'am tired. Good night.

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