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      Star Gate Log Book Up Date April 6, 2010 Part Two

       No sooner left the truck stop. And before I got to the next town. If found two mistakes that I have made. One is that when ever an object if moving a way from you it is red shifted. But why it is red shifted is because it is back words in time in relationship to your point of rest.

      This makes a big difference in why galaxies that are moving faster than the speed of light are red shifted for three different reasons. One is because it is back words in time. Two is the fact that nit is moving a way from you. And three It is red shifted ever more because it is in a came action of the right angle of relation ship. It's accelerating. And because objects are moving in both directions. In all directions. All galaxies should be red shifted.

      The other mistake that I found was the fast that we had a huge burst of light that came from deep deep from outer space. It was said to be too big to be a Supper Nova. What was it? Big Bang. No it was too small to be as big as the one that is said that made every ting in our universe. It was smaller than a big Band. It was a Little Big Band. After thinking about it for a littler while. I found out that there was no Big Bang. There was a lot of Little Big Bangs. Or Big Crunches. Many of them. It's an on going process. It's the only way it could have happened. In order to have a universe the ways that we see it today. There would have to have been many Little Big Bangs. Let me point it out to you. On to the first Mistake

      The first picture is what light should look like when it is at rest to you. Clear or white light. But if the object is moving a way from you. It should be red shifted. If it is moving a way form you at an accelerated rate. It should have the ability to turn a darker shade of red.

      But when ever and object is moving side ways relative to you things change. When it is coming towards you .It is blue shifted. Then at a right angle to you. It turns clear due to the fact that at the right angle to you .It turns clear. Then it starts to move a way from you. At an ever increasing rate of seed. The cam action

      When you watch a jet fly over head. It's going 340 mph.. But bit looks like it is going very slow. Galaxies deep in outer space. Are moving very fast. But they look like they are standing still

      The red white and blue thing works all the way to the point when it passes up the speed of light and is going at a steed that is fasted then the speed of light. It should all turn black but the point where it passes through. The point of the right angle.

      But if you expanded the point of the right angle. You should be able to see some red and blue. Because if it is going faster than the speed of light. And it has to slow down to a point of rest. It would have to change from black to blue to clear to red and back the black again.

      But if you add to the mix that any thing moving over the speed of light is back words in time to you . It all should be red shifted.

      When the object goes from STL. To FTL. The red and blue shrink and vanish in to the clear light. And the clear light is red shifted due to going FTL.

      And because of this if the light at is red shifted due to being FTL. When the other factors kick in. The light would also be turning a darker shade of red. Due to side ways movement cam action. What is happening in nature.

      But if you add to that that the galaxies can be moving in both directions. Then all galaxies would look as if they are all moving a ways from us at an accelerating speed. When they are moving in a side ways movement to our point of rest.

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