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      Star Gate Log Book Up Date Feb 2010:

      Last months page was getting so large. That it was getting hard to open. So I started this months page. I saving this for pictures of my new set up. But there are a few things I need to say that will help you see why I built it this way.

      This picture show you what the ark looked like.

      It was made out of boxes. If you made your top concave mirror in the shape of a triangle. (Three pronged vector. Or a three pointed star ) There is a space in the center for a small concave mirror. The circle. If your box camera was a tube shaped. A three pronged star would work just as well as a six pronged star. But if your box camera was a square. The three pronged star will not work because the concave mirror is not in the center of the square. But the six pronged star does. But the top box on the ark was rectangle. The rectangle box works just as well. Why did they make the top box rectangle? This way they could look down in to the bottom box and see what the light on the bottom mirror was doing. This is how they adjusted.

      When you go to adjust the lenses. When the two vectors of the positive lenses are point to point. If you look at the bottom mirror. There will be a point of light form there. To get it to form a tube you have to move the lenses closer together or further a part. When you do this. The point will form a ring of light. But if you move it just a little bit further. There will form a dark spot in the center of the ring of light. The dark spot is what you want. This is the point where the dark space forms that can stop gravity.

      I am using the bottoms of coke can for the lenses. You can cut the top lens in to the shape of a triangle. But you will have to glue some tabs to the end of the star point so that the sun light will strike the ring mirror.

       At first I thought that they used a hole in a plate. To make the negative lens form. But what was wrong about this set up was the fact that after the worm hole formed. There was no way to get the plate off the worm hole. But if you are using two concave mirror to form a free space negative lens. After it forms. You can lift the top mirror straight up. And it will come out with out hitting any thing. Because the top mirror is smaller than the bottom mirror. The bottom end of the worm hole will be bigger than the top. This is what makes it work if you are using it to cut square stones out of bed rock. Ed used this worm hole to burn a hole in a wooden stump. Ed did the same thing with the long hole in the garden swinging gate. The worm hole was only three inches long. In order for the top mirror to fit through the hole made by the worm hole. The bottom of the worm hole had to form a bigger hole. Than the size of the top mirror. But if this is true. And it is. This also means that they could also cut a ditch. A slot. Use the curved space of the worm hole. To over ride the electrical magnetic force. And rip atom form atoms. Turn solid rock into dust. And cut square blocks out of bed rock. Use the same worm holes to curve space. In order to manipulate gravity. Lift the heavy square stones up into the air, and move them over to where they were building the pyramids. And make pyramids, walls, and such, with them. The same way that they lifted the stones up into the air. Was also the same way they were flying around the globe. Flying carpets any one? They put them on boats, and went up and down rivers. And across oceans. This was how they did it. Mystery solved.

     Up date March 7, 2010

      I've been thinking about how long should the film, be exposed to the sun light. The only reference that I can find is Ed said some thing about the sun would move the width of his thumb, in seven minute. Because the primed on the back of a one dollar bill. The pyramid is fixed in place. It can not move. And when they exposed the sun light to the film. The triangle mirror was laying flat on top of the primed. This means that on the equator there are only two days out of the year that it would be aliened with the sun. The first day of spring, and the first day of fall.

      On the first day of spring on the equator the sun comes up in the due east. And sets in the due west. The sun comes up at 6:00 AM. And sets at 6:00 AM. The sun shines for 12 hours. This means that 6 hours after the rises. The sun is straight over head. High noon.

      There is probably about six minutes the equipment would be in aliment.

      But if you shot the film for six days. You would have to start shooting three days before. The first day of spring or fall. And three days after the first day of spring or fall. Six days all together. ( How can this be? If you started three days before the first day of spring and three days after the first day of spring. Would not that be seven days all together? Sure it would be. But the new day starts out at midnight. So there can be three days before midnight and three days after midnight. Six days in all.) The sun climes higher in the sky ever day by one degree or one minute. On the days before noon on the first day of spring or fall. And it drops lower in the sky ever day by one degree or minute. After noon on the first day of spring or fall.

      This means that if you star the shooting the film, at 6 hours after sun rise. On the first day of spring or fall. Or a better way to put it. Three minute before high noon and three minute after high noon. On all six days And started three day before. (Or three minutes before high noon on the first day of spring. ) high noon on the first day of spring. And three days after the first day of spring, or fall. At no time with in the six days would the aliments of the optics in the equipment, be off by more then three degrees.

      Three minutes or degrees before. Three minutes or three degrees after. The left and right of things. ( Or. The east and west aliments. ) And three minutes or degrees above and three minute or degrees below. The up and down of things. ( or The north and south aliment.

      For Six minute, in the Sixth hour, for Six days. Of course after the sixth day you cut the water off. And let the film dry out and go to seed. (Produces spores.)

      At high noon. Your best sun light is at high noon. Six minute of sun light is all that is needed for the sun light to kill mold. It takes six days to grow the mold. It takes six days of killing the mold with sun light to form the pattern of the hologram. And when you cut off the water to the mold. The spores will take on the same pattern as the left over live mold that dies off and go to seed.

      So. A formula that you can use to get the exposure of the film right is....666.

      Where. Oh, where have I seen that number at before?? I wonder where? At last. At long last. The Number code has been broken.

      But In Texas. I don't live on the equator. The day that the sun rises highest in the sky is the first day of summer. June 21. There is nothing in the rule book that says it has to be the first day of summer. The sun just has to be high in the sky. Around noon. To get your best sun light. On a clear day. No clouds. It has to be warm enough at night for mold to grow. Above 70 degrees.

      NASA's, Breakthrough Propulsion Program. They put out an all points bulletin. Opened it up to the public. They were after some thing. What? What is it that man all ways wants? What they don't have. They want to find a way to go to the Stars.

      I thought that they all ready knew how to do this. This means that they have been watching those other fellers UFOs. There's ours and then there are theirs. They have been watching them with our spy satellites. They have pictures.

      But since I found out what the ring thing is all about. And that you can put the film on the ring and form a 360 degree hologram. The shape of a ring is ideal for forming a hologram of a tube shaped object on the inside of the ring.

      And in turn. The ring is also the ideal shape for forming a hologram, on the out side of the ring, of a tube.

      But in order for the UFO to go into the inter space of the worm hole. In order to curve space. So that UFO can go faster than light.

      You can not make a hologram of a standing wave. You would have to make a hologram of a standing wave that move. Home movies. The UFO doesn't go into the mouth of the worm hole. The worm hole mounts the UFO. Just like one fish eating a worm. The worm doesn�t come to the fish. The fish opens its mouth and goes to the worm.

      This means the info in the fringe pattern of the hologram would have to have the ability to change.

      I met a man that told me the he was abducted by aliens. He was on the inside of a UFO. If any body tells that he saw what was on the inside of UFO. You know that I'm going to want to hear his story. He said that on the inside of the UFO was a hollow glass ring filled with mercury. They told him that the ring was what makes the UFO fly.

      He wanted to know if I knew what it was about the ring that could make a UFO fly. I told him that I didn't what the ring had to do with making a UFO fly.

      That was then. This is now. In the Bible it saids that they put the film on the ring of the mercy set. If you did some thing like coat spores with mercury so that you could give them an electrical charge. If the ring was like a camera. And you were recording the fringe pattern on the ring as it moved in to the mouth of a worm hole that was big enough for the whole UFO to go into. And back out again. And it was recorded electronically. If the ring tube was like a 360 degree recorder and a 360 degree T.V. screen. If the electrical coils of the T.V. was located on the inside of the glass tube. That go all the way round the ring tube. You could make the spores that are coated with mercury and given an electrical charge. You could make the space shielding spores form a fringe pattern on the inside of the ring tube. If you can change the patteren of the hologram change. You can make the wormhole move.

      You could make a big worm whole form. And make the worm hole mount the UFO and dismount the UFO. Because the ring is what's making the worm hole form. Where ever the UFO goes the worm hole goes. And all goes well.

      The sun on June 21 is not straight over head. So I designed my new set up so that you can adjust it to where you can shoot a little before noon or a little later than noon. And you can shoot the film if the sun is a little lower in the sky or higher in the sky. It's simple as it gets. And cheep. Working on a way to get some pictures up.

      Update:3/7/10 I have found out that they have changed the seal of our National Defenses System. It now has a crescent moon and a star. The same thing that I have been talking about. To beat a bowl out of a flat sheet of metal. You have to make the metal around the edges of the disk stretch. This is why the edges are thinner and the middle is thick. If you took a concave mirror beaten out of a sheet of metal and cut it in half. The cross cut shape would look like a crescent moon. It would be thick in the middle and thinner on the edges. The same shap that cresent moon takes. And the star? Well we know what the star is now due to the eye in the triangle on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill. A nother cancave mirror in the shape of a star. Stars can have different number of points on them. What rest at the hart of Missele Defence System is worm holes. It seems only right that it would have a cresent moon and a star on it. It's all over the net.

      It's nice to know that we can do some thing like go faster than light. But what NASA is looking for is. What makes it possible to do some thing like this with out violating an of nature's laws of nature.

      Because when a UFO goes off into the mouth of a worm hole. In to the inter space of the worm hole. The atoms that the UFO is made of, have lost their ability to produce mass. The stuff that makes object resists acceleration. Because the UFO is using gravity to propel the craft. It can break the light barrier in no time flat.

      The one that I watched. When it took off. It produced a wake. With in 500 yards the UFO blinked out. At the same time that the wake went a way. Because the wake went a way. This means that The UFO was no longer a part of this universe. It was gone. With in 500 yards. It broke the light barrier. It came back after about 5 minutes. I didn't see it when it came back. I was looking else where.

      How can this be? The faster than light barrier can not be broken. This is true.

      If you break the light barrier. You will vanish. No more to be seen or found. At least. Not in this universe. Because every thing that can be seen in this universe. Is traveling at a speed that is less than the speed of light.

      Just because that we can find nothing in our universe that moving fast than the speed of light. Is no indication what so ever that object can't move a speed that is faster than light.

      I want you to keep in mind what is said about the two atom model of gravity. It's like having one atom resting in two points at the same time. If one blinks out. They both blink out at the same time. They both go out in a blaze of glory.

      From time to time you have to remind them less they forget. About parallel universes. Atoms are constructed as multiverse. It's like having more than one atom resting in the same point of space all at the same time. All atoms are connected to each other by way of their tube part of the atom.

      If 98% of the tubes of an atom are connected to the tubes of all the others atoms in our universe. And the 2% of the tubes of an atom are connected to the atoms of a parallel universe that rest in the same point in space as we do. But was traveling at a speed that is faster than the speed of light relative to our universe.

      It could pass the light barrier and not blink out. Because when ever it breaks the light barrier in our universe. It just catches up to the other universe that is moving fasted than light relative to ours. This means that it would be going less than the speed of light to this other feller's universe.

      Then 98% of the tubes would connected to all the atoms of the new found universe.

       Ours universe would blink out. At the same time the other universe would blink in.

      There may be many universes that rest in the same point of space as ours. All going in different direction at the same time.

      To under stand how this can be. You would have to be an atom. And relate to other atoms like an atom does to other atoms. The two atom model of the universe.

      If you were an atom and you only had one eye ball. And there was only two atoms in this universe. The two atoms are only connected be one tube. And there are no other atom in this universe to relate to.

      If the two atoms are moving towards each other. But they are not going to hit. They will pass by each other. With out touching each other. A near miss.

      What they would see would be. The other atom would be coming closer and closer. Then it would slow down to the point where it would stop. Rest there for a short time. Then start to move away in the same fashion that it approached you.

      All atoms relate to all other atoms in this fashion. They don't have the ability to rotate or tell if they are being rotated in any fashion.

      It's like watching a painted spot on a tire going round and round. The spot comes towards you. Then when it gets to a point where you are relating to the spot at a 90 degree angle. At that point. Your relationship to the spot is at rest. For a split second. You are at rest to the spot. Then it moves a way.

      But the same thing happens when an object is traveling in a straight line.

      But an object that close to you. That is moving faster than light. It would happen so fast that you would never see it. But an object that is a long distance from you. Say 20 billion light years a way. This stop action would happen at a much slower speed.

      This means that there is a way for the atoms in an object. In our universe. Not to be connected to objects in other universes those are moving at speeds that are faster than the speed of light. Up close.

      But can be connected to other universes that are going faster than the speed of light. At very long distances.

      All this means is that nature gets to have it both ways. As usual.

      This means that if an object goes fasted than the speed of light in out univers. The rules say that it has to blink out of our universe.

      But at the very same time if the object is move less than the speed of light relative to other universe. It doesn't blink out of theirs. It blinks in to their universe.

      This means that our universe is not the only universe to be had. And there is a way of breaking the light speed barrier and not breaking the light speed barrier all at the same time.

       There is a way to travel between parallel universes.

      You know that echo of the big bag that they all ways talk about. That is not the echo of the big bang. This is the thresh hole at which point we are in a relationship with other universes at speeds that are less than the speed of light. It's the proof that we have been looking for that states that parallel universes are real.

      Food for thought time. If parallel universe are real. And we get a visit from those other fellers from time to time. In those UFO wingy dingy things.

      Just which one of theses infinite number of parallel universes did that Big Bang thing happen ????? And which one did life get started in????

      What do they think they are doing in our universe? Going many times the speed of light by hitchin a ride in our universe. Is just a way for them to travel across their universe.

      If it works for them. It will work just as well for us. This means that we are going to the stars. Wow.

      How does this thing work?

      If you built one of these craft. If you excelarated in the direction of the west. For five minutes. You would moving a one million times the speed of light.

      You would stop accelerating. You would pop into some other universe that is moving to the west a one million times the speed of light. You would be a rest to all objects in this universe. You would just set there for about five minutes. Look around for a little bit. (Isn't this what we've watch them do for all these years? Sure it is. )

      Then we accelerate in the direction of the east for five minutes. This would put us back at rest with our universe. But when we pop back in to our universe. We would be at a point in space that would be, all the way on the other side of the universe.

      All done with in fifteen minutes.

      How do we get back home again?

      You would accelerate in the direction of the east for five minutes. Stop accelerating come to a stop. Or at rest in the parallel universe that is moving one millions time the speed of light in the direction of the east. Set there for five minutes. Look around for a little bit. Then we would accelerate in the direction of the west for five minutes. And come back to a point of rest in our universe. At the very point that we started out at. Just thirty minutes a go. In just thirty minutes we would have traveled all the way cross our universe and back again.

      It would seem as if we never went any place at all.

 nbsp;    Because to people watching us from here on the ground. It would look like. We never went any where. Even though we will have when all the way cross the universe and back again.

       I'm'u gone'u calling this here mode of space travel. The " Take a Trip and Never Leave the Farm." Mode of space travel. Larry L. Burks

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