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      Star Gate Log Book May 22, Part Three 2010

       I have been waiting for worm weather to get here. And it's here. The time of the year when it's worm enough to grow mold. I'm hopping that this is going to be the year. This is going to be the summer in which I'm going to open the black box. And hit the mother load. I am close. I've got all I need to know about to make it happen.

      I have been able to find out a lot of new thing about how to get the worm hole to form.

      Just this past two weeks. Two very big pieces of the puzzle have come to light.

      Two things. One is about Einstein's Cosmological Constant. And what roll it plays in forming a worm hole. What roll a worm holes play in manipulating gravity.

      The other is about Ed. How he got his mold to grow, and a little about his equipment, and how he made it, and got it to work. And a little bit about how ED found out how to do this. What clues did Ed have to go by? I have a lot more clues to go on than ED did. But, I know that if a take a few tips from ED. I have his equipment. If you have Ed's equipment. It's like having the blue prints on how to build the equipment that you would need to get a worm hole to form.

      Now having the equipment part right is one thing. Getting it to work is another thing all together. And knowing why it works. Again is some thing else. And last but not least. Knowing how to use the worm hole to get it to do what you want it to do. Then there is this other thing. Do it safely.

      The two thing that I'm waiting for now is worm weather. And finding out how Ed was able to grow mold. The worm weather is a free bee. It's here dud. No more waiting now. And Ed teaches you how to grow mold. The right way. Another free bee. Ed tells you how to grow mold. Ed grew it under water. Ed left be hind a lot of clues. You just have to learn to listen to what he is saying. And showing you. This is what I'm going to talk about.

      Let me knock this out of the way. Then we will get on to the ED thing.

      Einstein's Cosmological Constant has a lot to with where we get the mass to form a worm holes. Einstein's Cosmological Constant has a lot to do with the laws of nature and why man can get a worm hole to form and stay open. And use the same worm hole to manipulate gravity. How so?

      I have talked about being in a universe in which every thing falls in the up direction. Like living on the inside of a hollow earth. And you are in the dead ringer for center of that world. Which way would fall? If the universe was like a hollow earth. Given enough time. It would fall one way or the other. It would be like trying to balance a BB on a razor's edge. You can't do it. It can't be done.

      Einstein's Cosmological Constant? It's different. Because when ever you move Einstein's Cosmological Constant right along with you. There is no way that you can be in the center of this universe in which you are in. But you are in the center of Einstein's Cosmological Constant. Einstein's Cosmological Constant is not some thing that is hear or there. It is some thing that is here and there. Ever point in space has a different Einstein's Cosmological Constant. Where ever you go. Where ever you are at. In this part of the universe. You are in the center of your Cosmological Constant.

      This means that if you place one atom out in space. That atom would be in the center of its Cosmological Constant. All forces of gravity are equal on all sides. You aren't going to fall in any direction. Jack.

      The gravitational force of an Einsteins Cosmological Constant is the over riding gravitational force of the center point of that Cosmological Constant's center point.

      So when ever you are manipulating gravity. It is not only the objects that are close to you. It is also the objects that are a long way from you.

      This means that if you put an atom out in space. That atom would be in the center of it's Cosmological Constant That atom would be in the center of a bubble that is composed of galaxies out there where the so called echo of the big bang is at Where the black holes are so close together that the disk part of those galaxies would have to be sticking through each other,

      (This Big Bang Theory ant working out so good. If the universe is expanding. This means that every galaxy is getting further apart from each other. Why is it that in deep space galaxies are closer together? If you are looking back wards in time. Shouldn't they form a point instead of a bubble? There is a big difference between a point and a bubble. Universes may collapse to a point they don't collapse to forma bubble. It's different some how. Let's try Einstein's Cosmological Constant for a while. We would have better luck with it.)

      This means that if you had an atom in the center of its Cosmological Constant. The tube part of that atom. It's gravitational field. Would be connected to ever atom, in ever star, in every galaxy, in every direction of that bubble. That's a lot of tubes for one atom to have. The center atom would be in the center of it all.

      This means that if there was no atom in the center of the bubble. The bubble would still have a center point where all the atoms of the bubble would connect to all of the atoms on the other side of the bubble. Because the info and mass of the electron of each atom that the bubble is composed of. Can be found at the center point. The space at the center point of the bubble has the same mass as the bubble does.

      Which brings us to this question. How much mass does it take to form a worm hole? One bubble please.

      So. Now we know where the mass comes form that we use to form a wormhole.

      Which brings us to this. When ever we are manipulating gravity. We are effecting the over riding gravitational force of Einstein's Cosmological Constant.

      This means that we have an atom out in the open in space. As the atom goes in to the mouth of the worm hole. The half of the Cosmological Constant bubble that is cut off from the atom by way of the worm hole. Vanishes. While the other half of the Cosmological Constant bubble shrinks to a point. The atom will move in the direction of the bubble that is now a point in the sky.

      And because the atom is no longer connect to the half of the bubble that vanished. The atom has lost its ability to produce mass. The force that resist acceleration. It can go from zero to speed much faster than light. With in the blink of an eye. Why? There are no forces in nature to keep it from doing so.

      This means that if you lifted up off the earth. And was going straight up. All of the parts of the bubble that is to the north south east and west of you. Would now be over your head. You would never be able to catch up to these galaxies. Why? You're going the wrong way. You are moving along side of the galaxies. Your path of flight is parallel to these galaxies. Not towards them. This means that you will never run out of mass or galaxies to operate off of. You will never run out of gas.

      Now that I've got that off my chest. Let's get on to Ed's stuff.

      One thing that bugs me about Ed. Is not the fact that he did it? Its how in the world did he find out to do it? Ed is like me. He didn't think of this one by him self. He had help. He had a source. A place to get his info from. Where did he get his clues? What was available to him at that time?

      I know he knew about ultraviolet light and the effect that he had on mold. Ed had T.B. Ed cured his T.B. May be.

      There were crescent moon that he made. A crescent moon is the symbol of a concave mirror. I know that the one dollar bill has a triangle on the back of it. Did Ed figure out that it was a mirror? I know that he had a Bible. Did he read about the Ark of the Covenant? Was the Bible his main source of info? Ed was from Europe. Ed was old schooled. Ed was closer to the words that are used in the Bible. Did he know that a mercy seat was a toile seat? A ring. Did he know that a cherubim is the same word used to describe a saddle? A curved surface that is curved in two different directions at the same time. An inverse vortex is a cherubim. A bowl is also a cherubim. Cupid is a cherub. Children whose faces are rounded. Fat. Curved in two directions at the same time.

      My grand mother was old schooled. She called whirl winds cherubim. She told me that there was two cherubim's guarding the gates to the garden. She some times referred to a bowl as a cherubim. She also referred a vanity mirror as a cherubim.

      The cherubim that rest between the two bowls. That is in the center of the ring.

      The inverse vortex that rest between the two concave mirrors in the center of the ring.

      There are two kinds of ends. The ends on the left and right. And the top end and the bottom end.

      There are two kinds of centers. Half way between two objects. And the central axis.

      Now in the Bible. When it states that the cherubim are placed at each end. They meant one on the top end and one on the bottom end. And when it states that the mercy seat, the ring, is placed between the two cherubim in the center there of. All about. They meant that the ring is half way between the two concave mirrors. And it's all aliened to a center axis.

      And when it talks about the crown around the edged. They meant that the top mirror was to have points on it. A triangle.

      Now how would I know that? Ed made a Star of David on the needle. Ed had to use a triangle as the top concave mirror. In order to find out about the six pointed star that forms on the bottom mirror.

      I know that Ed made every from scratch. He made a race for the ball bearings for the swing gate out of lead. In order to do this he would had to make a lead mold to pour the hot lead in to. He made the mirrors and the ring out of lead. He casted the lead. This means that he had to have a home made lead mold. To pour the hot lead in to. Because he burnt a hole in a wooden log. With the worm hole. I know that the top mirror had to be smaller than the bottom mirror. The hole in the log is about the size of a chicken egg. He used a chicken egg to form his lead molds. I found an old wine bottle in the tool shed. The base found at the bottom of the wine. What it sets on. Is a perfect ring. Just the right size that he would need to form for the egg sized mirrors. Ed used egg shells to form egg shaped molds. To form egg shaped concave mirrors out of lead.

      To do this Ed had to have an oven. His Bar-b-Q pit. The pit has a home made oven made out of the casing of the rear end of a car. They use to make the rear end for cars out of two halves. ED took out the guts and put a barn hinge on the bottom side. This way you could lift it up from the center. The rear end would open up. You could put your mold and lead on the in side let back down. The oven would close back up. Build a big fire under it. And when it cooled back down. You could take out you finished produce blank. He made the molds out of a mixture of sand and concrete mix. He mixed a little concrete mix in the sand. Just to make the sand stay together. About like a dirt clod. He cooked it in the oven. To dry it. Then he put the lead in the mold. And cooked it again. When it cooled down. ED took the mold out. Busted the dirt clod off the lead blank. The lead would be in the shape that he wanted. The blank. He polished it up to a mirror shine. Ed was good to go.

      I think that Ed used stove bolts like I do for the frame work to hold the lens together. He had a wooden box with a hole in one end. I'm using a bucket with a hole in it.

      If you put the wooden box in the sun dial. And alien it with the pointer on the sun dial. Which has a horizontal and a vertical notch cut in to it. Just like the cross hairs in a scope of a deer rifle. Up and down. Left and right. What needs to happen to get the hole in the wooden box to point directly towards. The sun light. I use a sight on mine. And I use a set up that is much easier to build than ED'S sun dial set up. Faster to build. And it's cheaper too.

      Here we go. The kicker. Ed was said to have done a lot of weird things. One of the weirdest things that he did was. He put mold in water and watched it grow all day.

      That would be like me sitting on the back porch and watch the grass grow all day.

      Well it does till you finely figure out this is how Ed grew his mold on the top mirror.

      How did Ed do it? Here are my clues that I'm working on.

      In Ed's living quarters. There can be found a very large jar of powered malted milk.

      Milk is Ph neutral. Malt is the stuff that people use to put in corn mash to make whiskey.

      Malt changes starch in to sugar. Sugar is the food that fungi eats to grow.

      Ed had some pots and pans. He had a two burner ceresin stove. Did he cook it in some way?

      He also had water well. With a rounded stairway on it. You could walk down the well to the water's edge. The stairs are not only there to walk down. But the steps are there to be used as a shelf to put the equipment in the water on. No mater how high or low the water was. There can be found a shelf at just the right depth. Just under the water line to put the equipment on. So that it is just under water.

      Why I fell that I'm on the right track is because growing mold under water fixes two problems that I haven't been able to fix. How do you get mold to grow on a highly polished surface. Glass, tile, or a mirror? You don't. Mold will do it on its own. If you do it the right way. Which is grow it under water. Just like the slimy film that forms on the side of your swimming pool. On your bath tub. On your toilet stool. Your kitchen sink. If a fly can walk on glass. Mold can attach to it, and grow as well.

      Here is how I think Ed did it. He took the powered malted milk. Added fresh clean spring water to the power. Or distilled water. Never tap water. Tap water has chemicals that kill mold. Cooked it. Then set the mirror in the pot. Let stay there for a day. Then took it out Rinsed it off with distilled water. Now you know that you are not washing the dishes if you are just rinsing them off. You have to use some elbow grease. You have to rub the surface of the glass or dish. If you just rinse it off. There is still a film on the plate.

      Well rinsing off is what we want. Not washing, and rubbing. We want that thin film of the molted milk to stay on the mirror.

      Then when we put the fresh water molted milk film on the mirror in the water of the well. Face up. If it is worm. Cover it up so that the sun light doesn't hit it. It will grow mold like no other. There will be a film of slime form on all area of the face of the mirror.

      Take it out of the water and shoot the film for six minutes for six days, ever time after shooting the film. You put it back down into the well.

      After the sixth day of shooting. The worm hole will not form till the mold starts to dry out. Which causes the mold to go to seed. This gives you some time to put the mirror in the tube. And rap it in aluminum foil before the worm hole forms. If you place the tube in a post hole in the ground. Face down. And check on it every night. If the worm hole forms. There will be a light coming out of the post hole. Because you raped it in aluminum foil before you put it in the ground. The only place that the radon particles will be coming out of is the open end of the tube. If you treat the tube as if it was a loaded gun. Never point it towards your self or any body else. You're safe. You can make the tube as a safe. By placing a cap plug on the end. Which will cause the tube to form a vacuum on the inside, No air no radon particles.

      But if you want to place the spring and sliding tube on the inside. And set it up so that the worm hole will produce a force. You can do that.

      So when Ed grew his mold under water. He had a way to make the mold stick to the shinny surface of the mirror. And he had a way to make the mold grow a solid film of mold on the mirror. Just what the doctor called for.

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