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       The End Game

       I have been working on this project for years now. Will it ever end? Itís like having a project that is with out end.

       But over the past few months I have found out about a lot of new stuff that I didnít know about before.

       I now think that I know about every thing that one would have to know about to carry the day and get the worm hole form.

       Iím playing the end game.

       Over the years I have seen a lot of stuff that didnít make much sense. Then you find out what these things are used for. Then it makes a lot of sense. Then and only then do all of the dots connect together.

       There are a lot of thing you would have to know about in order to solve the mystery. But after you have solver the mystery. 98% of the stuff that you have worked on. You really donít need to know about to get the worm hole to form.

       All you need to know is why all the weird stuff that you are doing makes it all work.

       But you really donít need to know that either. All you need to know is how to do the right thing at the right time.

       Some thing called cause and effect. Either it works or it doesnít. Trial and error. Most of the things that are happening in the experiment. Man can not do. Only Mother Nature can do. The things that happen naturally in nature. Nature does what it does. You donít need to weary about. The thing you do have control. You can work on and get right. Hand on stuff.

       Breaking it down to the bare bones. There are two three area that you have to know about.

       (1) Optics. You have to know about positive and negative lens.


       (2) You have to know how to build the equipment right. Set it up to where the optics are right.

       (3) You have to know that what we are doing is a holography experiment. Which is a photographic technique. It is a technology. But we are using a technique. This is a craft not a science. There is a difference. There is a lot of science behind what we are doing. But we are not doing science. We are doing technique. Not technology.

       In order to take pictures. You have to have film. We are using organic film that is activated by sun light, Growing fungi. You have to know how to grow fungi like no other. The people that know how to grow mushroom. Are really good at growing fungi. This is the best place on the web to find out the best way to grow fungi. They know all of the best ways to get it to grow. They are good. And they know how to do it in ways that are cheap. They have the equipment

       But when you look at their equipment need to grow fungi. Oh my God.!!!!! All of the loss points come together and form one big dot.

       The same is true when you build the equipment need to shot the film of the hologram. Holly Mosses!!! It all true. This is how they did it.

       So back to point one. The equipment

       Building the equipment. In a way that can be built by some else. And repeat the experiment by others has been a problem. I think I have simplified the process to the point that it now can be done. There is nothing that one canít get their hands on and make one of these things. Itís a bucket. There is no build to it. Itís all ready built. All need to do is cut some peep holes in the bucked. Bolt it to a flat piece of plywood. The same bolts that you use to bolt the bucket lid to the board is also the same bolts that you are going to use for the farm work to hold up and keep in place the optical equipment. Set up the sights.

       Bolt the first plywood board to a second plywood board. And make an adjustment screw. (Long screw.) Makes it easy to operate. Cover it all with al. foil. Youíre ready to go.

       After you get your equipment built. The fun begins. Setting up the optics of the equipment. Hard. Sure. But not imposable. It will drive you crazy at first. But after you get the fell of working with it. It gets a lot easier. You have to do it a lot, to get good at it.

       After you get the camera built. You donít have to do it in the sun light. There is a better way to do it to the point that you are good at it. You can experiment around with the optics in a dark room or at night in a dark place. You can use a LED light or a cheap pencil laser. The sun will cook your brain. Ware a big hat. Doing it indoors. Its air conditioned or at night out doors. Its cool a night. Place the light about ten yards from the box. Youíre good to go. You might run it through a mall hole in a piece of cord board. Helps. And the best thing about using a light to practice with. The sun moves. The earth is turning. Makes the sun look like it moving across the sky. Itís really hard to keep the box aliened with the sun. And adjust the optics at the same time. After you get good at adjusting the optics then take it out doors in the sun light and set it up.

       I have long wandered about what they where looking at when they adjusted the lens. I have seen a lot of weird stuff. The eye of Ra, Falcon heads.

       One of the weird things that can be seen when you are using triangles the positive lens of the bottom concave mirror. Makes the triangle turn up side down. And it forms a six pointed star. The Star of David. But when the two concave lens start to work as a negative lens. There is a third triangle show up in the darkest part of the second triangle.

       Oh by the way. If you look on the back of a one dollar bill. Above the head of the eagle. Where the stars make a six pointed star. The Star of David. There is a circular cloud. called the ďClouds of GloryĒ. The light is coming from the cloud ring in wards. Some times refered to as ďA thousand Points of Light.Ē This is the same thing that a 360 degree reflecting mirror dose. A mirror in the shape of a ring. It makes the light shine in words from all sides. In other words from a thousand different starting points from the ring shape mirror. After you get your equipment built. If you look down on the inside of the tin can. You can see the Star of David. And you can seethe light coming from the ring mirror. This tells me that I now have the right optical set up in my equipment. This is telling you what is on the inside of the picture of the pyramid on the left.

       I havenít found a way in order to see the tube of the free space negative lens. The only thing that I have seen there that indicates that a negative lens is forming is the third triangle that shows up.

       Kind of like the father, the son, and the holly ghost. That third triangle is unreal. It comes up out of no where.

       When ever there is a flat side of a triangle that is on the same side as the top triangle lens cover. It would be the effects that takes place when ever two positive lens are forming a free space lens

       Just like the scope on your deer rife. The scope has a positive lens at both ends. Two positive lenses inter acting with each other in tandem. Any lens. When the info in the light goes through the faucal point of the lens. It inverted. And the image is turned up side down.

       But when ever you have two positive lenses inter acting with each other. If the faucal range is right. The info of the image in inverted and right side is up and the bottom side is down. This means that when you are looking at that big o buck in the scope. If his head is on the top side and his feet are on the bottom side. This means that the free space lens in the optics of the scope is working great.

       The same would be true in our equipment. The two positive lenses of the two concave mirrors. When they are moved so far apart. With in adjustment. The free space negative lens forms. The flat side of the image of the triangle will be on the same flat side as the real triangle. And the pointed ends will be on the pointed ends of things. Same same. All round.

       Youíre tired of reading and Iím tired of writing. So letís look at some pictures for a while of the camera box. I mean camera bucket. I had a lot of trouble with building boxes

       You have to have an out sighting system on the out side of the bucket. To make sure that the equipment is in line with the rays of the sun.

       I tried a lot of different thing. I know that you can use a plum bob. To make things square Relating at 90 degree angles. You can also use a square. And you can use the rays of the sun. Which relate to each other at 90 degree angles.

       To set up the sights. I used a square. The sights are at a 90 degree angle to the plywood flat board that the bucket rest on. I put the lid on the board. The lid makes the bucked come to rest in the same place every time you put it on.

       Just like the sight on a rifle. It has two reference points. One at each end. I used a roofing nail at one end and a piece of white plastic with a cross at the other end.

       So then the sun is dead ringer for center. Lined up with the rays of the sun. The plywood board is also at a right angle with the sun. When you put the bucket on the lid. It to is aliened with the sun. The bottom of the bucket is on top. I cut a hole in the center of the bucket. Cut a hole in a flat piece of plastic, and glued a tin can on it. Not just any tin can. The tin can has to be big enough so that the sun light will cover the ring and the bottom concave mirror. No less No more. Just right.

       The tin can acts as a reference point. Just like a gun sight. When the out side sight is aliened with the sun. The parallel rays of the sun can be used to adjust the bottom mirror. To where it is in the center of the sun light coming from the inside of the tin can. The bottom mirror not only has to in the center of the light. The bottom mirror has to be at a 90 degree angle to the sun. That is why the frame work has adjustment not to line it up. The faucal point of the bottom mirror has to be point or aliened with the rays of the sun. The tin can and the bottom mirror is you two reference point on the inside of the bucket. After get these two thing set. They are never to be moved. Lock the up right there. Every thing else is adjusted to them.

       Then pot the top mirror and cover triangle on it and adjust it. It too has to be in the center. The optic of the mirror has to be in the center. That means that the top concave mirror has to at a right angle all round to the rays of the sun light.

       Then the top mirror has to be move back or up till you can see the third triangle. The put in the ring mirror. It has to be in the center of the light from the tin can. The ring has to be big enough to fit on the inside of the light from the tin can. But not so small as to interfere with the optics of the two mirror. Lock every thing up right there.

       There is some thing else that has to be built in to the top mirror. After you get the optics right. You have to have a way of taking the top mirror out of the bucket. And load it with the film. After you get the film working it has to be put back in to the bucket. In the same place it was before you took it out. It has to be built so that it can be snapped apart and snapped back together again. Just like it was when you took it out. The pieces have to inter lock in place. I show you how itís done.

       And after you shoot the film. You have to take the top mirror out and put it in the tube safe. This is the only time that you will have to take the mirror out of the bucket before the spores form and the worm hole activates. The safe has to rape in al. foil in order to keep you from getting radiation burns. It will be sever days before the wormhole forms.

       It would be safe to take a post hole digger. Make a deep hole and place it in the hole till the worm hole forms. If the whole tube safe is raped several times in Al. foil. As long as you donít look down the open end of the tube. Point it at your self or any body around you. Itís just like the open end of a gun barrel.

       When you get the open end set up to the way that you want it. And cap it off. The tube will form a vacuum. And the worm hole stops producing radon particle. Then itís safe to be around. On all sides.

       The top mirror has to go from the bucket to the lab. Back to the bucket. Then to the tube safe. How you are going to get this all to work. First time every time. All has to be fixed in advance. Before you shoot the film

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