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   The best way to put this is to say there is two way of doing this. One is the dry simple optics set. Which is nothing more than simple basic optics.

   Then there is the wet simple optics set way of doing things.

   I’m just going to shorten it up a bit and call it the dry set up and the wet set up.

   What I have been doing for the past 20 years is the dry set up.

   After 20 years of trying to get the dry set up to work..

    The dry set up doesn’t work.

   Then the question becomes.

    Why is it not working?

   I troubleshooted the dry set up. And there is two places I found out why it’s not working.

   The algae will not grow or is being killed off.

   The ray optics is coming through the hole in the tube or washer and heating to the algae and drying it out. It has to be dark on the inside. In order to make the fringe pattern to form.

    Just like trying to see the star turning the day time. It has to be dark before you can see the stars. the light from the stars is weak . The sun is over riding the star light. White out.

   Every thing that is wrong with the dry set up.

   The wet set up fixes. The wet set up uses water to form a refracting negative lens. And a flat first down reflecting mirror.

    It is a simple process to switch the dry set over to the wet set up . No big problem here

   .The experiment is model after the same way that the bushman of Africa did it.

   It was something that the did on a daily bases in order to survive in the desert.

   Find and store water. Find a way to collect and store water. For later use.

   They found a ditch on a hill side . That when it rained. The water would run off the hill in the ditch.

   They made a dam out of dirt in order to form a pond of water..While it was still dry. They dough a hole in the deepest part of the pond.

   They put an ostrich egg in the hole .put a long tube of cane in the hole in the top of the egg. That it would stick up above the bottom of the pond. A few inches. When the pond filled with water. The water would go down the tube and fill the egg with water.

   This way. When long after the pond had dried up. There would be water to be found in the egg.

    All the had to do to get the water out of the egg. Was suck on the tube.

   Alga will grow on the bottom of a pond. Because the egg was burred under neath the pond. The bottom of the egg was also part of the bottom of the pond.

   The alga grew on the bottom part of the egg.

   But if the tube did not goo all the way to the bottom of the egg. If it when all the way to the bottom of the egg. The round part of the egg would block or plug up the bottom end of the tube and there would be no water to be had.

    So they all was pushed the tube all the way to the bottom of the egg. Then pulled it back up off the bottom. So the they could get the water out of the egg later

   Well it just so happened that when they pulled the tube up off the bottom. They pulled it up to the point that the optics was just right..When it rained .the egg filled up with water.

   The tube was pointing strength up. Plum.

   The bush man lived on the earth to where on the first day of fall. Their dry season. At high noon sun is straight over head. This means the a few days before the first day of fall . The first day of fall. And a few days after the first day of fall

   The sun will shine straight down the on the inside of the tube.

   Now if the bush man came by the water hole. And suck out the water from the egg.

   They didn’t get all of the water out of the egg. When the water level drop below the bottom end of the tube. It formed a air gap and air got into the tube.. There was some water left in the tube. And when they stopped sucking. That water ran back down in to the egg.. There was some water left in the egg.

   The water formed a lens on the bottom end of the tube. The bushman left. But came back by the about 5 days later. The five days that the sun shined down the tube.

   They were out of water. They knew there was still a little bit of water left in the egg.

   So. What did they do. They took a smaller tube. A straw. And stuck down on the inside of the other tube into the egg. It when all the way to the bottom of the ege.

    And they were able to get all most all of the water out of the egg. Just a few drops left in the egg.

   Now It just so happens hat Alga does not produce spores when it is still in water and alive and growing. It produces ti spores when it drys out slowly and is dying.

    When the water dried out the alga had a fringe pattern burnt in it the worm hole formed.

   The bush men came by the water hole and saw that there was a light coming out of the hole.

   So they dug up the egg. And when the pulled the tube out of the egg. The worm hole blow the top half of the egg off.

   And the had their first worm hole in hand..

    End of storey.

    So you don’t want to be holding the concave mirror in your hand when it forms. After the alga is exposed to the sun light.

   You have to take it out of the water and put in in the equipment that you are going to use it with. And set it out some place by it’s self.

   Now all we need to do is take a closer look at this water lens and see all it’s doing for us.

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